Sabbsa- believing the Bible from the first verse. A history of sabbsa and Creationism in San Antonio

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President - Scott Lane 599-7240 Vice President – Walter “Dub” Warren
Secretary – Clarence Johnson Treasurer – Carl Williams, M.D.
[P.O. Box 200721, San Antonio, TX 78220-0721]

SABBSA- Believing the Bible from the first verse.

A History of SABBSA and Creationism in San Antonio

This past February marked the 10 year anniversary of the San Antonio Bible Based Science Association. In celebration of our birthday, much of this article will cover the history of SABBSA and the creation movement in San Antonio. We also have a multiplicity of events and ministries going on right now and a recap of those events is included. God be praised for his guiding hand in all that we do.

In 1961 Henry M. Morris and John C. Whitcomb published their classic book the Genesis Flood which many credit with starting the Creationist Movement. Many people took up this cause to educate the public on the failings of evolution and the validity and viability of believing that the Biblical account of the creation can be believed and will hold up to scientific scrutiny. In San Antonio, for more than 20 years during the late 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s, the face of the creation ministry was that of two fine gentlemen. Dr. Ernest Gregory a surgeon at the UT Health Science Center, and Cardiologist Dr. Malcolm “Mal” Lancaster were those men. They worked tirelessly giving seminars and presentations throughout the area. They were part of the formation of a creation club not unlike SABBSA many years ago. Dr. Gregory was an original board member and on the formation committee of SABBSA. Dr. Gregory is in poor health today and we pray for him. Dr. Lancaster has also been a SABBSA member, but he is so busy abroad we rarely see him. Dr. Lancaster continues to teach creation and has done so for more 10 years in Russia. Since the fall of the “Iron Curtain” he has made several trips to Soviet Georgia and the Ukraine where he has found a fertile field for both sewing creation and the gospel. We owe a lot to these men who pioneered this movement in Bexar County and built the foundation for what we do today.

The primary founder of SABBSA must be credited to Jose “Ernie” Hernandez. Ernie was and is an ardent creationist who was reading the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) publication ACTS and Facts in 1996. He read that ICR offered to bring a creationist seminar to our area if someone would organize some local sponsorship. Ernie took up that challenge because of his thirst for the ministry. He contacted ICR who informed him of the type of support they would need both financially, and in terms of organization on the ground. His first problem was to form a committee of people who both had interest in the topic and some background in creation. By word of mouth and some investigation, the Lord led him to a group of men who first met at Ernie’s home on a Sunday afternoon in October of 1996. That original meeting included Ernie Hernandez, Dr. Daniel Harris, Scott Lane, Dave Swinney, Earl White and William “Bill” Quigley. In subsequent meetings Dr. Ernest Gregory, Mr. Glen Lunbery and Dr. Paul Wilke were added to this organizational committee. This group with Ernie’s leading organized a Pastor’s informational luncheon in which the video When Two Worldviews Collide was shown and distributed to Pastors. The committee secured the huge sanctuary of Trinity Church to hold the event. Private and Christian schools were contacted and invited to the students part of the ICR “Back to Genesis” weekend. There were problems along the way such as a Christian community of clergy and laymen who were indifferent to the ministry because they either didn’t see the need for the event or because we were competing with a Billy Graham Crusade that was coming to San Antonio at the same time. Finally however, with God’s help the event came about on Friday February 21 and Saturday February 22, 1997. The speakers for the weekend were Dr. Henry Morris in principle for the adult program on Saturday along and Dr. John Morris and Dr. Steve Austin who spoke to the 4200 school children who attended on Friday. The adult seminar on Saturday drew about 600 adults.

One side note to the event was that the urging of Dr. Daniel Harris, a table was set up to enable people to sign up with contact information for a fledgling creation group to be formed and carry on this ministry after ICR left town. We started with a few dozen names on that sign up sheet and our event organizing group. The group met again at Ernie’s and decided to form the new creationist organization, followed by another meeting to start the discussion of what that organization should look like. Finally, on August 19, 1997 a meeting was held in Scott Lane’s home in which the original Constitution, By Laws, Statement of Faith and the name SABBSA were created and agreed upon. The name San Antonio Bible Based Science Association was given to us by a deep felt leading that Dr. Harris had been given by the Lord. The Statement of Faith expressed the unequivocal support for this being an educational ministry supporting the truth of biblical creation and a young Earth. The first board members elected that year were Ernie Hernandez, Dr. Ernest Gregory, Dr. Daniel Harris, Scott Lane, Glen Lunbery, William Quigley, Dave Swinney, and the late Earl White. Ernie Hernandez was elected the first President of SABBSA.

