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The Official Newsletter of The Imaginative Cinema Society


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Editor-Betsy Childs

Staff Writers- Regina Vallerani,

Andrew Kent, Mike Laird,

John Ward, Joe Plempel,

Dava Sentz, Jim Childs


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Our June meeting began in full swing with the ICS Auction! Jim Childs and Joe Plempel were up front and center, putting together lots of VHS tapes, books and figures and working on the crowd to bid high. It was not too long before Lisa Schilling, after growing tired of sitting by and watching Jim drop the merchandise, took charge of displaying the items for the appreciative crowd. Jim redeemed himself by literally auctioning the shirt off of his back to help the club raise money. And raise money, we did - an extra $184 for the treasury. After an hour, we took a break and re-assessed the goods. Members were able to make their own packages for $3 a pop. And the more valuable merchandise was auctioned off in a 15 minute round of auctioning and high bidding.

Assistance was also provided by Richard Smith and Regina Vallerani. Whether you were donor, bidder, assistant, or auctioneer, the ICS thanks you for your participation in this fun club event!

that’s what you get for not hailing to the chimp

Anyone who has attended a meeting knows the warning about movie voting – be careful what you vote for… because we might just watch it. Which turned out to be very apropos for our June Meeting. The board had emailed several celebrities for their genre movie inspirations. Low budget maestros Fred Olen Ray and Ted Bohus were both happy to reply. Typical classics like THE THING and WAR OF THE WORLDS were passed over in favor of NIGHT OF THE BLOODY APES.

NIGHT OF THE BLOODY APES is a 1970 film directed by Cuban exploitation filmmaker (SURVIVE!, Rock 'N Roll Wrestling Women vs. the Aztec Mummy) Rene Cardona. Dr. Krallman, a mad scientist, along with his assistant, Goyo, decides to transplant an ape heart into the body of his fatally ill son. The transplant footage is real and much bloodier than the interlaced scenes of Dr. Krallman wiping the sweat from his brow during the ‘operation’. Needless to say, there is a complication to this simple operation. The ape’s heart is too strong – and the son turns into a beast, with a hairy face, hulk-like body and lots more testosterone…so, women beware. Dr. Kauffman must reverse the operation! And surprisingly enough, the doctor does not transplant the heart of a serial killer into his son… too much of a cliché, right? He simply opts to transplant the heart of a luchadora, hoping that a lady wrestler’s human heart will give him back his little Julio.

Want to know the rest? Well before you pass and decide to watch your copy of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL for the 78th time, know that this film contains a beheading, eye gouging, female wrestling and nudity and a man in a monkey costume. AND, the club had a great time talking and laughing at the film!

Now, that’s entertainment!


No-one fell asleep during the June late night feature. The name of the film is FEARLESS and it was brought in by Andrew Kent. FEARLESS is Jet Li’s final martial arts movie and it contained plenty of exciting kung-fu fight scenes. It is loosely based on the real martial artist Huo Yuan Jia, who in 1910 founded one of the first major martial arts schools in China, the Jing Wu Athletic Association.  Huo Yuan Jia was a master of the My Jhong style of kung-fu, the lineage of which can be traced back to the Shaolin temple of the Tang Dynasty era (618-907 AD.) 

The film opens with an adult Huo energetically defeats several challengers in an arena. Then the storyline goes back to delve into Huo’s past and show us how he became this incredible fighter. His father was a great martial arts expert who discouraged Huo from fighting. Of course, he becomes obsessed with martial arts and with becoming the top rated fighter. And as Huo grows up, his proficiency as a fighter increases as he obtains victory after victory. But with all of this victory, comes an arrogance that becomes Huo’s downfall. And as a result, he loses everything in an act of vengeance. Questioning his life, Huo runs away from his city and tries to escape on a rice patty farm. But, redemption is in our hero’s future. And the final part of the film shows Huo’s humble rise to the top – ready to fight for the honor of his country

While the story may not be the most original, the fighting definitely was. The choreography is by the legendary Yuen Wo-Ping. To quote Andrew: “With tons of CGI and wirework, FEARLESS is a kung-fu film for folks who unabashedly love kung-fu films.”

And those who stayed to watch FEARLESS once again beat out the summer movie crowds! That’s right… it premiered at the ICS! Thanks for bringing it in, Andrew.


Skip Phillips surprised us all when he showed the opening of GHOST HOST THEATER – complete with theme music and test tubes. Those of us who were born and raised in Baltimore remember what a treat it was to stay up late on a Saturday night and watch those old B-movies from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. No matter how many channels Cable TV has, it cannot replace memories of the Ghost Host. Thanks Skip, for that little trip down memory lane!


