San benito county, ca board of supervisors

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Margie Barrios Anthony Botelho Robert Rivas Jerry Muenzer Jaime De La Cruz

District No. 1 District No. 2 District No. 3 District No. 4 District No. 5

Chair Vice-Chair

County Administration Building – Board of Supervisors Chambers, 481 Fourth Street, Hollister, California


San Benito County Board of Supervisors,

City of Hollister, CA Mayor and Council,

City of San Juan Bautista, CA Mayor and Council.

JUNE 3, 2015

The Board of Supervisors of San Benito County met in the Board Chambers on the above date in Special Session. Supervisor Barrios (Board Chair), Rivas, De La Cruz, and Muenzer were present. Also present was County Administrative Officer Ray Espinosa, County Counsel Matthew W. Granger and Clerk of the Board Louie Valdez. Chairwoman Margie Barrios presided.

5:00 p.m. CALL TO ORDER:

  1. Pledge of Allegiance by Supervisor Muenzer.

Meeting called to order at 5:00PM by Supervisor Margie Barrios, Chairwoman, San Benito County Board of Supervisors and also on behalf of the City of Hollister Mayor and Council and City of San Juan Bautista Mayor and Council with their consent.


Board of Supervisors: Chairwoman Margie Barrios, Robert Rivas, Jaime De La Cruz, Anthony Botelho, and Jerry Muenzer

COG Directors: Chairman Jerry Muenzer, Anthony Botelho, Tony Boch, Victor Gomez and Ignacio Velazquez.

Alternates: City of Hollister, Mickie Solorio Luna; San Benito County: Jaime De La Cruz; San Juan Bautista: Jim West.

Hollister City Council: Mayor Ignacio Velazquez, Ray Friend (Absent), Victor Gomez, Karson Klauer, Mickie Solorio Luna.
Mayor Velasquez indicated that Council Member Victor Gomez would arrive 30 minutes late during Roll Call.
San Juan Bautista City Council: Mayor Robert Lund, Jim West, Chris Martorana, Tony Boch, Rick Edge.

  1. Acknowledge Certificate of Posting

Chairwoman Barrios entertained a motion to acknowledge the Certificate of Posting.

  • Supervisor Botelho made a motion to acknowledge Certificate of Posting.

  • Motion was seconded by Supervisor De La Cruz.

  • Motion approved 5 to 0.

  • Voting Yes: Supervisors Barrios (Chair), Botelho, De La Cruz, Muenzer and Rivas.

  • Voting No: None


  1. Discussion and approval of Joint Sales Tax Initiative option.

Chairwoman Barrios asked San Benito County CAO Ray Espinosa to present the Regular Agenda item.

Mr. Espinosa indicated that County Administration has been working with local jurisdictions, including the Cities of Hollister and San Juan Bautista as well as the local Council of Governments (COG). As discussions have progressed, additional questions have been raised and that additional information has been requested.
Mr. Espinosa indicated that two presentations would take place.
First, Mr. David Leifer, the County’s Financial Analyst, will speak about the pros and cons regarding any sales tax initiative(s).
Then, Local Council of Government (COG) Interim Director Mary Gilbert will discuss road conditions and projects within

San Benito County and the COG’s programs and initiatives.

The meeting would then be turned back over to Chairwoman Barrios after the presentations have been completed.
Chairwoman Barrios indicated that public comment would be allowed after both presentations were provided even though it was

not included as part of the joint meeting agenda. It was the consensus of all governing boards to do so.

Mr. David Leifer from KNN Public Finance, Municipal Finance Consultants, provided the first presentation via PowerPoint. A

Hard copy of the presentation was provided to all board members present. His firm typically handles bonding matters involving

public finance issues.
Mr. Leifer began by reviewing terms related to Municipal Public Finance that are particular to the State of California. They

include the following:

  1. Sales tax on in-state retail sales

  2. Use Tax

  3. Transactions and Use Tax (this is the tax currently being discussed). This is the tax where cities, counties and COG’s can add on to the statewide sales and use tax.

Mr. Leifer reviewed the current status of taxes in San Benito County.

There is the Basic 7.5% statewide rate plus the local sales and use tax which includes the 6.5% statewide tax and One Percent shared between the City and County.

