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Andrew Bushard

Baer, Nancy and Steve Duno.

1996: Leader of the Pack: How to Take Control of Your Relationship with Your Dog. New York: HarperPaperbacks.
This book resembles Cesar Millan's Be the Pack Leader both in title and concept. It does present concepts in a different way and covers some different matters. The book centers on the wolf pack analogy. I enjoyed it.
Banes, Karen

2016: The Savvy Solopreneur’s Guide To Networking: Making meaningful connections with people you actually like.
I like some things and dislike other things about this book. Most of the information here I heard elsewhere, so the book didn't contribute to my knowledge base. One line got on my nerves: "You don't get to be an influencer by being an asshole." That statement sounds naive as plenty of influential people are assholes. Just look out in the world and you will see powerful people who act like jerks. I liked how the book was relatively short and sweet. The author has a rational approach and I applaud her "Action List". The author defines terms to get the reader started. I give the author props of coining the term "solopreneur". I like how the author doesn't hesitate from swearing every now and then: not everyone likes that, but I do!
Bargfrede, Allen and Cecily Mak

2009: Music Law in the Digital Age. Boston: Berklee Press.

I have been reading a lot of material on copyright, so much of the information in here seemed repetitive. The book did give a little extra music specific information. Mildly interesting. It ultimately didn't contribute much to my goal of profit despite its promises to do such, but it did give me a thing or two to look into.

Bin Laden, Carmen

2004: Inside the Kingdom: My Life in Saudi Arabia. New York: Warner Books.
Caught between a rock and hard place if anyone ever was, Bin Laden's nonfiction work fascinates. She focuses more on her Saudi experience than on her brother-in-law. Since I wanted to learn more about Saudi Arabia, I liked this book.
Dibra, Bash with Elizabeth Randolph.

2003: Cat Speak: How to Communicate With Cats By Learning Their Secret Language. New York: New American Library.
Not that much new stuff, but still interesting. The book did get me to appreciate cats more.
Fishman, Stephen, J.D.

2014: The Public Domain: How to Find & Use Copyright-Free Writings, Music, Art, & More. Berkley, CA: Nolo Press.
Inspired by the website, I got this book with the outside hope I could use public domain material to make money. Though I'm not ruling that out, I don't think it's feasible at this point. Still, this work is informative, interesting, useful, and comprehensive. Another winner from Nolo.
Karbasfrooshan, Ashkan:

2016: The 10 Year Overnight Success: An Entrepreneur's Manifesto: How Watchmojo Built the Most SuccessfulMedia Brand on YouTube. Montreal: Watchmojo Publishing.

As a fan, this book fascinated me. As an entrepreneur, this book inspired me. Bravo. In the abstract and in the concrete, this book empowered and entertained me. A winner!
Johnson-Bennett, Pam

2004: Cat Vs. Cat: Keeping Peace When Your Have More Than One Cat. New York: Penguin Books.
Don't worry I am not getting multiple cats or even one: I was just curious about cat interaction and this book delivered.
Marshall, Perry and Bryan Todd.

2012: The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords. Irvine, CA: Entrepreneur Press.
A little old, but still useful. Good pictorials and clear information. Engaging as well.
Millan, Cesar

2007: Be the Pack Leader: Use Cesar's Way to Transform Your Dog and Your Life. New York: Harmony Books.
Even though I do not own dogs, I found this book very valuable. Since I have feared dogs I believe understanding my reactions to them can improve my personal development. I read Cesar's website and the bits about "Energy" and "being a pack leader" stood out and inspired me to get this book. I took voluminous notes as Cesar suggests understanding your dog can improve your life. This may be an odd avenue for self improvement, but I hope it reaps rewards for me.
Stokes, Richard

2014: Ultimate Guide to Pay-per-click Advertising. Irvine, CA: Entrepreneur Press.

My first book on PPC. Great intro on the subject. Full of clear explanations and helpful visuals. It laid the foundation for further study.
Waldron, David J.

2016: Hire Train Monitor Motivate: Build an Organization, Team, or Career of Distinction in the Transformational Workplace. Providence: Country View.
I received this book in exchange for an honest review.
I recommend this high level primer that instructs and inspires leaders.
Waldron's career experience adds credibility. Additionally, he applies the ideas of others such as Jim Collins and Neuro-linguistic Programming.
This book expresses similar insights found in other motivational works. For example, like James R. Hunter, author of The Servant, Waldron encourages the reader to "praise in public; criticize in private."
Waldron even contributes a new idea or two. Overall, this book seems chock full of wisdom.
I only criticize this book's straightforward presentation style; if Waldron could jazz up the information somehow, he could make the book even better. Common motivational writing devices such as parables, jokes, or poems might enhance the presentation.
I'm giving this book four stars.

1993: A Bronx Tale. Tribeca Film.
I watched it mostly for the interracial romance subplot, and in that regard it shined. Additionally, the story excelled and it memorized me.
2005: Guess Who. Columbia Pictures.
A little goofy, but the message of interracial romance inspires. Good movie.
2011: Roadie. Los Angeles: Magnolia Home Entertainment.

A little dark. It leaves you wanting something more, but it was still enjoyable. Above all, worth the $1.00 I bought this for at Dollar Tree.
2004 SuperSize Me. New York: Kathbur Pictures, Inc.
Funny of course! Morgan Spurlock, the filmmaker, did over-dramatize at times, but overall he presents an inspiring and persuasive case while making you chuckle. Sadly he included Jared Fogle, but can he be blamed?

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