In its first year in existence SABBSA sponsored two creation events for the community. The first was the showing of the Dr. D. James Kennedy video The Case for Creation at Wayside Chapel on October 14, 1997. After the showing of this film a panel of experts answered questions for the audience. The panel consisted of Dr. “Mal” Lancaster, Dr. Ernest Gregory and Dr. Daniel Harris and the panel was moderated by Scott Lane. There were over 500 people in attendance in part due to the publicity gleaned from Dr. Harris and Mr. Lane being featured on the Adam McManus show and the good support of Mr. McManus who made a personal appearance that evening.

We offered three presentations at Wayside Chapel on Dec 9, 1997. In keeping with the Christmas season, Dr. Daniel Harris presented “The Christmas Star.” Scott Lane presented an overview of the “The Theories between Creation and Evolution”, and a children’s presentation by Bill Quigley. About 120 people attended these classes.

SABBSA applied for and received Certification of Incorporation as a Non-Profit Corporation in Texas on Jan 13, 1998. We sponsored a “Mock Debate” at Wayside Chapel on February 24th, 1998. Dr. Ernest Gregory, Dr. Daniel Harris and Dr. “Mal” Lancaster represented the creation side in the debate. Ernie Hernandez and Scott Lane played the part of evolutionists. The topics of “Mock Debate” were: Speciation, Light travel/Age of the Universe & Fossils and the Geologic Column. There were about 300 people in attendance.
We first met at Jim’s Restaurant at the corner of San Pedro and Ramsey in north San Antonio, Texas for monthly public meetings on September 8, 1998. Scott Lane presented the program entitled “YOUNG EARTH EVIDENCES.” In that same year we began the SABBSA Communiqué as our newsletter which later would be put out monthly.

We started our website in 1999 with the help of Ernie Hernandez’ son Ben Hernandez who acted as our web designer and our webmaster the first few years

The late Earl White organized a field trip to Glenrose, TX in 1998. Mr. White died later that year. We took several cars of people up to Glenrose on a Saturday. We heard and saw a presentation by Dr. Carl Baugh in his Creation Evidences Museum just outside of Glenrose. We also visited the “McFall property” and saw the site of the overlapping dinosaur tracks with human tracks that Dr. Baugh showed us in his museum. We also saw dino tracks which had been unearthed both on the shores and in the Paluxy River on the same level with human tracks. Finally we visited Dinosaur State Park while in the area. While at the museum we made the acquaintance of Harry and Christie Jackson. They had been associated with Dr. Baugh for some time and had helped in his digs in the Paluxy. They were stationed in San Antonio and started to attend our monthly meetings. They are now both board members.

Along the way, we have sponsored presentations by many different individuals and organizations. We have sponsored Dr. Don Patton and Mr. John Pendleton on multiple occasions. We first sponsored Mr. Pendleton, a creation evangelist to Middle America, at a presentation at Parkhills Baptist Church in January, 2001. That started what has become a long and productive association between Mr. Pendleton and SABBSA. We sponsored Dr. “Mal” Lancaster’s presentation on “Cell Biology and Flood Trigger Theory” at Harlandale Baptist Church. We have helped two creationist authors edit and rewrite their books for publication. We sponsored Dr. Randy Guliuzza twice at Trinity Church in 2004. His topics were the amazing design in “Human Sexuality” and “Design in the Human Eye.” Randy and his beautiful wife June served as board members with us for two years while he was stationed here and gave us a vital connection to ICR. He is now one of several people trained and trying to fill the debate shoes left by the retirement of Dr. Duane Gish with ICR. We have sponsored many other speakers, creationists and events along the way including Alpha Omega Institute (AOI) in the last couple of years. We have been a part of three debates in the last two years. Surely, the Lord has blossomed us into a vibrant and active ministry. For more details on many of our more recent events and ministries you may go to the calendar of events page on our website for details on specific events.