This includes 0.25% for transportation purposes and 0.75 split between the City of Hollister and San Benito County. These tax rates will not be subject to discussions today.
Mr. Leifer then reviewed the concept of “add-on” taxes as part of the local tax rates in each county jurisdiction to include the following:
City of Hollister – One Percent Transactions and Use (Effective as of 2008)
City of San Juan Bautista – 0.75 Percent (Effective as of 2005)
Total tax is 8.5 percent in the City of Hollister until March of 2018.
Total tax is 8.25 percent in San Juan Bautista.
Total tax is 7.5 percent in the Unincorporated Area of San Benito County.
Both the Cities and Counties can impose taxes according to the California Revenue and Taxation Code.
Mr. Leifer then went on to discuss the concept of a Special Tax as opposed to a General Tax.
A General Tax requires only a majority vote of the people to be imposed which can be spent for any public purpose as determined by the relevant governing body.
A Special Tax requires a two-thirds vote of the people to be imposed which can only be spent for a specifically designated use listed on the ballot when the question is considered by the voters.
Mr. Leifer pointed out that strategies previously employed by other jurisdictions when presenting a general use tax for approval by the voters is to accompany it with an advisory question concurrent with the general use tax question. This approach tends to make voters more comfortable when they are presented with a specific use to consider without the formal presentation of a special use tax question on the ballot.

Countywide Transportation Authorities typically referred to as Councils of Government (COG’s) may impose taxes under legal

authority granted to them via the Local Transportation Authority and Improvement Act (LTAIA).

These taxes are allowed for transportation purposes and these questions require a two-thirds vote of the people to approve the

tax. Counties that pursue these types of taxes become known as “Self-Help Counties” and this designation presents some

advantages to the acquisition of state and federal highway tax funds in some cases.
Highways, local roads, and public transit project are the most common purposes cited in “Expenditure Plans” presented to the

voters for approval. These Expenditure Plans outline the specific local or regional projects on which these tax monies may be

Mr. Leifer emphasized that the total tax imposed cannot exceed two percent among all combined jurisdictions.

  • Supervisor Robert Rivas asked Mr. Leifer about the process of the repeal of the City Sales Tax.

Mr. Leifer indicated that Sara Fontanos, San Benito County Management Analyst, had conducted research on the topic and deferred to her. However, Ms. Fontanos was not immediately available. Chairwoman Barrios indicated the Board would query her later during the meeting.

Options (Taken Directly from PowerPoint Presentation provided by Mr. Leifer)

  • General Tax (Majority Vote)

    • County-wide – shared by county and cities

      • Amount: up to 1.00% unless City of Hollister reduces or eliminates existing tax

      • COG can pursue separate tax up to combined 1.00% limit

    • County unincorporated only

      • Amount: up to 2%

      • Cities and COG can pursue separate taxes up to combined 1.00% limit
    • Special Tax (2/3 vote)

    • COG becomes “self-help”

    • Amount: up to 1%, unless City of Hollister reduces or eliminates existing tax

  • The amounts of all “add-on” taxes must not exceed 2% total “add on” limit

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4


Countywide Tax with Tax Sharing; Separate COG tax

County wide Tax with Tax Sharing; No COG Tax

County Unincorporated Tax Only – No Tax Sharing; Separate COG tax

Higher than 1% Combined Increase of Countywide and COG Taxes; City of Hollister Agrees to Remove Current Tax. Example: 1.25% total increase

Countywide SUT



.5% - 1.00%

Example: .75% - 1.0%




Up to 1% Avail.

Example: .5% -.25%

SBC Revenues

$1.85 m

$2.5 m

$1.2m - $2.5m

$1.8m - $2.5m

City Revenues

$2.35 m



$2.35m - $3.1m

COG Revenues

$1.4 m


$1.4m (.25%) to
$5.6m (1.00%)

$2.8m - $1.4m

# of Measures





Resulting Rates

County: 8.50%

COH: 9.50%

SJB: 9.25%

County: 8.5%

COH: 9.50%

SJB: 9.25%

County: 8.50%

COH: 8.75% to 9.50%

SJB: 8.50% to 9.25%

County: 8.75%

COH: 8.75% w/removal of current 1% tax

SJB: 9.50%


-COG is self-help

-Works within 2% “add-on” limit w/no removal of COH 1% tax

-Works within 2% “add-on” limit

-One measure

-Max flexibility for Cities and COG

-No tax sharing req’d

-Potential for more funding for County and COG

-COG is self-help

-More revenue generated in total

-Uninc. County and COH rates similar if COH removes tax


-Two measures

-Tax sharing req’d

-No COG tax

-Tax sharing req’d

-Two measures

-Concern about approval?

