Roles: Your group consists of the most talented journalists and photographers of the National Geographic Association. You have been given the opportunity to

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Grupo: _______________________________________________________________________________
País: ___________________________________
Terminar el proyecto: ________________________
Fecha de presentación: _______________________(All groups must be prepared on this date)
Roles: Your group consists of the most talented journalists and photographers of the National Geographic Association. You have been given the opportunity to compete for a grant to travel to a Spanish speaking country to cover a story on their celebrations and festivals.
Assignment: Your job is to convince the editors of the magazine that your group should be chosen to travel to your country to experience your festival firsthand, in order to create an article about it. You are to research the holidays, festivals, and feasts of your assigned country and choose one to focus on. ( The magazine just did a big story on “La Navidad” so that is not an option). To choose and make a food associated with that holiday, and to present music, decorations, traditions or other relevant cultural information. You are required to find at least one book, one encyclopedic entry and one electronic source for information. You will be asked to submit your sources in a bibliography on your presentation day. Details about the evaluation of your presentation are attached in the rubric, and below.

  1. The Presentation: Choose a celebration or holiday that takes place in your country. Choose a date that originates in the country’s culture, history or religion. It can include local carnivals, ferias, or fiestas. Describe this celebration in Spanish, in an oral presentation, by explaining the following:

Note: each group member should take 1 or two questions.

a. ¿Qué? What do they celebrate? What decorations or props do they use? (required)

b. ¿Cómo? How do they celebrate it? Are gifts given? Stories told? Parades held? (required)
c. ¿Por qué? Why do they celebrate this holiday, and why in this way? How did it start?

Is it Religious? Military? Cultural? (required)

d. ¿Cuándo? When do they celebrate this holiday? When did they begin celebrating this holiday? (required)
e. ¿Dónde? Where do they celebrate? In people’s homes? In churches? Outside? In what other countries do they celebrate this holiday? Is there an equivalent holiday in the United States? If so, how do they compare? Be able to show us WHERE your country is in your visual presentation. (required)
f. La Comida: Choose a food that is traditionally eaten on this holiday, or at other important gatherings. Include a picture of the food with the five main ingredients in your presentation. Have a copy of the recipe for your folder. Prepare this food, and bring a taste for each class member on presentation day.


g. Un Cartel: Is there something about the holiday or culture that can best be presented visually, with a poster? (example - a festival with multiple parts, or traditions.(optional)
h. ¿La Cultura? Include something about the culture in this country beyond the holiday. Include two

or three other dimensions of the culture within which the holiday takes place. (optional)

i.¿La Música? Is there a certain style of music that emanates from this country, or is connected to this

holiday? Find a song, explain the lyrics, or the rhythm, or unique instruments used. (optional)

j. Visual Aide: The presentation should be done with some visual aide – Power Point, Photo Story,

Word Document. These visual aids may contain the questions that you are answering and some visuals

only. They should NOT contain the information/text that you will be providing us. That information

you must memorize. The document must be saved in Sra. Plant’s inbox with a specific title (see Sra.

Plant) (required).

k. All group members must participate in this presentation equally (Persons A, B, C, and D). You may each refer to 1 index card with up to 5 key words on it for your presentation on basic information. You may also have 1 index card with 5 to 10 key words on it about your cultural or food area.. You should plan to practice your presentation in its entirety at least six times with your group.
2. La Comida: Choose a traditional food that is prepared for this holiday and find a recipe for it:
a. Get approval from your parents for the recipe and the ingredients that you will need – some dishes are much more costly than others. Purchase the ingredients and prepare the food to share in class on the celebration day. If this is a problem for anyone, please see me.(At least two members should get together to prepare the food, person A shall present the food during the presentation).

b. On your presentation day, provide the class with the recipe for the appetizer, main dish, dessert or beverage that you have prepared. Please list the ingredients in both English and Spanish, insure that it is computer generated and includes graphics. Be sure to have a 1.5” left hand margin and use a size 12 or 14 font. (person A)

c. On celebration day bring what ever you will require to serve the dish: plates, forks, napkins, cups,

etc. You need only provide enough for a “tasting” – a spoonful for each of your classmates and the teacher! You do not need to provide 20 or more servings. If you need to warm the food – it must be in a microwave safe dish that is no larger than 9” * 9”. The dish should not be brought on your presentation day. Disposable dishes are preferred. (All group members should be responsible for something – persons A,B,C, and D).

3. Do something creative – choose three (if you are a group of 4) of the following:
a. Music/Song: Write, or find a recorded song from the country you are reporting about. It may be about the holiday you have chosen, or it may just be traditional music. Provide your classmates with the lyrics and lead the singing in class, or teach about special instruments or rhythms used.
b. Create typical decorations for your holiday. Provide the class with instructions to create what you have come up with, or have them do it in class with you as a guide.
c. Create a poster in Spanish about your holiday, include special Spanish vocabulary, information and graphics. Present it in class.
d. Create or download images of special costumes or dress that are worn for your holiday. Explain the significance of each clothing item, or mask. Add these images to your power point, or create a handout.
e. Re-create a ritual or story from the holiday for your classmates. Explain the meaning of this ritual/story.
f. Come up with something different, or unique to your holiday – get approval from Señora Plant.
4. On your presentation date you must:
a. Give an oral presentation in Spanish which answers the 5 questions in section one. Index cards should be referred to, but not read from. All students must participate.
b.Go over the ingredient list for the food that you will prepare on presentation day and show us

images of the food.

c. Present your creative activities/ have the class participate in an activity such as make a decoration, etc.

d. Give the following to the teacher in a folder, before your presentation:

I. a cover which lists the students names, the country, the holiday or festival, the date

II. outline/ or index cards from your oral presentation (typed or neatly written)

III. recipe, w/ ingredients listed in Spanish and English (typed)

IV. other instructions, song lyrics, etc. for cultural information

V. Bibliography (a list of sources) – at least one book, one encyclopedia, and one electronic source, music sources, etc. (typed)

5. On our CELEBRATION date, you will be asked to bring in your food to share. This date will be:


*You will be asked to write a 100 word essay, in Spanish, on your project as a separate, individual assignment.