Need a convention fix? The ICS will be participating in The Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention in Aberdeen on September 14-17. Guests will include David Hedison from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and Marta Kristen from Lost in Space. The convention is geared to fans of Old-Time TV and Radio and Antique Cars.

ICS will have 2 tables in the dealer’s room (so we will need donated movie goods – see below for details – and volunteers to work the tables). This convention will be sponsored by one of our ICS files subscribers, Martin Grams. More details on the con can be found online at WWW.MIDATLANTICNOSTALGIACONVENTION.COM.

ICS will need your VHS, DVDs, and other movie related items. So clean out your collection and donate to ICS.

The ICS board will be accepting donations for these events beginning at our next meeting, so if you have anything to donate, please bring it in.


Our next meeting will be held on Saturday July 29th at 5:30 P.M. at the church hall behind the Perry Hall Presbyterian Church located at 8848 BelAir Road. Take Baltimore Beltway exit 32 north on Belair Road. Turn left onto Joppa Road. Immediately past the torn-down miniature golf course turn left into the parking lot. If you miss it, there are ample turn-around opportunities. If you get stuck, call 443-570-6455. That's Dave Willard’s cell phone. He'll talk you in.


July 29th is one day it’s okay to skip breakfast and lunch, because the ICS is hosting its annual summer pizza party. The board always does a great job of putting this on. So, let’s show our appreciation by chowing down!


The only cheesy stuff we will encounter in July will be on a pizza crust. John Clayton will be here to give a presentation on Val Lewton. Lewton was a writer and producer of moody, black and white pieces from the 1940’s, like CAT PEOPLE and I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE. He was also very influential to modern horror filmmakers and references to him can be seen as recently as the character named Valerie Lewton in FINAL DESTINATION (2000). Show up in July to learn more about Lewton.


The late night time slot in July is set aside for social time. There will be NO late movie. However, if you have a film you’d like to show in August, be prepared to present it to the club because we will be voting for the August late night feature.


Troy Farwell and his wife Janet, who was a member and attended several meetings, are moving to Las Vegas in June for Troy’s new job. Troy gave a film noir presentation a few years back and could often be found palling around with John Weber during the meetings.

We said our goodbyes at the June meeting and had a Great Cookie to congratulate Troy

on his move. Best of luck, Troy and Janet!

Going, going, gone!!!

Auction night at the ICS!

It was a wild time, we had movies and movie memorablia up for grabs. Take a peek at the fun!

The ICS Auction, an interesting place to acquire new clothing – and you thought it was all about the movies! Mike got a new Spidey-tingling shirt. Other members got some great collectibles and film fun.

Norm is looking pretty interested in what Joe is waving around there.

A good time and some good stuff was had by all!!
Thanks to Steve Vaught and Betsy Childs for the photos!
And not at the Auction, but we caught these ICS’ers at the SHORE LEAVE convention and look at that shirt Mike is wearing!

tvnewstvnewstvnews TheGlassTeat tvnewstvnewstvnews


Brian Henson—who directed the "Battleground" episode of TNT's upcoming limited anthology series Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King—said that one of his biggest challenges was creating an hour's worth of television with virtually no dialogue. "I got a call from producer Bill Haber, who said, 'I'm in a horrible situation. I have the most wonderful script, but it's impossible to shoot, but would you read it anyway?'" Henson recalled. "Even though I thought it was going to be impossible to make, I was still very intrigued about doing it."

Based on a short story by King, "Battleground" centers on professional hit man Jason Renshaw (William Hurt), who successfully murders the chief executive of a major toy company only to face a life-and-death battle of his own when a box of toy soldiers suddenly comes to life.
Henson worked closely with writer Richard Christian Matheson to create a story that could be told without dialogue, a bold step for any made-for-television project. "When I first talked to Richard about it, his first draft had some dialogue," Henson said. "But once Renshaw was in his apartment, there was no reason for dialogue. So he came up with the idea that it would be cool to do the whole thing with no dialogue.

Now, note that the general broadcasters' attitude is that every TV production needs to play like radio. You have to assume that your audience is cooking dinner while they're watching your show, so they need to hear every story point coming out of somebody's mouth, and I was really impressed that TNT was daring enough to say, 'No, this will be cool!'"

Henson added: "'Battleground' is based on a nine-page short story, and the adaptation is this wonderfully intimate piece, where you're almost trapped inside the head of this kind of psychotic character, as we're watching everything he does over this one-day period of time. Richard and I ended up probably rewriting everything that happens in that movie two or three times to figure out how to do it all."