-Two measures

-Tax sharing req’d

-COH must remove current 1% tax


  • Combined “add on” taxes limited to 2%; Current capacity for county-wide taxes is 1% unless City of Hollister reduces/eliminates current outstanding tax.

  • With COG tax, voters will face two measures, even if County and City pursue separate general taxes or a single county-wide measure.

  • What tax term (i.e., 10 year, 20 year, etc.), amounts and approach are most likely to garner voter support and still meet revenue needs of stakeholders?

  • Voter survey is possible next step to determine feasibility of a measure.

  • Bonds can be used to accelerate revenues for larger projects.

Chairwoman Barrios reiterated the question that was raised by Supervisor Rivas regarding the process for rescinding a voter-approved tax measure.

Now available, San Benito County Management Analyst Sara Fontanos indicated that according to the California State Board of Equalization (BOE), a rescission measure adopted by the Hollister City Council directly may be one option. She further indicated that she had very recently informed San Benito County Counsel of this finding and was uncertain if their office had researched the matter any further.

Matthew Granger, San Benito County Counsel, addressed the meeting. He indicated that it was his view that the BOE may not have understood the complete context of the issue when considering the question of rescission as presented by Management Analyst Fontanos. Nevertheless, the issue of the repeal of the tax via a council-adopted ordinance is a matter for the City of Hollister to determine and not the County of San Benito.
City of Hollister City Attorney Bradley Sullivan indicated that the action to be taken for the repeal the City of Hollister One Percent Sales Tax can be done via a council-approved rescission of the voter-approved ordinance. In fact, Mr. Sullivan advised that a similar issue had arisen when he worked for the community of Sutter Creek.
However, the matter has never been tested in court and the question represents new legal ground. The issue at hand is the modification of an ordinance implementing a sales tax via a vote of the people which is an issue that is directly related to the City of Hollister and not San Benito County.
CAO Espinosa then introduced Mary Gilbert, Interim Executive Director of the San Benito County Council of Governments (SBCOG) to speak to this issue.
Ms. Gilbert indicated that she would be introducing Ms. Aileen Goodwin from APEX Strategies to provide a presentation regarding this topic with a focus on transportation funding needs and taxes.
Ms. Goodwin spoke about the needs assessment conducted in 2011 across the State of California that determined there was $538 Billion worth of needed infrastructure improvements with estimated revenues at $242 Billion or 45 percent of what is needed. The California Gas Tax has not been increased since 1993 and it is not keeping pace with current needs because of inflation and more fuel efficient vehicles.

Ms. Goodwin also discussed the status of the Federal Highway Trust Fund, the Fiscal Cliff as it relates to spending per year by local jurisdictions via bonding and new statewide taxes, MAP-21 and the Pavement Life Cycle, the potential for San Benito County to once again become a self-help county, and the results of preliminary polling conducted by her firm.

The presentation concluded with an overall comparison of a split sample of polling that asked San Benito County residents about their level of support for a transportation tax measure. The results indicated that a multi-faceted transportation project received 75 percent of support while the Highway 25 Project only received 65 percent.
Transportation project priorities that the poll identified were pot holes at 87 percent with 55 percent of these respondents indicating it was a very high priority. The Highway 25 Project polled at 66 percent with 41 percent indicating it is a very high priority. A review of legislative initiatives was mentioned to include California Senate Bill 16 introduced by California State Senator Beall that would raise $3 Billion per year over five years with incentives provided to self-help counties.
The presentation concluded with next steps being suggested that include the development of a draft expenditure plan, expansion of stakeholder outreach and input, checking in with voters via a poll and establishing a target date of June/November 2016 Ballot that would likely bring out more voters as it is a Presidential Election year.

  • City of Hollister Mayor Velazquez asked if the self-help was a dollar for dollar match.

Ms. Goodwin from APEX indicated that there is no formal federal formula or program that specifically rewards jurisdictions as Senator Beall’s bill proposes. Under the terms of the proposed legislation, all new self-help Counties after July 1, 2015 would be eligible for five percent off the top for five years. The formula to release the funds has not yet been determined.

