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How the Notion of Transverse EM Waves in Space Originated

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How the Notion of Transverse EM Waves in Space Originated

    To explain longitudinal EM waves in the vacuum, and also to explain their detection as transverse waves in a receiving conductor {25}, one merely points out the known severe longitudinal flow restraint on the Drude electrons in a conductor. While the electrons in the Drude gas may individually move at greater velocity, their net flow longitudinally down the conductor is the drift velocity {26} and it is usually on the order of a few centimeters per second in a typical bench circuit with small voltages and currents {27}. The electron longitudinal velocity down the conductor is very much less than the speed of the field or potential down the wire. Hence there exists a very effective gyroscopic restraint of the electron’s spinning gyro axes in the longitudinal or “current flow” direction.

    The Drude electrons  due to their continuous spin  act as gyros with longitudinally restrained axes, when the longitudinal EM force kindles (integrates) upon them from the vacuum precursor (force free) field interaction. The longitudinally restrained Drude electron occasionally slips a bit longitudinally, but it is immensely freer to move transversely. So it easily precesses laterally, and the lateral motions can be very large and/or very fast indeed. The intense lateral precession of the “Drude electron as a gyro” quite well demonstrates the longitudinal nature of the causative disturbing precursor agent, with the longitudinal impulse force strongly resisted by the longitudinal restraint force, and with most of the electron’s effect force being the resulting gyro-electron precession force at right angles.

    Even for electrons in empty space, their inertia together with their spin results in a similar much larger precession at right angles to the disturbing force created upon them by the precursor force-free fields and waves.

    The observation of the “lateral electron precession waves” of these precessing Drude electrons in our instruments is the accepted “measurement” of the so-called “transverse EM waves in vacuum”. The measurement does not measure the oscillation direction of the causative precursor EM wave in vacuum at all, but only its oscillation effect created in the Drude electron charged matter. There are really no transverse EM waves in mass-free space, albeit we seem to be stuck with such a model since the founders of classical electrodynamics assumed the material ether filling all space, and thus used matter waves (force field waves) in space in their modeling. If there were such a material ether, then there would be matter at every point in space, and there would indeed be transverse charge precession EM waves in this “ethereal but real matter” filling all space. The continued implicit assumption of a material ether, and the continuing erroneous misinterpretation of what our measurement instruments are measuring, has been erroneously propagated to the present day in electrodynamics since at least 1865. Yet the material ether has been falsified for more than a century, since 1887. The false assumption of the material ether and the resulting false assumption of the transverse EM force field wave in space continues even after Drude’s fundamental work.

    To my knowledge, no other Western analyst has pointed out the connection between longitudinal restraint of the Drude electrons to a slow drift velocity, with the restrained electron’s lateral precession in such a case. So we argue that the Drude electron precession proves that the EM waves in matter-free space are longitudinal rather than transverse, precisely as Tesla stated. We pointed out this anomaly in the erroneous “force in empty space” theory for years, to little avail. The Soviets weaponized it.

CEM and EE Still Erroneously Assume the Old Material Ether

    The misinterpretation of the detected transverse EM force field waves as actual force-field waves in a material space has been perpetuated erroneously in classical electrodynamics since its inception, and it continues today. The entire U.S. scientific apparatus  including the National Academy of Sciences, National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, national laboratories, and universities  continues to bury its head firmly in the sand, covering itself with the old luminiferous material ether.

    Those measured waves in our measuring instruments really are transverse EM force field effect waves in and of the interacting Drude electron material medium in the conductors of the intercepting instrument. But the causative interacting EM field entities in the vacuum are themselves force-free longitudinal EM wave disturbances of the curvature of spacetime (general relativity view) and of the local VPF of the vacuum (particle physics view). Else the theory of gyro precession is voided by every Drude electron and by every transverse EM force field wave detection in Drude electron gases.

    The EM force fields so blithely assumed by our present electrodynamics absolutely do not and cannot exist in mass-free space, since force only exists in a mass system in and during its ongoing interaction with the force-free precursor fields. The elemental responses of the charged mass system are at right angles to the disturbing force-free fields. Neither do transverse EM “effect” waves exist in mass-free space, but only in charged mass systems (such as the Drude electron gas) engaged in an ongoing interaction with the longitudinal precursor waves. Here also, the element response of the mass system is at right angles to the force-free fields of the disturbing precursor wave.

    The primary, longitudinal force-free fields in massless space are the more fundamental EM fields, as Tesla had realized. Tesla actually began the process later partially captured by Whittaker {Error: Reference source not found,Error: Reference source not found}, which was taken to fruition after WW II by Soviet weapon scientists as the new weapons science of energetics. It is what the present author is calling precursor waves, precursor fields, and precursor engineering.

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