Questions: What is the reason for the Hunger Games?


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The Hunger Games

Chapter 1


1. What is the reason for the Hunger Games?

To punish the Districts – as a reminder that the Capitol can destroy them
2. What does District 12 produce?

3. What is a tessera? Explain how this puts people in increased danger?

A token for grain in exchange for your name being put in the reaping an extra time
4. What does Katniss do to support her family since the death of her father?

She hunts for food to trade for supplies

5. Who is the first person chosen to go to the Hunger Games?

Primrose Everdeen – Katniss’ sister

6. Describe Katniss. Explain her family situation.

16 yrs old. Dark hair. Brown eyes. She is a good hunter with bow and arrow. She supports her sister and mother. Father died in a mine explosion.

In a brief paragraph (6-7 sentences), summarize the events of Chapter 1.
In chapter one, we are introduced to District 12, the country of Panem, the hunger games and the reaping. Katniss is the narrator of the book. At the reaping, Primrose Everdeen (her sister) is chosen for the hunger games.



Relationship to Katniss

Importance to chapter

Effie Trinket

“maniacally upbeat” p. 7

Reads names for hunger games



Light hair and blue eyes, daughter of apothecary/healers



Coal mine worker, died in an explosion



Sister with light hair/blue eyes






Daughter of mayor



Past winner of THG for District 12

The Hunger Games Name:

Chapter 2 Date:

1. What is Katniss' connection to Peeta?

When she was starving he tossed her 2 loaves of bread

2. What are the differences in volunteering between districts? Why?

It is a great honor to win – some districts train you from birth.

3. Why does seeing the dandelion after her father's death give Katniss hope?

Spring time = food, hunting

4. Explain the sacrifice that Katniss is making.

Sacrificing her life for her sister.

In a brief paragraph (6-7 sentences), summarize the significant events from Chapter 2.

Katniss volunteers in place of her sister for the hunger games. Then Peeta Mellark is drawn. We learn that Peeta had given Katniss bread when she was starving.

Chapter 2 Character Tracker:



Relationship to Katniss

Importance to chapter


Age 16, Boy tribute

Classmate, gave her bread

Boy tribute for hunger games

The Hunger Games Name:

Chapter 3 Date:
1. Who visits Katniss in the Justice building? What are two items given to her?

Mom and Prim, Baker, Madge, Gale.

1) cookies 2) mokingjay pin

2. What are Mocking Jays?

Cross between a Mockingbird and a Jaberjay. Jaberjay’s were created by the Capitol to record enemy conversations.

3. What is the significance of Haymitch to Peeta and Katniss?

He is their mentor – he gets them sponsers and tools to use in the games

4. Describe what happens after the anthem is played.

They discover Haymitch is their mentor.

5. How are District 12’s actions at the reaping described by the TV commentators?

Page 46 – “The commentators are not sure what to say about the crowd’s refusal to applaud…. One says that District 12 has always been a bit backward but that local customs can be charming.”

6. Where is the Capitol located? Where geographically (which state or states) in North America would it be located?

The Rockies – Colorado

7. Why is Katniss so focused on her appearance in front of the reporters?

She does not want to look weak

In a brief paragraph (6-7 sentences), summarize the significant events from Chapter 3.

Katniss and Peeta are taken to the Justice Building where they have one hour to say goodbye to family. Her mom and Prim, the baker, Madge and Gale visit her. Gale and the Baker say they will take care of Prim. Then, Katniss and Peeta get on a train headed for the Capitol. They shower in hot water for the first time and eat rich food.

Chapter 3 Character Tracker:



Relationship to Katniss

Importance to chapter

The Hunger Games

Chapter 4

1. How does Katniss' attitude towards Peeta change?

Page 49 – she says he is kind and can’t let him be her friend because she thinks she will have to kill him.

2. How do the District 12 tributes get Haymitch to take them seriously?

Peeta throws his liquor glass, Katniss stabs the table with a knife, then throws the knife at a wall and it sticks.

3. What is the first honest advice that Haymitch gives them?

4. Why did Katniss put up a “wall” between her and her mother?

Because her mother distanced herself, shut-down, and neglected her and Prim.
5. What deal does Haymitch make with the tributes?