There were no further questions.

  • CAO Espinosa indicated that he had no further information and turned the meeting back over to the Chair.

Chairwoman Barrios then entertained comments from the governing body members beginning with the Board of Supervisors from San Benito County.

Chairwoman Barrios acknowledged Supervisor Muenzer.

  • Supervisor Muenzer indicated he would wait to comment until after the public had an opportunity to speak on the issues presented.

Chairwoman Barrios then acknowledged Supervisor Botelho.

  • Supervisor Botelho indicated that one thing that the drought had achieved is to slow the deteriorating conditions of the roads. He indicated that a tax to repair roads would be a good investment in an effort to protect a vital county asset.

  • Supervisor Botelho indicated his willingness to work with his colleagues on the Board of Supervisors as well as the Cities of Hollister and San Juan Bautista. Supervisor Botelho indicated that leaving the meeting with an agreement on a transportation tax would be a very positive development.

Chairwoman Barrios then acknowledged Supervisor Rivas.

  • Supervisor Rivas thanked the speakers for their time and effort.

  • Supervisor Rivas indicated that the issue regarding transportation is complex and that he can only relate it to a headache. He indicated that this issue in particular has given him a migraine.

  • Mr. Rivas indicated that his approach has been to pursue Option 3 which is the most appealing since the unincorporated areas have the lowest tax rates of all the local governments involved.

  • The issue related to the rescission of the City of Hollister Tax is questionable in the view of Supervisor Rivas. He also raised the issue of fairness because of the fact that rural voters who live in the unincorporated areas are more conservative than urban votes and that might put a tax revenue opportunity for the City of Hollister at risk.

  • Mr. Rivas indicated that he prefers an unincorporated tax, which he thinks may or may not pass, as the Board can do the legwork to put their best foot forward in increasing the County’s rural tax base while providing the COG and other jurisdictions the flexibility to increase their own tax bases.

Chairwoman Barrios then acknowledged Supervisor De La Cruz.

  • Supervisor De La Cruz indicated he would support Option 1. He would like to see the dollars go towards the improvement of roads and sidewalks. If no consensus is reached, then he would support the COG going for a measure.

Chairwoman Barrios then spoke on her own behalf.

  • Chairwoman Barrios indicated she was supportive of Option 1. She is now leaning toward a quality of life, countywide tax measure that would be specific for roads and streets even though it would require a two-thirds vote. Language to include parks and libraries would need to be included.

  • Chairwoman Barrios indicated that she believes that the only way to insure passage is to focus all agencies towards the same goal to make the effort a citizen’s campaign.

Chairwoman Barrios then acknowledged the Mayor of the City of Hollister Ignacio Velazquez.

  • Mayor Velazquez indicated he felt it would not be difficult to convince the votes to repeal a tax.

  • Mayor Velazquez indicated he did not want to see the roads deteriorate. He indicated that he did not want to see the tax go beyond 8.5 percent and he would like to see it happen as soon as possible.

  • Mayor Velasquez also indicated he would like for the new funds to be used to repair the roads. He acknowledged the need for community projects including a new library and community center to help youth get off the streets, get educated and help them get high-paying jobs.

Chairwoman Barrios acknowledged Hollister City Council Member Solorio-Luna.

  • Council Member Solorio-Luna indicated she was very concerned about any tax being eliminated from the City of Hollister. She indicated that she would be very leery of repealing a voter-approved tax directly by the Council. She feels that the citizens would lose confidence in the Council. She agreed with Supervisor Muenzer that additional public comment was required.

Chairwoman Barrios acknowledged Hollister City Council Member Klauer.

  • Council Member Klauer indicated he was not optimistic of a county-wide sales tax being approved by the voters. He also indicated that he was not looking forward to Measure E, the Hollister one-percent tax, sun setting and felt it was making a real difference for the community.

Chairwoman Barrios acknowledged Hollister City Council Member Victor Gomez.

  • Council Member Gomez indicated he was not in favor of repealing the City of Hollister one-percent tax; he supports a transportation tax and is in favor of allowing the County to do whatever they want.

Chairwoman Barrios acknowledged the Mayor of the City of San Juan Bautista Robert Lund.