Ernie Hernandez was re-elected as President of SABBSA again in 1998. He decided to step aside and focus on other interests in 1999. Scott Lane was elected President in 1999 and again in 2000. Dr. Daniel Harris who had been Vice President under Mr. Lane was elected President for 2001. Mr. Lane was again elected President for the years 2002 through 2007. Mr. Clarence Johnson has been a member of SABBSA for several years now and has acted as both Secretary and Webmaster since Ben Hernandez got caught up in school. Mr. Walter “Dub” Warren has been elected Vice President the last couple of years and has been instrumental in bringing “new energy” to our ministry. Mr. Warren is the individual who first brought the Guliuzza’s into our organization. He has attended training from AOI in Colorado in the past two years so that he can offer teaching sessions using their materials. Dr. Carl Williams and his wife Cindy who are also board members have also been trained by Answers in Genesis (AIG) in Kentucky in the last two years so that they can lead training modules developed by AIG. These moves have greatly increased the range of creationist training SABBSA can offer to our community. With the sessions Dr. Harris has been doing for years and the newly made power point presentations from Scott Lane, we can now offer a rather impressive list of presentations on our resources webpage. The recent addition of the Reverend Burton Stokes to our board and the sponsoring of long time SABBSA friend and member, Mr. Al Johnson to teach weekly creationist sessions at FEAST have strengthened our ministry mightily.
So much for celebrating the past, our future is bright and the Creation ministry in South Texas has never been as vibrant as it is today. In the past month, we had our monthly SABBSA meeting on March 13th and Scott Lane presented the Power Point presentation Young Earth Evidences at FEAST on March 20th. Our March SABBSA meeting featured the presentation of two 30-minute videos from Alpha Omega Institute. They are entitled "Creation or Evolution: A Battle of Beliefs" and "Evolution and John 3:16 - How Darwinism Affects the Gospel of Christ." We had excellent feedback from the two pastors in attendance. Also, the Mass Communications class from Northwest Vista College attended and taped the meeting. We had a great time with them after the videos answering their questions about creationism! The Young Earth Evidences Science Workshop was presented to more than 25 people at FEAST and was videotaped by the Northwest Vista Mass Communications class film crew. It was a great night. As mentioned earlier, SABBSA member, Mr. Al Johnson (a biology teacher) began an 8-week video and lecture series entitled “How the Scientific Evidence Cries Out for an Intelligent Designer” on Wednesday March 21st. They are meeting every Wednesday through April from 2 - 3:30pm at FEAST Cost is $10 per person to cover materials This video and lecture series is targeted to students in grades 8 - 12; parents and interested middle school students are also welcome to attend.

On the creation vs. evolution front, two bits of news. In the latest issue of the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology is a story says that “the fossilized remains of an amphibian which lived more than 245 million years ago have been found in Antarctica, suggesting that the climate during much of the Triassic era was remarkably balmy.” Evolutionists hail this as an amazing discovery. It’s no surprise however to Creationists who are quite comfortable with balmy poles prior to the Flood due to the dispersing of heat and greenhouse effect caused by the Water Canopy.

In a second story the Associated Press reports “Italian researchers have excavated the skeleton of a 4 million-year-old whale in the Tuscan countryside, a discovery that could help reconstruct the prehistoric environment of the sea that once covered the region, officials said Tuesday. The 33-foot skeleton, dating to the Pliocene epoch, was found in almost perfect order, with only the jaw bones out of place, said paleontologists with the Museum of Natural History in Florence.

Nearly all of Italy was once under water, and it is not unusual to find cetacean fossils in Tuscany.

But the whale skeleton's discovery, about 6 miles east of the Mediterranean, was extraordinary because it was almost complete, and a wealth of organisms were found around it, officials said.”

None of this is novel except for their assumptions and dating. From a creationists perspective we too would not be surprised to find the whale remains in Tuscany since it was probably washed their in the deluge of the Flood. In point of fact the Flood far better explains why it was such a complete find since it was rapidly covered and why it was buried in a “graveyard” of other sea creatures. Their assumptions of the age of the find are based on the depth of its burial, which again if interpreted through a creationist view and allowing for the Flood would allow it to be dated in the last few thousand years (not four million). These are just two examples of what we are continually stating, that current science is being rigidly interpreted through “evolution colored glasses” as Dave Nutting would say and no other interpretations are being considered, even when they are even more scientifically viable. This is the one of the reasons SABBSA continues to exist, as an educational institution to make people aware of such alternate interpretations.

In the next month we have three activities on tap. Al Johnson will continue his weekly teaching at FEAST on Wednesdays and Scott Lane will give two Power Point presentations. On Tuesday April 17th, at 7 pm at FEAST he will present “Biology and Intelligent Design: Animals that Defy Evolution! which shows how the field of biology tears down evolutionary theory. It first presents what has been done in the field including synthesizing DNA and cloning and shows how creation has no problem with these accomplishments. We then present examples of God’s design in nature ranging from the intricacies of the human eye, to the sea slug, the bombardier beetle, and symbiotic relationships between organisms. We also explore how evolution’s recapitulation theory has been disproved by evolutionists, but it is still being used in some places to substantiate abortion.

At our monthly SABBSA meeting, Mr. Lane will present Biology and Missing Links: Lucy Unveiled – We begin by showing more evidences of animals which defy evolution and declare God’s design in nature. We then show how all of the supposed missing links between man and apes have been exposed as not being transitional forms through years of analysis. Finally we see how the horse series, whale evolution and peppered moths have been disproved as evidence for evolution. This will be our program for our monthly meeting on Tuesday, April 10th at 7 pm at the Jim’s Restaurant at the corner of San Pedro and Ramsey. You are cordially invited to attend. Please have a happy Easter and remember what the Lord did for us in commemoration of the Easter Holiday.

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