Star wars: episode II attack of the clones

YODA: Until caught this killer is, our judgment she must respect. MACE WINDU

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YODA: Until caught this killer is, our judgment she must respect.

MACE WINDU: Anakin, go to the Senate and ask Chancellor Palpatine to speak with her about this matter. Keep a low profile, Anakin – we want you off Coruscant before they can strike again.

ANAKIN: Yes, Master.

MACE WINDU: You are dismissed.

YODA: May the Force be with you.
The two Jedi bow and leave the Council Chamber.
Anakin joins Palpatine at the great window of his office, both staring side-by-side out at the vast city.
PALPATINE: I will talk with her. Senator Amidala will not refuse an executive order. I know her well enough to assure you of that.

ANAKIN: Thank you, Your Excellency.
Palpatine smiles warmly.
PALPATINE: And so, my young Padawan…they have finally given you an assignment. Your patience has paid off.

ANAKIN: Your guidance, more than my patience.
Anakin and Palpatine turn away from the windows and walk through the office towards the door.
PALPATINE: You don’t need guidance, Anakin. In time you will learn to trust your feelings…then you will be invincible. I have said it many times, you are the most gifted Jedi I have ever met.

ANAKIN: (pleased at the compliments) Thank you, your Excellency.

PALPATINE: I see you becoming the greatest of all the Jedi, Anakin. Even more powerful than Master Yoda.
Anakin’s head is swimming with the Chancellor’s flattery.
Obi-Wan walks alongside Mace Windu in one of the Temple’s many vast corridors. Yoda floats alongside on a tiny repulsor chair.

OBI-WAN: I am concerned for my Padawan. He is not ready to be given this assignment on his own yet.

YODA: The Council is confident in its’ decision, Obi-Wan.

MACE WINDU: The boy has exceptional skills.

OBI-WAN: But he still has much to learn, Master. His abilities have made him… well…. arrogant.

YODA: Yes, yes. A flaw more and more common among Jedi. Hmm…too sure of themselves they are. Even the older, more experienced ones.

MACE WINDU: Remember, Obi-Wan – if the prophecy is true, your apprentice is the only one who can bring the Force back into balance.

OBI-WAN: (foreboding) If he follows the right path.
Outside Senator Amidala’s bedroom, a pair of floating droids fit a new window pane into place.

Anakin looks on as Padme and Jar Jar talk, standing near the door of the anteroom to Padme’s bedroom. Dorme moves about, frantically packing luggage.

PADME: I’m taking an extended leave of absence. It will be your responsibility to take my place in the Senate. Representative Binks, I know I can count on you.

JAR JAR: You betcha yousa bottoms!

PADME: (grin) What?!?
Jar Jar cringes and clears his throat.
JAR JAR: Mesa honored to be taken on dissa heavy burden. (pompously) Mesa accept dis with muy…muy humility anda --
Padme cuts Jar Jar off in mid-speech with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. The Gungan blushes.
PADME: Jar Jar… I don’t wish to hold you up. I’m sure you have a great deal to do.

JAR JAR: Of course, M’Lady.
The Gungan bows, turns and leaves with a dazzling smile on his face. Padme walks briskly over to Anakin, in a very sour mood.
PADME: I do not like this idea of hiding.

ANAKIN: Don’t worry. Now that the Council has ordered an investigation, it won’t take Master Obi-Wan long to find this bounty hunter.

Padme crosses over to her closet and starts to throw clothes into a suitcase on her bed.

PADME: (frustrated) I’ve haven’t worked for a year to defeat the Military Creation Act to not be here when its’ fate is decided!!

ANAKIN: Sometimes we have to let go of our pride and do what is requested of us.

PADME: PRIDE?!? Ani, you’re young and you don’t have a very firm grip on politics. I suggest you reserve your opinions for some other time!!
Anakin is shaken by the hurt in Padme’s voice.
ANAKIN: Sorry, M’Lady. I was only trying to –


ANAKIN: Please don’t call me that.

PADME: What??


PADME: I’ve always called you that. It is your name, isn’t it?

ANAKIN: It’s Anakin. When you say Ani it’s like I’m still a little boy… and I’m not.

