Stage 9 Book 1 The Blue Eye. Who was tidying up?


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Stage 9 Book 1 The Blue Eye.

1. Who was tidying up?
2. Why did mum laugh when she opened the chest?
3. What toys did they keep?
4. Which marble did Biff like?
5. Why didn’t Wilf want the magic key to glow?
6. Where did the magic take them?
7. Why did Biff and Wilf hide from the men?
8. How did the woman escape from the building?
9. What was in the package that the lady dropped?
10. Why did they decide to stay together?
11. Who was the strange man that pulled Biff’s arm?
12. What was so important about the Blue Eye?
13. What does sprinted mean on page 16?
14. How did they escape from the narrow alley?
15. What does it mean on page 21; “the motorbike roared away?”
16. How did they stop the jeep chasing them?
17. How do you know that the men really wanted the stone?
18. Why did Wilf have his eyes closed?
19. How do you know that the feast was important?
20. Why were the only 4 marbles left?

Stage 9 Book 2 – Rescue!
1. Where did the magic take them?
2. Why did Biff say that it was an odd place to land a plane?
3. Why did Wilf hold his breath on page 4?
4. Who was the pilot?
5. Why had Aisha come?
6. How did Aisha communicate with Lisa?
7. How did Wilf distract the men?
8. What did Aisha keep saying to Biff and Wilf?
9. What was Biff’s idea?
10. Why do you think everyone cheered on page 18?
11. Why did the lorry jolt and bump along the road? (Page 19)
12. What dangerous thing began to happen to the lorry?
13. How would you have felt if you were in that lorry?

14. How did they escape down the river?

15. Why did Biff think that there was going to be a waterfall?
16. How would you have felt riding on the inner tubes?
17. Why did Wilf grin when he said “you’ll think of something” on page 32?

Stage 9 Book 3 – Dutch Adventure.
1. Why did Dad take Biff and Chip to the supermarket?
2. Where is Dutch cheese made?
3. Why did Dad have to buy four cheeses?
4. Why were the people waving at Biff, Chip and Dad?
5. Why did Chip say “poor old dad” on page 5?
6. What happened to the cheese?
7. What do you think “cheesed off” means?
8. Where did the magic take Biff and Chip?
9. What is a dyke?
10. What was Hans doing?
11. Why did he have to go fast?
12. Why was the man angry?
13. Why was the girl shouting help?
14. What would happen if the dyke bursts?
15. Did Biff’s idea work?
16. Why did Trudy tell biff to Ssh on page 23?
17. Why was the man pleased with himself?
18. Do you agree with the way the villagers punished the thief?
19. Why do you think Chip said “I don’t want to see another cheese”?
20. How did Hans get some money?
21. Why do you think Dad was cross at the end of the story?

Stage 9 Book 4 – The Finest in the Land.
1. Name the characters in the room at the start of the story.
2. When will Kipper be six?
3. What was Wilma’s idea?
4. Why were the boys not keen on the idea?
5. Why do you think Anneena said “help” on page 5?
6. Where did the adventure take them to?
7. Who were the people?
8. What did John think the children were?

9. Why do you think he said Wilma’s guitar was strange?

10. Why do you think John said that the musicians were “the finest in the land”?
11. Why did Wilma keep stammering?
12. Why was it lucky that they could only play Happy Birthday?
13. Why did the Duke’s daughter look surprised on page 14?
14. What was the “funny thing” that was going on?
15. How were they going to run away?
16. What was the problem at the start of the feast?
17. How did the people show that they didn’t like the entertainers?
18. What made the people happier?
19. How did Edith manage to slip away?
20. Why did the Duke wait before he chased Edith and Hugh?
21. Why do you think the children didn’t tell Kipper where they had been?

Stage 9 Book 5 – The Flying Machine.
1. Where had Nadim and his family been?
2. What was the surprise for Nadim on the flight?
3. How many people does the plane hold?
4. What does auto pilot mean?
5. Who went on the adventure?
6. What is a flying machine?
7. Why did the aeroplane look so strange to Anneena and Nadim?
8. Why did Harold think that they were spies?
9. Why did the twins laugh at Anneena and Nadim?
10. Why wouldn’t the plane fly?
11. Why did they all have to run away on page 19?
12. What damage did the plane do?
13. What was the twin’s father doing?
14. Why did the woman painting her house think the plane sounded like a roaring bull?
15. What stopped the plane?
16. Who were the first people to fly?
17. What was Harold’s other idea?
18. What did Anneena mean by “the time just flew by”?

Stage 9 Book 6 – Key Trouble.
1. Why did dad groan on page 1?
2. What did Dad call Gran on page 2?

3. What was the surprise Gran had for Mum and Dad?

4. How do you think Mum would have felt if she had heard Biff say “she was quite pretty when she was little”?
5. Why were the photographs of Gran in black and white?
6. Why was Kipper worried about going on the adventure on his own?
7. Where did the magic take Kipper?
8. Why was Kipper cross?
9. Why did Kipper grab on to the piano?
10. Do you think the men were right to be cross at Kipper on page 14?
11. Why was Kipper cross again?
12. What had gone wrong with Kipper?
13. Why did Chip say that Mum and Dad mustn’t see Kipper?
14. Why did Gran chase Mum and Dad around the garden?
15. What happened when Kipper tried to get changed?
16. How did they hide from Mum and Dad this time?
17. Why did Mum want to call a doctor?

18. How did Kipper get his colour back?

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