Page 58 – “You don’t interfere with my drinking, and I’ll stay sober enough to help you.”

6. How might Haymitch’s demeanor foreshadow what will happen during the Hunger Games?

In a brief paragraph (6-7 sentences), summarize the significant events from Chapter 4.

The Hunger Games

Chapter 5

1. How does Katniss describe the Capitol accent? In the “real world,” what do we think of people that talk like that?

The Capitol accent is very high-pitched and annoying and fun to mock. In the “real world” we find it condescending and annoying.

2. Why do new comers like Cinna get assigned District 12?

Newcomers are assigned to D.12 because they have no experience so they give them to the worst district.

3. Compare and contrast the Hunter/Gatherer lifestyle of Katniss in District 12 to Capitol life.

In D.12 she has to hunt and work for everything to eat. While in the Capitol food arrives arrives at the push of a button.

4. Describe tradition District 12 costumes and how this year is different?

Normally they are dressed up to look like coal miners but provocatively. This year, Peeta and Katniss are dressed up like fire.

5. Describe the interaction between Peeta and Katniss.

He is really sweet and friendly to her, but she is suspicious of his kindness.

In a brief paragraph (6-7 sentences), summarize the significant events from Chapter 5.

In Chapter 5, Katniss is being waxed and plucked, and washed. Then she meets Cinna who looks more normal than any other person in the Capitol. He decides to dress her and Peeta in tight leotard with a flaming cape. They impress the crowd.



Relationship to Katniss

Importance to chapter

Flavius, Octavia, and Venia

Stylist team for Katniss, lives in the Capitol




Stylist professional for Katniss


Stylist pro for Peeta

Chapter 6


  1. How does Katniss feel about Effie’s description of the “barbarism of your district?”

2) What is an Avox? What penalty is levied on them?

It is a Servant with no tongue. The people Cut out the tongue.

3) What does Haymitch think of Peeta and Katniss hand holding?


4) How did Katniss know the Avox?

She saw her before in the forest.

In a brief paragraph (3-5 sentences), summarize the significant events from Chapter

Katniss and Peeta are at The Training Center. They are in the penthouse on the 12th floor. Katniss takes a shower. They eat dinner with Haymitch, Effie, Cinna, and Portia. Katniss recognizes one of the servants. She discovers the girl is an Avox, she saw her in the woods when hunting with Gale. In the woods, she was picked up by a hovercraft. Katniss tells Peeta about this on the roof of The Training Center.



Relationship to Katniss

Importance to chapter

Chapter 7


1) Why would meeting the other tributes make Katniss queasy?

The other tributes are much bigger than her.

2) What is Peeta’s assessment of Katniss’ skill with a bow? How does Katniss react?

Peeta says she is amazing with a bow and arrow. Katniss reacts by getting upset and they argue over their skills.

3) What advice does Haymitch share with Katniss and Peeta?

Haymitch says not to show all their strengths and skills at the group training.

4) What does Haymitch demand of the District 12 Tributes in public?

He demands they be together every second and act like friends.

5) Who are the Gamemakers? How did Katniss’ private session go?

The Gamemakers are the ones who design the Hunger Game. Katniss became angry because the Gamemakers were not paying attention to her so she shot the apple from the pigs’ mouth. This got their attention.

Chapter 8


1. What does Katniss believe will be the consequences of her actions at the private audition with the Gamemakers?

She thinks they will “sic” wild and starving wild animals on her in the game, or that they will punish Prim and her mom, send her mom to jail and Prim to the community home, or they will turn Katniss into an Avox.

2. What is the significance of the score given to each tribute? What is Peeta and Katniss’ score?

A 1 is really bad and a 12 is the highest score. Peeta scores an 8 and Katniss scored an 11.

3. How did Katniss meet Gale? How did they become a team?

They met in the woods when Katniss was inspecting a rabbit in a snare. They then taught eachother hunting knowledge and became a team, sharing their “spoils”.

4. What role does Gale serve for Katniss? How does that compare/contrast with Peeta?

He is her partner in hunting and gathering. He is her closest friend. Peeta is not her friend, she thinks.

5. What change in plans does Haymitch announce to Katniss?

That Peeta wants to train alone.