PADME: I’m sorry -- Anakin. It’s impossible to deny that you’ve…(smiles as she looks him over) that you’ve grown up.
Anakin becomes a little shy.
ANAKIN: Master Obi-Wan manages not to see it.
He crosses over to the new window as Padme continues to pack. He picks up a metal sphere and mentally raises it into the air, floating it around his arm with the Force.
ANAKIN: Don’t get me wrong – Obi-Wan is a great mentor. As wise as Master Yoda and as powerful as Master Windu. I am truly thankful to be his apprentice.

He puts the sphere back.

ANAKIN: Only… although I’m a Padawan Learner, in some ways…in a LOT of ways…I’m really ahead of him. I’m ready for the trials, I KNOW I am! He knows it too! But he feels that I’m too unpredictable. Other Jedi my age have gone through the trials and made it. I know I started my training late, but he won’t let me move on.
Padme looks at him knowingly.
PADME: That must be frustrating.

ANAKIN: It’s worse. He’s overly critical, he never listens -- he doesn’t understand!! It’s not fair…

PADME: Well, mentors have a way of seeing more of our faults than we would like. It’s the only way we grow.
Padme fails to suppress a laugh, and shakes her head. Anakin scowls at her.
PADME: I’m sorry. You sounded exactly like that little boy I once knew, when he didn’t get his way.

ANAKIN: (pouting) I’m not whining! I’m not.
Padme just smiles, as Dorme laughs in the background.
PADME: I didn’t say it to hurt you.
Anakin sighs and sits back on the bed.

ANAKIN: I know…
A brief pause, then Padme walks over to Anakin.
PADME: Anakin… don’t try to grow up too fast.
Anakin gets up and meets her gaze, and the air between them becomes electric. They look deeply into each other’s eyes.
ANAKIN: But I am grown up. You said it yourself.
Padme blinks first.
PADME: Please don’t look at me like that.

ANAKIN: Why not?

PADME: Because I can see what you’re thinking.

ANAKIN: (half laugh) Ah…so you have Jedi powers too?
Dorme looks at Padme with growing concern.
PADME: It makes me feel uncomfortable.

ANAKIN: (he doesn’t mean it) Sorry, M’Lady.
Padme moves away from Anakin and continues packing. The Jedi apprentice has a sly smirk on his face.

A small airbus speeds toward the massive freighter docks of Coruscant’s industrial area. The spaceport is bustling with activity. Transports of various sizes move supplies and passengers as giant floating cranes life cargo out of the starships. The bus stops before a huge, intergalactic freighter starship. It parks in the shadows of an overhang.

Padme and Anakin, dressed in Outland peasant clothing, get up and head for the door where Captain Typho, Dorme and Obi-Wan are waiting to hand them their luggage.
TYPHO: Be safe, M’Lady.
PADME: Thank you, Captain. Take good care of Dorme...the threat’s on you two now.
DORME: He’ll be safe with me.
The group laughs. Dorme starts to weep as Padme tenderly embraces her surviving handmaiden in a fond farewell.
PADME: You’ll be fine.

DORME: It’s not me, M’Lady. I worry about you. What if they realize you’ve left the capitol…?

PADME: Well, then my Jedi protector will have to prove how good he is.
Dorme laughs through her tears as Padme grins at Anakin. Obi-Wan notices the grin, and with a frown pulls Anakin aside and whispers.
OBI-WAN: Anakin, you stay put on Naboo. Do not attract any attention to either yourself or the Senator. Don’t do anything without first consulting either myself or the Council.

ANAKIN: Yes, Master.
Obi-Wan looks at him uneasily, as if gauging his sincerity, but turns back to Padme.
OBI-WAN: I’ll get to the bottom of this plot quickly, M’Lady. You’ll be back here in no time.

PADME: I’ll be most grateful for your speed, Master Jedi.

ANAKIN: It’s time to go.

PADME: I know.
Padme gives Dorme one last hug, as Anakin picks up the luggage. The two exit the speeder bus, where Artoo is waiting for them.
OBI-WAN: Anakin, may the Force be with you.

ANAKIN: May the Force be with you, Master.
The two young people disappear into the spaceport with Artoo.
PADME: Suddenly, I’m afraid…

ANAKIN: This is my first assignment on my own. I am too.

