Russia 100514 Basic Political Developments

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Russia 100514

Basic Political Developments

  • IANS: Bangladesh to sign n-power pact with Russia - “On May 21, Yeafesh Osman (state minister for science and information and communication technology) will sign with Russia a framework agreement on peaceful use of nuclear technology,” she told reporters here.

  • Helsinki Times: Russia's Putin to visit Finland in May - Vladimir Putin, the Russian prime minister, is to visit Lappeenranta in Finland on 27 May to negotiate amongst other issues, the extension of the lease agreement for the Saimaa Canal, according to information received by STT on Wednesday.

  • RIA: Russian, Brazilian leaders to discuss energy and aviation projects - Presidents of Russia and Brazil will meet in Moscow on Friday to discuss joint projects in energy and aviation industry, as well as the use of national currencies in reciprocal payments, a Kremlin source has said.

  • Bangkok Post: Abhisit plans trip to Russia - Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva is planning an official visit to Russia next month despite intensifying political instability at home, says Vachara Panchet, the Thailand Trade Representative.The prime minister intended to visit Russia from June 4-7 after official visits to countries including Australia, the United States and Vietnam were cancelled earlier, Mr Vachara said yesterday.

  • BarentsObserver: Arkhangelsk senator to mediate in Kyrgyzstan - President Dmitry Medvedev has appointed Arkhangelsk senator Vladimir Rushailo his new special representative in Kyrgyzstan.

  • RIA: Russia, U.S. say new START treaty marks end of 'Cold War'

  • Russia Today: Warsaw Treaty hits 55
  • RIA: UN General Assembly to discuss piracy at informal meeting

  • RIA: Sailors from Russian tanker to return home this month after pirate attack

  • Russia Profile: Pirates Vow Bloody Revenge - Russian Marines Could Have Just Changed the Rules of Somali Piracy

  • Russia, Sri Lanka to fight religious extremism - Vladimir. P. Makailo of the Russian Embassy in Sri Lanka said that Russia would invite Sri Lanka to a conference on extremist religious groups sometime soon.

  • Expert Club: Ukraine does not intend to recognize Abkhazia and Tskhinvali - Ukraine will not recognize the independence of Abkhazia and so-called South Ossetia, the Foreign Minister of Ukraine Konstantin Gryshchenko said in an interview to Kommersant-Ukraina.

  • RIA: Ukrainian leader says no fears over rival South Stream pipeline

  • Oil and Gas Eurasia: Ukrainian President Jokes: We'll Take 50 Percent Of Gazprom

  • Miami Herald: U.S. court orders Russian detainee freed from Guantánamo

  • VOR: Israel resorts to pressure on Russian Air Transport Agency

  • VOR: Georgia asks for charter flights to Moscow

  • Recent 'positive changes' in relations between Russia and Azerbaijan

  • VOR: Atlantis to blast off to ISS

  • RIA: Russia to launch first carrier rocket from Kourou on December 17


    • Bloomberg: Raspadskaya to Flood Parts of Mine to Cut Gases; Rescue Halted

    • RIA: Methane delays search efforts at Siberian mine for at least 1 week

    • Itar-Tass: Rescuers leave coalmine due to explosion threat

  • Interfax: Moscow police investigating why the cameras around homes of dead pensioners, did not work.

  • RIA: Russia eliminates terrorist cell in West Siberia - Russian security services have uncovered an underground terrorist cell of the Islamic organization Hizb ut Tahrir al-Islami, which is considered a terrorist group by Russian authorities.

  • Jamestown: Government Authorities Fail to Provide Security in the North Caucasus

  • VOR: Duma briefs Russians on deputies’ incomes

  • Bloomberg: Billionaire Kerimov Declares $247,000 Income, 1-Room Apartment

  • Moscow Times: Professional Director Incomes Capped

  • VOR: Russia bids for 2018, 2022 World Footbal Cup

  • Russia Today/Vedomosti: Editorial: You are back in the army - Russia is turning away from a quality, professional army. This conclusion may be drawn based on a number of statements, made by the top generals.

  • Russia Today/Kommersant: President – period: Russian-language domain names become operational. The first ever Internet domain to use a national language script became the Cyrillic (.рф) domain. The workings of the first websites, outside of the Latin alphabet zone -- президент.рф (president.rf) and правительство.рф (government.rf) --were tested at a meeting of the Commission for Modernization and Technological Development of the Economy of the Russian Federation by President Dmitry Medvedev. Aleksandr Malakhov

  • Russia Today: Russians are spending twice as much on bribes - The cost of the average bribe in Russia has nearly doubled in the last 4 years, the Levada analytical center reports.
  • Moscow News: Motoring maneuvres upset Russian army - After trying to infiltrate a military convoy on the Minskoye Shosse, a Just Russia Duma representative Anton Belyakov found himself exchanging verbal volleys with the traffic police. 

  • Moscow News: Russians labeled “intolerant” by new survey - Regardless of your creed or colour, it seems likely that you're going to end up annoying your neighbour at some point.

  • Jamestown: Propaganda Overwhelms Russian Society

  • VOR: Press review

    • The Moscow-based daily Izvestia reports that Russia has directed a Candidature File to the FIFA to brief the Association on what preparations Moscow would make if trusted with hosting a 2018 or 2022 world football championships.

    • According to the Vremya Novostei daily, scholars from CIS countries will write a common textbook on the Great Patriotic War.

    • Russians will be able to visit Turkey visa-free for up to 30 days as of this summer under an agreement reached during President Dmitry Medvedev’s recent visit to Ankara, the Rossiiskaya Gazeta reports.

    • Russia has launched its national Cyrillic Internet domain, registered as “.рф

    • The Russian pavilion at the 63rd Cannes International Film Festival welcomed its first visitors on Thursday.

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