Chapter 9


  1. Describe Katniss’ conflicted emotions about Peeta?

Katniss feels angry and betrayed by Peeta deciding to be trained separately.

  1. What is Effie working with Katniss on? Haymitch?

Effie works on helping Katniss with her girliness – walking high heels and posture. Haymitch helps her work on her interview.

  1. What is the point of the interview? Why is Katniss having so much trouble with it?

The interview is to get sponsors. Katniss struggles with it because she doesn’t want the people to know about her life because they will be betting on her death.

  1. What is Katniss’ costume for the interview?

She wears a yellow, red, orange dress that looks like fire.

  1. How does Katniss’ interview go?

Her interview goes good.

  1. What bombshell does Peeta drop in his interview?

Peeta admits that he has a crush on Katniss.
In a brief paragraph (6-7 sentences), summarize the significant events from Chapter 9.

In chapter 9, Katniss feels betrayed by Peeta because he says he does not want to train with her anymore. She then trains with Haymitch and Effie to learn to walk in heels and how to interview. Her interview goes well once she decides to act like she is talking to Cinna. Peeta says in his interview that he has a crush on Katniss and the crowd goes wild for them.

The Hunger Games—Part II
Chapter 10


  1. What effect has Peeta’s comments had on the crowd?

The crowd are shocked and they “awwww”.

  1. What is the condition of Peeta’s hands?

Peeta’s hands are cut because Katniss shoved him and he fell into an urn which broke on the floor.

  1. Why do the games start at 10 am?

The games start at 10 am because the people in the Capitol get up late in the morning.

  1. What is Haymitch’s final arena advice?

Haymitch says to run like heck and stay alive.

  1. Who is Titus? How did cannibalism play with the audience of the Capitol?

Titus was a tribute from District 6 a few years ago who became a cannibal and was considered a lunatic because he would kill people and eat their hearts and then their bodies. The audience does not approve of cannibalism.

  1. What happened to the arenas after the Games?

They become historic landmarks. People go there on vacation and do reenactments, visit places where people died, and stay for a month.
In a brief paragraph (6-7 sentences), summarize the significant events from Chapter 10.

Chapter 10 begins with Katniss becoming embarrassed at the interviews by Peeta saying that he loves her. Then, back at the Training Building, she gets off the elevator and shoves him, causing him to hurt his hands. She realizes she feels bad and that he actually helped win her favor with the Capitol. The next day, they head to catacombs where she is given a uniform, and a tracking device in her arm. The chapter ends with Katniss being “launched” into the arena.

The Hunger Games

Chapter 11

  1. What is the Cornucopia?

Page 148 – a giant horn shaped like a cone, twenty feet high with a curved tail. Supplies are in and around the cornucopia.

  1. What does Katniss see in the Cornucopia that she feels was meant for her?

Bow and arrow

  1. Describe the opening moments of the Games.

Katniss is distracted by Peeta, who is shaking his head at her. She struggles to decide whether to run for the pack/bow and arrow, or to run for the woods. As she reaches the pack, a boy gets stabbed in the back right next to her. A girl then throws knives at her as she runs for the woods.

  1. How many died the first day and how many are left?

11 died the first day, 13 have survived.

  1. What woke Katniss up the first night? What happened to the tribute responsible for waking up Katniss?

Branches being snapped by a tribute building a fire. The tribute was killed later that night.
In a brief paragraph (3-4 sentences), summarize the significant events from Chapter 11.

In chapter 11, Katniss grabs a plastic tarp and a backpack near the Cornucopia. A boy dies right in front of her and a girl throws knives at her. Katniss flees into the woods, sets snares for rabbits, and climbs a tree to camp in. At night, another tribute sets a fire near Katniss, and is then killed by an alliance of tributes. One of them is Peeta.

The Hunger Games

Chapter 12

  1. What is Peeta’s physical condition? Describe Katniss’ feelings about him at this moment?

    1. Peeta has a bandage on one arm, a bruised face, and a limp

    2. She feels betrayed because he is with the Careers.

2) Why has Peeta been kept alive by the Career Tributes?

Because he knows Katniss and can lead them to her.

3) Why/how is Katniss playing the cameras?

She acts like she is not hurt by Peeta’s betrayal.

4) What thought angers Katniss?