Sharp-eyed viewers may notice a few subtle references to the 1970s TV movie Trilogy of Terror, written by Matheson's father, award-winning novelist and screenwriter Richard Matheson. But Henson insisted he wasn't trying to imitate the work of director Dan Curtis in that piece. "I'm a big fan of Trilogy of Terror, but what I was trying to do was a more '80s style of directing, with static cameras and clean compositions, where the movements of the lead actor are very dominating in frame, because there isn't a lot else going on. It's clean, almost sterile sometimes, in its visual presentation in order to put more emphasis on the character of Renshaw."


 The WB network plans to sign off on Sept. 17 by airing pilots of some of its biggest hits, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Felicity and Dawson's Creek. It also plans to air promos from its 11-year history and clips of some of the actors who have appeared on its

shows over the years. The farewell for a network is "unprecedented."
ABC's Lost garnered six nominations and SCI FI Channel's original series Battlestar Galactica earned three for the 58th annual prime-time Emmy Awards, which were announced July 6 in Los Angeles. The awards, covering the period from June 1, 2005, through May 31, 2006, will be televised on NBC on Aug. 27 from the Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium and will be hosted by Conan O'Brien. Lost and Galactica received the most nominations among science fiction and fantasy programming, which otherwise fared poorly in the nominations, receiving nods mostly for technical achievements.
Galactica earned nods in technical categories, including best visual effects, costumes and sound mixing.
Lost was recognized for guest actor (Henry Ian Cusick as Desmond), writing (Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof for "The 23rd Psalm") and directing (Jack Bender for "Live Together, Die Alone"), as well as for visual effects, editing and sound mixing.
Stargate Atlantis got a nod for music composition. The SCI FI Channel original movie Mammoth also received a nomination, for outstanding visual effects.
Other genre series that received nominations included Alias, Smallville, Supernatural and The Ten Commandments.



British actress Freema Agyeman will take over from Billie Piper as the sidekick to David Tennant's Doctor Who in the upcoming third season. Rumors had circulated earlier that the 27-year-old former Crossroads actress would replace Piper, who leaves the show at the conclusion of the current second season, which winds up in England on July 8.

Agyeman will play Martha Jones in the third season (called a "series" in England), which begins production in three weeks for broadcast in the United Kingdom next year.
Agyeman appeared in last week's second-season penultimate episode "Army of Ghosts," but as a different character who meets a cruel fate at the hands of the Cybermen.

David S. Goyer, co-creator and executive producer of Spike TV's upcoming Blade: The Series, said that the television series will bite deeper into the franchise's mythology than the three Blade movies that Goyer also wrote. "It's a serialized show, so we're having the opportunity to tell a single story over the course of 13 episodes," he said in an interview. "So we're getting to kind of delve much more into the whole kind of inner workings of the vampire world. We're treating them sort of like the ultimate crime family. ... [Like The Sopranos] with blood-drinking, I guess."
Writer and supervising producer Dan Truly explained that the show will open up the character of the half-vampire warrior, played by Kirk "Sticky" Jones. "There's a kind of tension between keeping Blade the hero of the show, but also opening up his character dramatically, to understand who he is, where he comes from," Truly said. "TV does character stories much better. There's only so much action you can do on a TV budget and a TV schedule, but the key is to keep all the elements of Blade and just to open up the stories more so we understand who he is and understand more of a more complicated kind of political vampire world."

Comedy Central has resurrected the former Fox animated SF series Futurama, ordering 13 episodes to debut in 2008. The deal builds on the cable network's acquisition of the 72-episode library last fall. (yeah!)

Discussions about a revival of the half-hour show began in earnest earlier this year between Futurama producer 20th Century Fox Television and series creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen. A sticking point, which has been resolved, had been bringing back the cast, who hadn't worked on new episodes for the show since it left the air in August 2003.
Voice actors Billy West, Katey Sagal and John DiMaggio are on board for the new episodes, which will continue the story of Fry (West), a pizza delivery boy who was accidentally frozen for 1,000 years and who wakes up in the future.



Michael Shanks, who plays Daniel Jackson in SCI FI Channel's original series Stargate SG-1, said that the series will play down the potential romance between his character and Claudia Black's Vala as the series kicks off its 10th season this July.

Last season, former Farscape star Black played Vala in half a dozen episodes, which came on the heels of an eighth-season guest shot that introduced her wily thief character. In the upcoming season, Black joins the cast as a regular, and Vala, who has been impregnated by the villainous Ori, will give birth to a rapidly maturing child named Adria, who will be played by several actresses, including ex-Firefly star Morena Baccarin.

"In order to justify Vala there in a regular capacity this season, we've had to tone that down a little bit," Shanks said in an interview, referring to the characters' sexual tension. "We're doing a lot of balancing right now. We're trying to find the fun of it, and we're trying to find the push-pull in a more practical, kind of friendship situation. There's an episode where Daniel and Vala go out to dinner to talk about her personal growth, so to speak, and there's all the innuendo and misconception that can happen in that kind of situation."