  • Mayor Lund indicated that if a county-wide tax is to be pursued, a great deal of work would need to be done to convince the voters to approve this type of measure. He further indicated that San Juan represents a small portion of the tax revenue. He indicated he was willing to be as helpful as possible.

Chairwoman Barrios acknowledged Vice Mayor Rick Edge from the City of San Juan Bautista.

  • Vice Mayor Edge indicated he was not able to make a decision at this time and indicated that the issue was complex, complicated and that it raised additional questions for him.

Chairwoman Barrios acknowledged San Juan Bautista Council Member Jim West.

  • Council Member West indicated that we could not continue to kick the can down the road and the roads need to be fixed. He feels this is a quality of life issue. With the current emphasis on Highway 25, Council Member West indicated that it would be a tough sell east of Highway 101 and in South County. Mr. West agreed with Chairwoman Barrios that this measure must be sold as a quality of life issue.

Chairwoman Barrios acknowledged Council Member Tony Boch from the City of San Juan Bautista.

  • Council Member Boch indicated he was torn on this issue. He is not in favor of a general sales tax increase. He indicated that citizens do not trust elected officials. If citizens are not provided with a specific plan, the citizens will not approve any measure. He feels strongly about the COG Proposal to pass a one-half percent sales tax for road improvements.

Chairwoman Barrios acknowledged Council Member Chris Martorana from the City of San Juan Bautista.

  • Council Member Martorana indicated he felt this was a very convoluted issue and that he was concerned most of the money raised by a new tax would be absorbed by improvements to Highway 25. Mr. Martorana further indicated that the amount of proposed income to be received would not be very much for San Juan Bautista. The idea of two separate initiatives seems very difficult. Making it a COG or County-only initiative would be most desirable.

Chairwoman Barrios then announced that comments from the public would now accepted.

Chairwoman Barrios asked Clerk of the Board Louie Valdez if any speaker cards had been submitted. The Clerk indicated that none had been received.

Chairwoman Barrios announced that any member of the public could go to the podium and speak regarding the agenda item being discussed.

  • Marty Richman, City of Hollister resident, voiced his support for a tax that would bring the unincorporated areas up to 8.5 percent like the rate as those in the cities.

  • Supervisor Botelho asked if, in fact, a person had a question whether staff could answer questions. Chairwoman Barrios answered affirmatively.

  • Supervisor Botelho pointed out that Mr. Richman raised a fair question and then indicated he would like to ask Mary Gilbert, Interim COG Director, about the difference between being a general tax and self help county.

Mary Gilbert indicated $80 Million Dollars in projects were completed.

  • San Benito County Sheriff Darren Thompson agreed with the Boards that the roads need to be repaired and pointed out the lack of deputy sheriffs patrolling those roads. He encouraged the governing bodies to closely evaluate the opportunity to bring much needed help to public safety agencies.

  • Ray Solano from the Hollister Police Association, speaking on his own behalf, indicated that his group strongly supported Measure T and Measure E. He feels it is not a good idea to repeal Measure T and E. He agreed with Supervisor Rivas that the tax should be applicable to the unincorporated county areas. He also asked what the term of the tax would be.

Chairwoman Barrios indicated she had the same question that she would be posing to Mr. Liefer, Financial Analyst.

  • Mayor Velazquez asked to speak. He indicated that the Measure E Tax Elimination is not being discussed. The question is will that effort be done as a group or independently. If done as a group, it would eliminate part of that tax to make the rates equitable. The question will need to be faced by the City of Hollister sometime in 2016. The Mayor indicated that they are not trying to rescind Measure E; they simply need to determine how to keep an 8.5 sales tax across the board as a general sales tax.

Chairwoman Barrios asked Mr. Leifer to return to the podium to speak to the issue of the likelihood of certain financial questions and their terms when placed on the ballot.

Mr. Leifer indicated that the general terms for transportation taxes are between 20 to 30 years and that the determination of this question depends on each individual jurisdiction and project in question.
Chairwoman Barrios invited Ms. Goodwin to return to the podium to speak to this issue if so desired.
Ms. Goodwin echoed Mr. Leifer’s comments.

  • Mayor Velasquez was acknowledged and indicated that if the COG Option were pursued, the expenditure details could be worked out between all local governmental entities.

  • Supervisor De La Cruz asked if the COG Sales Tax is pursued who approves the projects that are selected.

