“Ruby in Her Own Time”

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Homework Sheet Week #2.8

“Ruby in Her Own Time”

Spelling Amazing words to build oral vocabulary

  1. bring 1. attempt- when you attempt something, you try

  2. trunk to do it.

  3. pink 2. event- An event is something that happens.

  4. bank 3. time line-A time line is the order you follow to

  5. song succeed at something.

  6. wing 4. famous- Famous means “ well-known.”

  7. rink 5. flatter- When you flatter someone, you say

  8. blank something very nice about him or her that may

  9. rang not be true.

  10. sunk 6. correct- Correct means “to change something

to make it right.” If something is corrected, it

Bonus: every sure is changed.

7. awkward- An awkward movement is a movement that is not smooth.

8. lovely- If something is lovely, it is very pretty.
Correct and rewrite the following sentences.

1. I sang on the way two the rinc

2. poot the blanck book in the trunck
3. bring ur skats to the rinck
4. the berd’s weng Is penk
Complete the following math problems.

12+5= 15+4 13+6= 14+3= 16+2=

5+5+3= 6+4+2= 4+2+6= 9+3+4= 8+5+2=

Ruby in Her Own Time

What will Ruby learn as she grows?

Words to know: ever sure were enough

every any own

Read the words:

(“Have you ever seen this cute duck family in the pond?” asked Ben. “Sure,” said Jill. “They were here last week. I had seeds to feed them then, but not enough for every little duck. Now I don’t have any seeds.” “They will have to get their own food,” said Ben.)

The story: Once upon a time upon a nest beside a lake, there lived two-ducks- a mother duck and a father duck. There were five eggs in the nest. Mother Duck sat upon the nest, all day and all night… through howling wind and driving rain, looking after the eggs-all five of them. Then, one bright morning, the eggs began to hatch. One, two, three, four little beaks poked out into the sunlight. One, two, three, four little ducklings shook their feathers in the breeze. “We’ll call them Rufus, Rory, Rosie and Rebecca,” said Father Duck. And Mother Duck agreed. But the fifth egg did nothing. “Will it ever hatch?” said Father Duck. “It will,” said Mother Duck, “in its own time.” And-sure enough-it did. “She’s very small,” said Father Duck. “What shall we call her?” “We’ll call her Ruby,” said Mother Duck, “because she’s small and precious.” Rufus, Rory, Rosie and Rebecca ate whatever they were given. They ate anything and everything. But Ruby ate nothing. “Will she ever eat?” said Father Duck. “She will,” said Mother Duck, “in her own time.” And- sure enough- she did. Rufus, Rory Rosie, and Rebecca swam off whenever they were able. They swam anywhere and everywhere. But Ruby swam nowhere. “Will she ever swim?” said Father Duck. “She will,” said Mother Duck, “in her own time.” And-sure enough- she did. Rufus, Rory, Rosie and Rebecca grew bigger. And Ruby grew bigger too. Her feathers grew out, and her wings grew broad and beautiful. And when Rufus, Rory, Rosie and Rebecca began to fly… Ruby flew too! Rufus, Rory, Rosie and Rebecca flew far and wide. They flew out across the water. They flew up among the trees. But Ruby flew farther and wider. She flew out beyond the water. She flew up above the trees. She flew anywhere and everywhere. She stretched out her beautiful wings and soared high among the clouds. Mother Duck and Father Duck watched Ruby flying off into the distance. “Will she ever come back?” said Mother Duck. “She will,” said Father Duck, “in her own time.” And- sure enough- she did.

Comprehension Questions:

  1. Who are the characters in this story?

  1. What do you think “in her own time” means?

  1. Does Ruby fly with the others? Is this what you predicted?

  1. Name in order the places where the ducks flew.

READ THE STORY: This is a one-minute fluency self-check test” Get someone to time you for one-minute and see how many words you can read within that minute. You can practice for several days so that you can get used to being timed, circle the number of words you read in one minute. (Please remember that it isn’t always important-about how many words you can read in one minute if you can’t retell what you have read.)

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