Romeo and Juliet Dominoes


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Romeo and Juliet Dominoes

Plots of stories are a lot like dominoes. One thing happens, which causes another thing to happen, which in turn causes another thing to happen –a process that continues all the way to the resolution.

In this activity, we will consider Romeo and Juliet from a domino point of view. You will identify the key events in the chain that ultimately leads to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet.


1) Number your dominoes from 1 to 25. Place a small number in the upper lefthand corner of each domino.

2) In dominoes 23, 24, and 25, write the following information:

23 – Romeo, falsely believing Juliet has died, drinks poison and dies.

24 – Juliet, seeing Romeo has died, takes her life with his dagger.

25 – The Montagues and the Capulets vow to end the family feud.

3) In each of the remaining dominoes, identify important events that lead to the lovers’ deaths. Make sure that you place each event in the order in which it occurs. Think of it as a cause-and-effect chain—one event leads to the next, which leads to the next, which leads to the next …. You may find it helpful to work your way backwards as you plot your events.
4) Once you have assigned an event to every domino, glue them to the paper provided. You may set them up in a straight line, curve, or a nonlinear construction (particularly if some of your events cause more than thing to happen next).

5) At the bottom of your paper, identify which ONE event you think carries the most weight in causing the tragedy. Explain your answer and support with evidence from the text .

We will take two class days to complete this. It is DUE AT THE END OF YOUR CLASS PERIOD ON THURSDAY, APRIL 12TH.
GRADING: This will be assessed as a Double Daily grade.

Completeness 20 pts.

Order of Events 20 pts.

Significance of Events 20 pts.

Explanation 20 pts.

Neatness 20 pts.

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