Mary Gilbert, Interim COG Director, indicated that the expenditure plan would be voted upon by the voters.

  • Supervisor De La Cruz followed up with an additional question regarding the specificity of how the plan would be written.

Ms. Gilbert indicated that there was maximum flexibility with the language of the expenditure plan.

  • San Juan Bautista Council Member Tony Boch spoke and indicated that it was his understanding from discussions held during COG meetings that a survey of roads would be conducted by each jurisdiction. Mr. Boch further indicated that specifically designating projects would help in the passage of these types of measures when presented to voters.

  • Bruce Guess, resident from the City of Hollister, indicated that it was his preference that any tax questions be limited to road and street repairs.

Chairwoman Barrios asked if there were any additional public comments. None were received.

Chairwoman Barrios then brought the discussion back to the collective Governing Boards for further discussion.
Chairwoman Barrios acknowledged Supervisor Muenzer.

  • Supervisor Muenzer indicated that for him the issue had become somewhat convoluted which began when the proposed Highway 25 Project was not included in any of the regional or metropolitan transportation plans (AMBAG). He indicated that he realized that Highway 25 needed to be placed on the constraint list (Caltrans) that would have allowed it to qualify for certain State Transportation Dollars. The County needed to become a self-help community and the County needed to pass a sales tax measure that would at least partially help support Highway 25 Improvements.

  • Supervisor Muenzer also pointed out that Measure A was originally initiated by the Downtown Hollister Association to move Highway 156 off of San Benito Street and Fourth Street. The Association realized they would need community support which led to the Measure A Committee being formed. It quickly became clear to the Measure A Committee that Countywide passage of Measure A was not assured which then led to the drafting of specific project lists that provided road improvements and projects for the benefit of the entire county including the stop light in San Juan Bautista.

  • Supervisor Muenzer is in favor of a COG-specific measure that would benefit the entire county.

Chairwoman Barrios acknowledged Supervisor Botelho.

  • Supervisor Botelho acknowledged the City of Hollister’s reluctance in repealing their sales tax and agreed with Mayor Velasquez that the City and the County needed to work together. However, Mr. Botelho does not sense that the City is willing to waive their current measure which leads him to possibly support Option 3.

  • Supervisor Botelho indicated that a discussion needed to be held to determine what amount would be pursued as some options might not provide enough money and others may lead to tax rates that are too high such as in the case of San Juan Bautista.

  • Mr. Botelho indicated that he agreed with San Benito County Sheriff Darren Thompson that public safety needed to be a focus of any tax measure.

  • Mr. Botelho is in favor of a countywide tax of One Percent through the COG and one-quarter percent general tax for public safety. He is in favor only of specific taxes for specific needs.

  • Supervisor Rivas indicated that he was in favor of a transportation tax allowing the COG Board to hash out the rate but that he was also in favor of a countywide unincorporated tax for quality of life purposes for the full One-Percent. This would provide the Board the opportunity to take their case to the voters.

  • Supervisor De La Cruz indicated that he will continue to support cooperation between the City of Hollister, the City of San Juan Bautista and the County of San Benito.

  • Chairwoman Barrios spoke and indicated that roads are the biggest quality of life issue in her view. She would rather do something than nothing. She indicated she would support a special tax with Supervisor Botelho for specific purposes with input from the Cities and County. She is willing to give up her vision of parks and the library to support getting something done.

  • Mayor Velasquez indicated that he did not think it was fair that the City of Hollister’s rate was higher than those rates of other jurisdictions and he acknowledged there are different reasons for that being the case. He indicated that the City had moved aggressively to pay down debt for the purpose of beginning to repair roads via bonding beginning next year.

  • The idea of the sales tax was to come up with a way to work together and to help the County conduct road improvements as well as repairs in San Juan Bautista. Mayor Velasquez indicated that he is hearing three different versions of taxes going on the ballot and that this approach will inevitably fail. This will lead to all jurisdictions suffering together at the expense of losing future tax revenue opportunities.

Chairwoman Barrios acknowledged City of Hollister Solorio Luna.

  • Council Member Solorio-Luna reiterated her position of being strongly opposed to rescinding any City sales tax measure. She indicated that she did not want to leave out the library as she considers that the facility to be very important but will not vote to overturn a voter-approved measure.