Padme is wide-eyed, but recovers quickly.
ANAKIN: But don’t worry…we have Artoo with us.
Artoo beeps in the affirmative as Padme laughs.
Back at the speeder taxi, Obi-Wan continues to stare with worry at the spaceport.
OBI-WAN: I do hope he doesn’t try anything foolish.

TYPHO: I’d be more concerned about her doing something than him.
The freighter slowly rises from the dock area, and shoots into the crowded sky.
From high above, light streams down from the lofty ceilings. Obi-Wan crosses the floor of the great hallway, heading for the Analysis Rooms.
Obi-Wan walks past several glass cubicles where work is going on. He comes to an empty one and sits down in front of a console. A SP-4 ANALYSIS DROID comes to life, and a tray slides out of the console before the Jedi Master.
SP-4: Place the subject for analysis on the sensor tray, please.
Obi-Wan puts the dart onto the tray, which retracts into the console. The droid activates the system, and a screen lights up in front of Obi-Wan.
OBI-WAN: It’s a toxic dart. I need to know where it came from and who made it.

SP-4: One moment please…
Diagrams and scan data appear on the console in a blur of speed as SP-4 whirs quietly to itself. Obi-Wan waits. Finally the screen goes blank, and the tray slides back out.

SP-4: Markings cannot be identified. As you can see on your screen, subject weapon does not exist in any known culture. Probably self-made by a warrior not associated with any known society. Stand away from the sensor tray please.

OBI-WAN: Excuse me? Could you try again, please?

SP-4: Master Jedi, our records are very thorough. They cover eighty percent of the galaxy. If I can't tell you where it came from, nobody can.
Obi-Wan frowns in frustration as he takes the dart.
OBI-WAN: Thank you for your assistance.
He thinks for a moment, then brightens.
OBI-WAN: I know who can identify this…
SP-4 gives an incredulous sniff as Obi-Wan walks off.
Obi-Wan walks down the street. It is a pretty tough part of town. Old buildings, warehouses, beat up speeders and transporter rigs thundering past. Above, the old elevated monospeed with occasional “shiny freighters” hissing through.
Obi-Wan comes to a kind of alien diner. On the steamed-up windows it says “Dex’s Diner,” in alien lettering. He goes inside.

A WAITRESS DROID, WA-7, is carrying plates of half-eaten food. There is a counter with stools and a line of booths along the wall by the window. A number of CUSTOMERS are eating – TOUGH-LOOKING WORKERS, FREIGHTER DRIVERS, ETC. The waitress droid looks up as Obi-Wan comes in.

WA-7: Can I help ya?

OBI-WAN: I’m looking for Dexter.
The waitress droid approaches Obi-Wan.
WA-7: Waddya want him for?

OBI-WAN: Relax – he’s not in trouble. It’s personal.
There is a brief pause, then the droid goes to the open serving hatch behind the counter.
WA-7: Someone to see ya, honey. (whisper) A Jedi by the looks of him.

Steam billows out from the kitchen hatch behind the counter as a huge head pokes through.

Obi-Wan grins like a schoolboy.
OBI-WAN: Hello, Dex.

DEXTER JETTSTER: Take a seat! I’ll be right with ya!
Obi-Wan sits in a booth.
WA-7: You want a cup of java juice?

OBI-WAN: Oh yes, thank you.

The waitress droid moves off as the door to the counter opens and DEXTER JETTSTER appears. He is big – bald and sweaty, old and alien. Not someone to tangle with. He arrives, beaming hugely, and hugs Obi-Wan with three of his four arms – his other arm pulls his pants up.

DEXTER JETTSTER: Hey, ol’ buddy!

OBI-WAN: Hey, Dex.
Dexter eases himself into the seat opposite Obi-Wan. With his huge girth, he can just make it.
DEXTER JETTSTER: So, my friend. What can I do for ya?

OBI-WAN: You can tell me what this is.
Obi-Wan places the dart on the table between them. Dex’s eyes widen, and he puts down his mug before he drinks it.
DEXTER JETTSTER: (softly) Wow, waddya know…
Dexter picks up the dart delicately between his puffy fingers and peers at it.
DEXTER JETTSTER: I ain’t seen one of these since I was prospecting on Subterrel, beyond the Outer Rim!

