Section 1: Introduction

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Agency Success Story Template

Section 1: Introduction

OMB Enterprise Architecture Assessment Framework 3.0 (EAAF) requires an agency to submit a success story of its Enterprise Architecture (EA) Program quarterly to OMB. During times of tighter budget and resource constraints, it is imperative that EA demonstrate and communicate its value and the achievements it has made to enable an agency to realize cost savings, performance improvements, and improved decision making support. The template outlined in section 2 is designed to capture the relevant information pertaining to EA program achievements to demonstrate to OMB the successes of EA throughout the agency.

Success stories should be brief (1-2 page) summaries which highlight an achievement or performance improvement on any number of topics ranging from the following:

  • Agency Awards (directly/indirectly associated with architecture plans/activities)

  • Closing agency Strategic, Program, or Investment Performance Gaps

  • Development of agency segment architectures

  • Achievement of milestones from the agency Enterprise Transition Plan

  • IT Alignment to approved architectures/agency Technical Reference Model

  • EA Program Integration with other CPIC, PMO, SDLC, Budget (i.e Governance Process)

  • Implementation of the Federal Transition Framework (FTF):
    • Budget Formulation and Execution Line of Business

    • Case Management Line of Business

    • Disaster Management

    • E-Authentication

    • E-Travel

    • Federal Health Architecture (FHA)

    • Financial Management Line of Business

    • Geospatial Line of Business

    • Geospatial One-Stop

    • Grants Management Line of Business


    • HSPD-12

    • Human Resources Line of Business

    • Information Sharing Environment (ISE)

    • Information Systems Security (ISS) Line of Business

    • Integrated Acquisition Environment (IAE)

    • Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)

    • IT Infrastructure Optimization Line of Business

  • Implementation of OMB Mandates

    • IPv6

    • HSPD-12

Section 2: Agency Success Story Template


The title of the success story


Name of agency

Agency Profile:

A description of your agency

Success Type:

Award; Closing Performance Gaps; Architecture Development; Milestone Achievement; IT Alignment; EA Program Integration with CPIC, PMO, SDLC, Budget; Implementation of FTF; Implementation of OMB Mandates

IT Investments Associated with this Success:

UPI Code:

Please list UPI Code

IT Investment (s) Name:

Please list the name of IT Investment (s) as identified in the agency IT portfolio

Segment Name:

Please list the name of the segment (s) as identified in the agency IT portfolio.


Please provide a brief description of the success. What were the drivers for change? Draw out the highlights of the success such as key achievements that comprise of meta-data around the story which can be used to report on the success.

Challenge(s) / Goal(s):

Please describe each of the challenges the agency faced and the goals that were established to be met by the EA program.

Description of Activities:

Please describe how the challenges described above were overcome / how the goals were achieved.

Business Value, Success, Performance Improvement(s):

Please describe the business value, success, performance improvement or cost savings that may have been achieved in undertaking this EA effort. Please make sure to include data-driven metrics in your summary.

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