It angers her that Haymitch hasn’t sent her water.

5) Where does Katniss find water?

She finds water in a pond after falling in some mud.

6) How does the chapter conclude?

A wall of fire is coming toward her

In a brief paragraph (3-5 sentences), summarize the significant events from Chapter12.

In chapter 12,

The Hunger Games

Chapter 13

1) Whom does Katniss believe to have started the fire?

The Gamemakers.

2) What is the new twist of the game?

Fireballs are being launched at her.

3) What is ironic about Katniss’ injury?

She is called “The Girl on Fire” and she got burned by a fireball.

4) What does Katniss realize from the top of the tree? What surprising thing does she do?

She realizes she weighs less than the Carrers, which means she climb higher in the trees.

5) Describe the night’s encounter with the Career Tributes.

Katniss taunts them, she goes up 80 feet into a tree above them.

In a brief paragraph (6-7 sentences), summarize the significant events from

At the beginning of Chapter 13, Katniss is running from fire. She then has to dodge fireballs. One of them burns off some of her hair and another burns her calf. She finds some water and rests. Then she hears the Career Tributes and Peeta coming toward her, so she climbs a tree. She taunts them and then notices Rue in a tree near her.

The Hunger Games

Chapter 14

1) What is different about the wasps found at the Hunger Games?

They are mutations… they are deadly and if you disturb their nest they will track you down… hence the name “tracker jackers”

2) What was the first gift from Katniss’ sponsors by way of Haymitch?

She was given ointment to treat her burn wounds.

3) How does Katniss disperse the Career Tributes? What was the result?

What item does she acquire?

She cuts down the tracker jacker beehive. They run away, two die and Katniss starts to hallucinate.
4) What is happening to Katniss? What does she realize before she blacks out?

The stings made her hallucinate. She realized Peeta saved her live.

In a brief paragraph (3-4 sentences), summarize the significant events from Chapter 14.

In Chapter 14, Rue points out the tracker jacker hive. Katniss receives ointment from a sponsor. Katniss starts cutting the hive down and at dawn she finishes. Two tributes die from the stings. She goes back for the bow and arrow and Peeta saves her live by telling her to run.

The Hunger Games

Chapter 15

  1. How do the weapons give Katniss an entirely new perspective on the Games?

Because now she can hunt. She doesn’t have to flee anymore, she can kill.
2) What is the new alliance? Why does Katniss want to form this alliance?

Katniss forms an alliance with Rue. Katniss wants to form an alliance because Rue has stayed alive thus far, and because Rue reminds her of Prim.

3) Why are citizens not allowed to eat crops in District 11?

Because the crops are for the Capitol.

4) What has happened to Peeta?

Peeta saved her life, and had to flee the Careers.

5) What do you suppose Katniss’ plan is?

Katniss’ plan is to get rid of the food and supplies the Careers have by the lake.

In a brief paragraph (3-4 sentences), summarize the significant events from Chapter 15.

In chapter 15, she sleeps at the pond, has nightmares, when she wakes up she hears a twig break and discovers Rue has followed her. They share food and stories about home and form an alliance. They then decide to get rid of the supplies by the lake.

Chapter 16

1) What is the level of trust between Katniss and Rue?


2) Why is food such an important key? What advantage does Katniss and Rue have?

Food is important to stay alive and gives you an advantage if you can hunt and gather for it like Rue and Katniss can.

3) What has “Foxface” done? What did she avoid?

Foxface figured out the Careers booby trapped the supplies with land mines.

4) How does Katniss destroy the supplies?

Katniss shoots three arrows at a bag of apples; they spill out and trip the mines blowing up the supplies.

In a brief paragraph (3-5 sentences), summarize the significant events from Chapter 16.

In chapter 16, …………………………………………..

The Hunger Games

Chapter 17

  1. What are the effects of the explosion?

Katniss lost hearing in her left ear. She is bleeding. The supplies are destroyed.

  1. What happened to the boy from District 3? How many Tributes are left?

Cato killed the boy from D3. 8 tributes are left.

  1. Why doesn’t Katniss want to make an ally of “Foxface?”

She doesn’t trust Foxface.

  1. What has happened to Rue?

She gets caught in a net and then a spear goes through her body.