OBI-WAN: Can you tell me where it came from?
The waitress droid rolls up with Obi-Wan’s drink.
OBI-WAN: (as he takes the drink) Thank you.
Dexter grins and puts the dart down between them.
DEXTER JETTSTER: I know exactly where it’s from. This baby belongs to them cloners. What you got here is a Kamino saberdart.

OBI-WAN: Kamino saberdart…I wonder why it didn’t show up in the analysis archives?

DEXTER JETTSTER: (indicates the dart) It’s these funny little cuts on the side that give it away. Those analysis droids you’ve got over there only focus on symbols, you know. Heh -- I should think that you Jedi would have more respect for the difference between knowledge and…heh heh heh… wisdom.

OBI-WAN: (smirk) Well Dex, if droids could think, there’d be none of us here, would there?
The two laugh.
OBI-WAN: Kamino…I’m not familiar with it. Is it in the Republic?

DEXTER JETTSTER: No no, it’s out beyond the Outer Rim. I’d say about twelve parsecs outside the Rishi Maze towards the south. It should be easy to find, even for those droids in your archives. These, uh… Kaminoans keep to themselves. They’re cloners. Damned good ones, too.
Obi-Wan picks up the dart, holding it midway between them.

OBI-WAN: Cloners? Are they friendly?
DEXTER JETTSTER: (mysterious smile) Oh, depends.

OBI-WAN: Depends on what, Dex?
Dexter’s grin grows wider.
DEXTER JETTSTER: On how good your manners are…and how big your, uh, pocketbook is...
Dex laughs heartily, as a smiling Obi-Wan looks down at the dart again.
The bronze bust of an elderly bearded man stands among a line of other busts of Jedi in the Archive Room. Obi-Wan stops in front of it, studying the striking features of the chiseled face. On the walls, lighted computer panels seemed to stretch into infinity. Farther along the room in the background, five Jedi are seated at tables, studying archival material.
Obi-Wan studies the bust for a few moments before Madame JOCASTA NU, the Jedi Archivist, comes up and stands next to him. She is an elderly, frail-looking human Jedi dressed in a yellow and brown robe. She’s tough as old boots and smart as a whip.
JOCASTA NU: Did you call for assistance?

OBI-WAN: (slightly distracted) Yes…yes, I did.
Jocasta Nu notices the bust Obi-Wan’s studying.

JOCASTA NU: He has a powerful face, doesn’t he? He was one of the most brilliant Jedi I have had the privilege of knowing.

OBI-WAN: I never understood why he quit. Only twenty Jedi have ever left the Order.

JOCASTA NU: (sigh) “The Lost Twenty”… Count Dooku was the most recent and the most painful. No one likes to talk about it. His leaving was a great loss to the order.

OBI-WAN: What happened?

JOCASTA NU: Well…Count Dooku was always a bit out of step with the decisions of the Council. Much like your old Master, Qui-Gon Jinn.

OBI-WAN: (surprised) Really?

JOCASTA NU: Oh, yes. They were alike in many ways. Very individual thinkers, idealists…
Jocasta Nu gazes at the bust as she speaks.
JOCASTA NU: He was always striving to become a more powerful Jedi. He wanted to be the best. With a lightsaber, in the old style of fencing, he had no match. His knowledge of the Force was…unique. (beat) In the end, I think he left because he lost faith in the Republic. He believed that politics were corrupt, and he felt the Jedi betrayed themselves by serving the politicians. He always had very high expectations of government. He disappeared for nine or ten years, then just showed up recently as the head of the separatist movement.
OBI-WAN: It’s very interesting. I’m not sure I completely understand.
JOCASTA NU: Well, I’m sure you didn’t call me over here for a history lesson. Are you having a problem, Master Kenobi?
Obi-Wan leads Jocasta over to the computer terminal he was working on.
OBI-WAN: Yes. Um, I’m trying to find a planetary system called Kamino. It doesn’t show up in any of the archive charts.

JOCASTA NU: Kamino? It’s not a system I’m familiar with. Let me see…
Jocasta Nu leans over Obi-Wan’s shoulder, studying the screen closely.
JOCASTA NU: Are you sure you have the right coordinates?