Chairwoman Barrios acknowledged City of Hollister Council Member Klauer.

  • Council Member Klauer indicated that the TOT tax died because no clear explanation was provided. Mr. Klauer indicated that he did not care what the tax rate was for the City or County. He feels a story must be told so that improvements can continue to be shown in the form of a narrative. Accountability must be shown through monthly improvements such as those achieved through City Parks Projects.

Chairwoman Barrios acknowledged City of Hollister Council Member Gomez.

  • Mr. Gomez declined to comment.

Chairwoman Barrios acknowledged Mayor Lund from the City of San Juan Bautista.

  • Mayor Lund feels that if we advocate this in the right way he does not see a problem with it passing. More educational efforts are required to clarify the issue and he does not want to see the City of Hollister take back their tax measure.

Chairwoman Barrios acknowledged City of San Juan Bautista Council Member Rick Edge.

  • He indicated that it was necessary to give voters a specific tax and we would not be able to make any decisions tonight.

Chairwoman Barrios acknowledged City of San Juan Bautista Council Member West.

  • Council Member West indicated that it was necessary to be specific.

Chairwoman Barrios acknowledge City of San Juan Bautista Council Member Boch.

  • Council Member Boch indicated that the half-percent sales tax increase for the COG would pass.

Chairwoman Barrios acknowledged City of San Juan Bautista Council Member Martorana.

  • Council Member Martorana indicated that he felt a half or three-quarter percent tax would pass.

Chairwoman Barrios, on behalf of the Board of Supervisors, indicated that she would entertain motions regarding the presented options at this time.

  • Supervisor De La Cruz asked if the matter could simply be referred to COG for the formulation of recommendations.

  • Supervisor Botelho indicated it would be critical for the COG to have the affirmation of the Board of Supervisors. Supervisor Botelho asked for clarification from the City of Hollister if they would be supportive of a higher percentage.

  • Mayor Velasquez indicated that the matter would need to be discussed by the Council as a whole prior to making any decisions at a separate City Council meeting of the City of Hollister Mayor and Council.

  • Supervisor Muenzer asked County Council Matt Granger if the individual governing bodies could make a motion. Mr. Granger answered affirmatively.

  • Supervisor Rivas made a motion that authorizes the Board of Supervisors COG Representative to formulate a special tax of fifty cents (one half percent) based on the professional recommendation of COG staff regarding the results of the survey for a period of 30 years.

  • Supervisor De La Cruz seconded the motion.

  • Supervisor Rivas indicated that he would be like for advice from professional staff to be provided as long as it was not too crazy.

  • Supervisor Barrios asked that the motion specify a half-percent over 30 years to which Supervisor Rivas agreed.

  • Supervisor De La Cruz called for the question.

  • Motion approved 5 to 0.

  • Voting Yes: Supervisors Barrios (Chair), Botelho, De La Cruz, Muenzer and Rivas.

  • Voting No: None.

There was no action taken by the City of Hollister Mayor and Council.
City of San Juan Bautista Council Member Tony Boch made a motion to take the same, identical action taken by the San Benito County Board of Supervisors.
The motion was seconded by Council Member by Jim West.

  • Motion passes unanimously 5 to 0 by the Mayor and Council of the City of San Juan Bautista.

  • Voting Yes: Boch, Edge, Lund Martorana and West.

  • Voting No: None.

The Chair acknowledged Supervisor Robert Rivas.

  • Supervisor Rivas made a motion to pursue an unincorporated county tax with the details to be discussed at the next Board of Supervisors Meetings.

  • The motion was seconded by Supervisor Botelho.

  • Motion approved 5 to 0.

  • Voting Yes: Supervisors Barrios (Chair), Botelho, De La Cruz, Muenzer and Rivas.

  • Voting No: None.

Chairwoman Barrios entertained a motion to adjourn the meeting.

  • Supervisor Muenzer made a motion to adjourn.

  • Supervisor Rivas Seconded the Motion.

  • Motion approved 5 to 0.

  • Voting Yes: Supervisors Barrios (Chair), Botelho, De La Cruz, Muenzer and Rivas.

  • Voting No: None.

Adjournment at 7:30 p.m. hours.

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Special Joint Mtg. June 3, 2015 Approved by the Board of Supervisors on 10/6/15

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