In a brief paragraph (3-4 sentences), summarize the significant events from Chapter 17.

In Chapter 17, ……………………………

The Hunger Games

Chapter 18

1) What has happed to Rue?

Rue was speared while in the net and dies in Katniss’ arms.

2) Whom does Katniss place blame for Rue’s death? Does it surprise you that it is not the boy from District 1?

She blames the Capitol. It does/does not surprise me… because….

3) Why does Katniss decorate Rue’s body with wild flowers?

To show Rue respect and to hold the Capitol accountable.

4) Where has the sponsor’s gift come from? Why?

From D11. To thank Katniss.

5) What does Katniss realize about her “first kill?”

p.243: She didn’t even know his name, that his family is weeping for him now.

6) What new rule is announced to the Tributes?

p.244: That two tributes can win if they are from the same district.

In a brief paragraph (3-5 sentences), summarize the significant events from Chapter 18

In chapter 18, Rue dies and Katniss decorates her body with flowers. Katniss receives a loaf of bread from D11. She realizes she made her first kill and wonders about him, who he was, his family. Then Claudius announces a new rule: two tributes can win if they are from the same district.

The Hunger Games Part III

Chapter 19

1) What does Katniss perceive as the consequences of not allying with Peeta?

That the people in D12 would not be happy.

2) What does Katniss realize about Peeta’s actions so far in the Games?

He has been trying to keep her safe and alive.

3) Who are the only others to benefit from the Games’ rule change?

Peeta and Katniss, and the other two from D?

4) What are Peeta’s injuries? How has he kept alive?

His thigh has been cut, 4 tracker jacker stings.

5) What “first” does Katniss have?

Her first kiss.

6) What message is Haymitch trying to send via the sponsors’ gift of broth?

“Give me something I can work with” = more romance.

In a brief paragraph (3-5 sentences), summarize the significant events from Chapter 19.

In chapter 19, ………………

The Hunger Games

Chapter 20

1) What is the status of Peeta’s leg wound?

It’s worse; he has blood poisoning

2) Why does I

Hunting is illegal

3) How can a goat change your life in District 12?

You can sell the milk, or make cheese to sell

4) What was Claudius Templesmith’s message? What is there in addition to the feast to facilitate the Tributes’ attendance?
Everyone will get something they really need
5) What is in the newest parachute? What is Peeta’s reaction when he realizes what it is?
A medicine called sleeping syrup. Peeta wanted to spit it out.
In a brief paragraph (3-5 sentences), summarize the significant events from Chapter 20.
Peeta’s leg got worse and Katniss was worried he would not live. At the feast Katniss might get the medicine she needed to save Peeta. The sleeping syrup Claudius sent would put Peeta to sleep so Katniss could go to the feast and get the medicine to save Peeta.

Chapter 21

1) What is Katniss’ prediction as she readies herself?

There will be medicine in the backpack. Clove, Cato and Thresh will be at the feast; and maybe Foxface.

2) How are the Gamemakers affecting the games?

They are making it very hot in the daytime and very cold at night.

3) What are Katniss’ thoughts on Gale?

She is wondering if he has a crush on her. What is he thinking about Katniss and Peeta?

4) What is on the table at the Cornucopia? Who is first to the table?

Four backpacks. Foxface.

5) Who saves Katniss from Clove? Why?

Thresh; because she took care of Rue after Rue died and buried her.

6) What was in the District 12 backpack?

A needle with medicine.

In a brief paragraph (6-7 sentences), summarize the significant events from Chapter 21.

Chapter 22

1) What is the physical condition of Peeta and Katniss?

They are both weak and starving.

2) Why have the Gamemakers sent the thunderstorm?

To put Cato and Thresh together. Also, to give Katmiss and Peeta a rest.

3) What is Katniss’ opinion of Thresh?

She thought they could be friends since he did not kill her.

4) Why does Katniss say in a moment of weakness?

She did not think Peeta had any competition anywhere.

5) What does Katniss realize about Peeta, both pragmatically and emotionally?

He is not a coward and she thinks she might be in love with him.

6) What are the origins of Peeta’s crush on Katniss?

He has been in love with her since he first saw her in school when they were five years old.

In a brief paragraph (6-7 sentences), summarize the significant events from Chapter 22.