5. Please exchange phone numbers/email with your group and be sure to be organized and ready for the presentation and celebration dates.

País: _____________________________
Estudiante A: ________________________________________________________________________
Estudiante B: ________________________________________________________________________
Estudiante C: ________________________________________________________________________
Estudiante D: ________________________________________________________________________

¡Vamos a celebrar – Buena suerte!

Nombre: ________________________________

Fecha: _________________ Las Celebraciones

Clase: _________________ Mi país: __________________________

Please visit the following web-sites to find at least 6 holidays for your country – excluding Navidad. You may also find more information on festivals and celebrations by searching travel sites by country. Use the table on the reverse to record your information: - This is Grolier’s Lands and Peoples site. Start your visit here and get some background information about your country

When you find information of interest, copy and paste it into a word document for later. Be sure to copy the internet address, date and author, so that you will be able to use the information for your Bibliography.

nombre de la celebración

es historico? religioso? cultural?

Cual es la fecha?

Como lo celebran?


Las Celebraciones – Alternative Assessment

Please write a 250 word essay (in English) which answers all the questions of the attached assignment for “Las Celebraciones.” Please illustrate what you have learned about the history and culture of the holiday that you have studied.

Also, please include a vocabulary list of at least 20 words in Spanish and English that are related to your holiday, the food that your group chose, and the cultural aspects that you presented.
The essay and the vocabulary list should be type written and double spaced.
This project will be accepted no later than ___________________.

Las celebraciones – Websites to get you started

GOAL FOR TODAY: Find and list 5 to seven holidays in your country to consider. Remember to keep track of the websites you use for your bibliography!

Note: As you are searching travel sites, please be sure to choose images and information that is appropriate for middle school! If you are not sure – ask la maestra! – Everyone should start there, choose travel the world and click on the map for your country. Scroll down to look for a list of holidays/festivals and other info. There may be no web sites linked, but you can get holiday names. - Choose your country, and then select Festivals. (in Spanish, about festivals in Spain) - Many active links for South America – Click on Map of Spain for many resources. (select Global Carnival on top left, and scroll down to your country; Spain and Venezuela have listings on home page, not just about Carnaval) (look for events in your country) (choose English) (Mostly Spain and

Mexico) - Good listing with lots of information - Panamá – has some printouts with vocabulary about various holidays and maps.

Nombre: ______________________________ Fecha: __/__/2009

País: _________________________________

GOL PARA HOY: Find and list five to seven holidays in your country to consider. Remember to keep track of the websites you use for your bibliography!

El día festivo

Websites/locación en el internet









Keep this document, as it may be requested after your presentation is complete.

Las celebraciones: Student note pages

Nombre: ____________________________

#__Nombres de los estudiantes:

el país /continente

el día festivo /¿Qué celebran?

¿Cómo lo celebran? y ¿Cuándo lo celebran?

¿Por qué lo celebran? ¿Dónde lo celebran?

__religioso? __cultural? ___militar?

la comida

tres ingredientes principales: (la receta)

¿Qué tipo de comida es?

postre? bebida? ensalada? pan?

¿Cuáles son las cosas culturales?

música? arte? decoración? otra cosa?




Apuntes – otras cosas:



#__Nombre de los estudiantes:

el país

el día festivo /¿Qué celebran?

¿Cómo lo celebran? y ¿Cuándo lo celebran?

¿Por qué lo celebran?

__religioso? __cultural? ___militar?

¿Dónde lo celebran?

la comida

tres ingredientes principales: (la receta)

¿Qué tipo de comida es?

postre? bebida? ensalada? pan?

¿Cuáles son las cosas culturales?

música? arte? decoración? otra cosa?



Apuntes – otras cosas:


  • A Powerpoint, or word document in the teacher’s inbox. The file must be named as follows: SmithH3VenezuelaNavidad or it will be deleted. (Smith, one of your last names, H3 your class, your country and holiday).

  • A FOLDER labeled with your names, class, country and holiday, which contains:

    • A recipe with ingredients in English and Spanish, with your names on it. (FOOD ON CELEBRATION DAY ONLY!)

    • A description/sample/lyrics for one creative/cultural piece (if you are a group of three).

    • A description/sample/lyrics for two creative/cultural pieces (if you are a group of four).
    • A bibliography listing all sites, books and encyclopedic articles used.

    • A copy of your index cards or a write up of your answers to the 5 questions – for the teacher

  • You should all have your presentation memorized.

  • You should be able to understand your entire presentation without a dictionary – and so should your classmates. Say two to three sentences on each topic in Spanish, and switch to English if it gets complicated. Unless you are a native speaker, there should be no past and/or compound tenses. DO NOT USE TRANSLATORS – AT RISK OF FAILURE FOR YOUR GROUP!

  • You should do four to six run throughs with your group as a whole

  • You should hand in your folder BEFORE your presentation and be prepared to present on Your presentation day!

100 Word Essay in Spanish

Students will write a 100 word essay about their celebration. All should be double spaced, typed and in Spanish. Each student will write their essay individually and be graded individually. The essay will be graded as a test. The essay should discuss the holiday and traditions that you researched. The essay should not talk about your presenation, or the people in your group.

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