Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons and their Terrorist Use: Immediate Strategic Aspects of the Asymmetric War on the U. S

U.S. Societal Polarizations Are Being Gradually Increased

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U.S. Societal Polarizations Are Being Gradually Increased

    Among sociologists, there is much support for the position that societal polarizations are phenomena which naturally tend to increase anyway {56}. Further, many pollsters already state that the nation is very seriously polarized already, as the election looms. For example, quoting John Zogby {57}:

    "I have been calling this the Armageddon election now for months because we are so polarized, so split culturally, politically, ideologically, demographically, like almost no other time in American history. … The last time the nation was this deeply divided over what course to take was the original Armageddon election of 1800.”

    However, for the first time in history, certain rather esoteric FSB/KGB weapons are being directly employed to gradually intensify the societal polarizations in America  straight vs. gay, conservative vs. liberal, Republican vs. Democrat, one religion against another, one race against another, labor class vs. financial class, etc. The strategic objective is that these increasing societal polarizations will become so fierce that, about two years from now, they will also be spilling into the streets of our cities in serious rioting and bloodshed, resulting in chaos, martial law, etc. and severe polarization and disorganization.

    So far, this plan  deliberate escalation of our societal polarizations  is right on schedule, as anyone can see now, and as one will increasingly see in the time remaining prior to the election.

    U.S. societal polarizations will increase in intensity until the election, after which the polarizations and their intensities will remain  and in fact they will continue to increase after the election is over. Temporary conversions and fractional conversions {Error: Reference source not found} of the minds and mind operations (and therefore the behavior) of selected leaders or prime movers in the various polarization areas are being used. This capability has arisen from the branch of energetics known as psychoenergetics, and such measures are now being used in a highly selected manner to intensify our polarizations.

    Dramatic tests of distant, total control of a person’s mind and behavior, while that person was performing an intensive technical task (flying and operating an aircraft as a weapons platform) {58} were conducted against Captains Button and Svoboda in 1997, and against Captain Hess in 1998. Those “dramatic suicides” were deliberate, high profile stimuli to see if our own intelligence analysts yet knew anything about psychoenergetics. The answer obtained was a very resounding and clear “No, they are still ignorant of that area, and hence the nation is still deadly vulnerable to use of such weapons and effects.”

    Captain Hess, e.g., on his morning exercise jog suddenly veered aside, sat down, and calmly stabbed himself in the neck and torso some 26 times, including multiple thrusts through the heart. Note that the shock of a stab through the heart is considered in forensic medicine as generating such shock and recoil of the autonomic nervous system that it is not possible for an intentional suicide to continue. Much less to achieve a total of 26 repeated stabs, until the body simply toppled over nonfunctional. In short, total control of even the deep autonomic nervous system was demonstrated resoundingly.

    As stated, the Yakuza is a major arm of the KGB’s coordinated asymmetric war and terrorism. The Yakuza reports to and coordinates with those hidden FSB/KGB directors. The Yakuza view is that  together with the other terrorist organizations already having infiltrated substantial assets into this nation, and together with chaos in U.S. streets due to severe polarizations gradually being intensified now  they are already helping to bleed the dragon increasingly. Then within two years they will joyfully begin the direct destruction of the centralized U.S. electrical power system and other key economic targets (harbors, refineries, pipelines, etc.). They will also participate in immune system spreading (explained later in this paper), as a force amplifier to biological warfare strikes by other terrorists. As all this destruction ramps up over the next two years, it will crescendo and catastrophically collapse the entire economy of the U.S. within about two and a half years from now.

    Given the planned present offensive schedule and the insertions already accomplished, indeed the plan for full strategic destruction of the U.S. is likely to succeed.

    The psychoenergetics conversions and fractional conversions are a program in support of the present three-year schedule for strategic destruction of the U.S. So it is also a program in support of the strategic destruction of the centralized U.S. electrical power system including its infrastructure.

    The original targets desired for the 9/11 attack actually were nuclear power plants etc.  parts of the centralized electrical power system  rather than the more symbolic Twin Towers, Pentagon, and White House. The targeting was apparently changed by Bin Laden himself. He felt that his assets in place and available were not yet sufficiently trained to produce a truly effective, coordinated simultaneous set of attacks on nuclear power plants and other “harder” targets. So to guarantee success, he opted for strikes on symbolic targets, which would provide great publicity stimulus in the MidEast for his cause, in addition to causing great consternation in the United States.

Insertion Has Been Much Greater Than Publicly Acknowledged

    Long before its economic collapse in the latter 1980s, the former Soviet Union inserted nuclear weapons in all our major cities and population centers, with the Spetznaz teams to detonate them on order. One should read Lunev’s book {59}; he even tells a few of the ways the nuclear weapons were inserted. Those Russian/KGB/FSB weapons and Spetznaz teams are still here, waiting for the order to detonate the nuclear weapons and destroy the United States in short order. They are also still under the control of the dominant Communist faction of the FSB/KGB, not by the younger and more liberal faction from which Putin comes. This is the same faction plotting and coordinating the
    3-year strategic terrorism plan and other measures for the full destruction of the United States.

    These inserted Russian nuclear weapons and teams may well be partially unleashed and brought into play during the operations phase, first as a very few substantial nuclear explosions in major U.S. population centers. The result will be great loss of life, nuclear contamination of several large U.S. cities, complete overwhelming of our Homeland Defense and medical mass casualties capability, and terrible physical damage to further guarantee the scheduled catastrophic U.S. economic collapse.

    As previously mentioned, we would have been destroyed by the former Soviet Union in the late 1970s, by those successfully inserted Soviet nuclear weapons already at their target sites on station in the U.S., except that a friendly nation also inserted nuclear weapons massively into the cities and key target areas of Russia. Those friendly weapons are also still in place, waiting for the order for their detonation if necessary. This sort of thing in the “old days” of cold war intelligence was called dead man fuzing.

    Being chess players and rational adversaries, the Russians can be countered by a balance of terror including dead man fuzing  the old Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) notion with the twist of using inserted nuclear weapons already on site in the targeted nation  because they will not just commit mass suicide for Mother Russia. So the United States survived in the 1970s, courtesy of a friendly nation, and we were not suddenly destroyed by American city after city blowing up in nuclear infernos. The important thing in the “MAD” concept was that the “terrorists” themselves occupied a clearly defined support nation and location, which could be destroyed at will.

    However, with irrational foes such as we have now in the war on Islamic terrorism, no “mutual assured destruction” notion is a viable deterrent. There is no single viable nation or location in which to insert “dead man fuzing” against the terrorists (or target with deliverable WMD). The present terrorists are not localized, but instead they are widely spread worldwide in many locations, embedded in the civilian populaces of other nations. In that case, there is only assured destruction of the nation targeted by the terrorists, if and when the terrorists successfully get enough weapons of mass destruction inserted in the targeted nation(s). In short, MAD simply turns into AD. Essentially the terrorists are now reaching that capability, if they have not already reached it.

    In that case (assured destruction), the insertion phase  which is what will assure the destruction in the first place, and which can reach a very high assurance level before the operations phase is initiated  becomes the key to winning or losing, given that the terrorists have or obtain sufficient WMD assets to insert.

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