The Hunger Games

Chapter 23
1) Initially, why do Katniss and Peeta ration the food from the sponsors?

So they don’t get sick from eating too much.

2) What is Haymitch going through in the control room?

He is under a lot of pressure to keep them alive. He has to do interviews.

3) How do they suppose Haymitch won the Games?

He outsmarted the others.

4) What could be the roots of Haymitch’s drinking? What does this mean for Katniss?

The pressure of watching his tributes die. If she wins she will be under the same pressure.

5) What unforeseen problems does the partnership of Katniss and Peeta present?

If they win their neighbor will be Haymitch in the Victor’s Village.

6) Who died at the conclusion of the chapter? Whom does Katniss think killed the Tribute?

Foxface. Peeta.

In a brief paragraph (3-5 sentences), summarize the significant events from Chapter 23.

The Hunger Games

Chapter 24

1) How did “Foxface” die?

She ate poisonous berries.

2) What does Katniss think of Cato’s state of mind? How does she have a better understanding of him than she thought?
She thinks he might be insane. She sort of lost it when she shot the apple in the pig’s mouth in an angry fit.
3) How have the Gamemakers changed the game? Why?
They made the stream dry up. That forced Katniss and Peeta to go to the lake.
4) What is Cato wearing? Why is he running?
Some kind of body armor. He is being chased by some strange creatures.

In a brief paragraph (3-5 sentences), summarize the significant events from Chapter 24.

The Hunger Games

Chapter 25

1) What is chasing after the final three tributes?

Mutants (mutts)

2) What about the dogs makes Katniss especially uneasy?

Their eyes and then the numbers on their collars.

3) How is Cato knocked off the Cornucopia?

Katniss shoots him in the hand and when he releases Peeta he falls from the horn.

4) Why is Cato kept alive by the dogs? How does he die? How does Katniss

feel about this?

Cato is being kept alive to keep the drama of the games going. He dies by Katniss shooting him in the head. She feels pity because she put him out of his misery and did not kill him out of vengeance.

5) Why do the games not end immediately after Cato’s death?

The gamemakers changed the rules and there can only be one victor.

6) What is Katniss’ plan? What happens next? Why do you suppose the games end this way?

She plans for both of them to commit suicide. The gamemakers change their minds and allow for two victors. If there is no victor the gamemakers will be punished or killed.

In a brief paragraph (3-5 sentences), summarize the significant events from Chapter 25.

The Hunger Games

Chapter 26

1) What does Katniss realize as she watches the doctors operate on Peeta?

That she loves him.

2) Why is everyone keeping their distance from Katniss?

She looks angry, starving, skinny…

3) Who is missing from the team reunion? Why?

Portia because she is probably with Peeta.

4) How does Katniss react to the prep team?

She is quiet so she won’t snap at them.

5) What did the Gamemakers want to do to Katniss? What was the compromise?

The Gamemakers want to do plastic surgery on her. They compromise by having her wear a padded bra.

6) What new dangers face Katniss in the Capitol?

The Capitol is angry with her for embarrassing them.

7) What is the significance of the following statement: “But the Hunger Games are their weapon and you are not supposed to be able to defeat it.”

The Hunger Games is used to control the citizens of Panem.

In a brief paragraph (6-7 sentences), summarize the significant events from Chapter 26.

Chapter 27

1) What was the reason behind Cinna’s choice of dress for Katniss?

To make Katniss look innocent so the Capitol will feel bad for her, not see her as a threat.

2) Describe the reunion of Peeta and Katniss.

They are happy to see each other, they kiss.

3) What was omitted from the highlights?

Katniss covering Rue with flowers is omitted from the highlights.

4) Who is the instigator to be punished? Why?

Katniss is the instigator to be punished because it was her idea to eat the berries.

5) What is the significance of the berries moment?

It is an act of defiance to the Captiol.

6) On the train, what is the significance of Katniss washing off the makeup and changing her hair and clothes?

She becomes her old self.

7) What does Peeta realize about Katniss’ actions during the Hunger Games?

That she was faking it, she was being coached by Haymitch as a means of survival.

In a brief paragraph (6-7 sentences), summarize the significant events from Chapter 27.

In chapter 27, …………………

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