OBI-WAN: (nods) According to my information, it should appear in this quadrant here. Just south of the Rishi Maze.

Jocasta Nu types some commands on the keyboard, and frowns at what she sees.
JOCASTA NU: No coordinates? It sounds like the sort of directions you’d get from a street tout. Some old miner, or Furbog trader…

OBI-WAN: (smiles) All three, actually.

JOCASTA NU: Are you sure it exists?

OBI-WAN: Absolutely.
Jocasta grows more worried at what she sees on the monitor.
JOCASTA NU: Let me do a gravitational scan…
On the monitor, a star map hologram comes up. Several items blink up for attention.
JOCASTA NU: Hmm. There are some inconsistencies here. Maybe the planet you’re seeking was destroyed.

OBI-WAN: Wouldn’t that be on record?

JOCASTA NU: It ought to be, unless it was very recent. (types some more, then shakes her head) I hate to say it, but it looks like the system you’re searching for doesn’t exist.

OBI-WAN: Impossible…perhaps the archives are incomplete.

JOCASTA NU: (archly) The archives are comprehensive and totally secure, my young Jedi. One thing you may be absolutely sure of - if an item does not appear in our records, it does not exist!
With an arrogant sniff, Jocasta Nu turns and notices a young boy approach. She walks away from Obi-Wan and leaves with the youngster. Obi-Wan stares at her, then looks back to the map.
The massive, slow-moving Freighter moves through space.

The dark lower hold of the starfreighter is packed with emigrants of all shapes, sizes and races. Artoo rolls through the heavy crowds towards a food line at one end of the hold. With two tiny claws that shoot out from his side, Artoo picks up two empty bowls and joins the line. At the beginning of the line, the cooks are ladling mush into bowls for the passengers.

SERVER DROID: Keep moving, keep moving…
Artoo then moves down the line, extending a small straw into one of the tubs of mush at the bar. With the straw, the little droid sucks a huge amount of the mush. Another claw comes out of the droid’s side and it takes up a few rolls of bread. The server droid glowers at little Artoo.
With an “Excuse me” set of beeps, Artoo takes one last suck at the mush and rolls away from the line with the two bowls and the bread rolls as the server droid shouts after him.
The little droid moves past groups of eating or sleeping emigrants including Sullustans, Aqualish, Ishi Tib and other species. He comes to where Anakin is sound asleep. The young Jedi seems to be having a nightmare and is very restless.
ANAKIN: n…no…mom, no…
The Jedi apprentice is covered in sweat as he tosses and turns. Padme leans over him and starts to wipe the sweat away from his brow, and Anakin awakens with a start.
ANAKIN: Wha--??
Artoo hands Padme the two bowls. Extending the straw again, it begins to dispense mush from its’ body into the bowls like a beer tap.
PADME: You seemed to be having a nightmare.
Anakin stares at Padme, wondering how much of his nightmare she overheard. She hands him one of the bowls and a bread roll.
PADME: Are you hungry?

ANAKIN: (quickly) Yeah.
He pulls himself up, and the two sit across the bunk and use it as a small table.
ANAKIN: Thanks.

PADME: Thank you, Artoo.
Artoo beeps happily and rolls away.
PADME: We went to lightspeed a while ago.

ANAKIN: I’m looking forward to seeing Naboo again. I’ve thought about it every day since I left. It’s by far the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen…

His eyes never leave Padme as he speaks. The intensity of his stare unnerves her, and she concentrates on her food.

PADME: You were just a little boy then. It may not be as you remember it. Time changes perception.

ANAKIN: Sometimes it does. Sometimes for the better.
Padme is growing very uncomfortable with this talk. As Anakin eats, she tries to change the subject.
PADME: It must be difficult, having sworn your life to the Jedi. Not being able to visit the places you like…or do the things you like…

ANAKIN: …or be with the people that I love.

PADME: Are you allowed to love? I thought that was forbidden for a Jedi.

ANAKIN: Attachment is forbidden. Possession is forbidden. Compassion – which I would define as unconditional love – is central to a Jedi’s life. So you might say that…we are encouraged to love.

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