Shanks added: "So there's a lot of fun in that. What we're doing is trying to keep the joke alive without killing it. And it's always fun when you work with somebody like Claudia, who's so good at playing with you and playing off you and who just gives you so much all the time. It's been a lot of fun doing that."
It was just a rumor, but a pretty solid one. It was reported that Matt Damon is being eyed to play a young Capt. James T. Kirk in J.J. Abrams' proposed 11th Star Trek movie.
Citing an anonymous source, it was reported that Abrams (Mission: Impossible III) is so interested in Damon (The Bourne Identity) that he's sought support from the original Kirk, William Shatner. "Shatner gave his blessing," and apparently "J.J. got his approval."
Rumors are circulating that Abrams' Trek movie will be a prequel to the original series, centering on Kirk and Spock's early days at Starfleet. "J.J. wants Damon as Capt. Kirk," it was said. "He really loves the idea."
For their part, Abrams and his Trek producing partner Bryan Burk (who is also an executive producer on Abram's hit ABC series Lost) have declined to comment on speculation about the movie's storyline, saying only that any reports about its narrative have been released prematurely.

movienews movienews Hot Popcorn moviesnews movienews


It became clear Monday that the Harry Potter franchise will end with the seventh film. Author J.K. Rowling said in a television interview in the U.K. on Monday that she plans to kill off two of the regular characters in her seventh book and that one of them may be Harry himself.

Rowling said that she could understand "the mentality of an author who thinks, 'Well, I'm gonna kill them off because that means there can be no non-author-written sequels. So it will end with me, and after I'm dead and gone they won't be able to bring back the character.'" Asked specifically whether Harry will die in the seventh book, Rowling declined to respond, saying that she feared any remark she might make would draw hate mail.


Universal has acquired the spec script DRACULA YEAR ZERO by newcomer writers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless and set it up with Michael De Luca to produce via his De Luca Productions.

The story explores the origin of Dracula, weaving vampire mythology with the true history of Prince Vlad the Impaler, depicting Dracula as a flawed hero in a tragic love story set in a dark age of magic and war.
Alissa Phillips of De Luca Productions, who brought the project in, will serve as co-producer. Donna Langley, president of production, and Jeffrey Kirschenbaum will oversee the project.
Universal was home to the original 1931 DRACULA, starring Bela Lugosi and based on Bram Stoker's horror novel, published in 1897.

Midnight Movies Entertainment will roll out on 1,500 screens with a 3-D update of the George A. Romero classic zombie movie NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD called NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 3-D, in November.


Bryce Dallas Howard, who takes on the role of Gwen Stacy in Sam Raimi's upcoming SPIDER-MAN 3, said that her character adds a new dynamic to Peter Parker's romantic life. "Gwen Stacy is a pretty famous comic-book character," Howard said. "She was one of Peter Parker's first loves. In this film, it's a love triangle between Mary Jane [Kirsten Dunst], Peter Parker [Tobey Maguire] and herself. She's young and kind of sexy, but I don't want to give away too much."

Howard said that she auditioned for the role in the third installment in the comic-book franchise before she landed the part last year. About working with director Raimi, she said: "In SM 3, it was really fun, because I was a part of this group, and all together we tell the story. Sam Raimi was there to guide us and inspire us and, of all the choices we offered him, to take the choices that were best for the story. It was a very empowering experience. It's a very, very dramatic film. The conflict is very high, and stakes are very high in this story."

The Spider-Man sequel will be Howard's highest-profile film to date, after making a mark in M. Night Shyamalan's THE VILLAGE and starring in his upcoming thriller LADY IN THE WATER. When asked if she is looking to be a movie star, the actress said, "I don't want for things that you can't control. I want to be the best actor that I can be. I want to be working in this business, so if that means being a movie star, fine. To me, being a movie star and celebrity is very different from being an actor."
Lionsgate is picking up the Cruise/Wagner-produced remake of the Hong Kong supernatural horror movie THE EYE out of turnaround from Paramount and is negotiating with Jessica Alba to star and French helmers David Moreau and Xavier Palud to direct. The movie will shoot this winter.
THE EYE is a thriller about a cornea transplant recipient who sees disturbing images in the mirror that send her on a quest to find out what happened to the eye's previous owner. The original was made in Hong Kong by Thai directing brothers Danny and Oxide Pang.
Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner persuaded Paramount to buy the remake rights in 2002 and got close to making it there with Renee Zellweger. When Zellweger dropped out, the project lost its momentum and the studio put it into turnaround.
News of the Lionsgate pickup comes as Cruise/Wagner's deal nears its expiration at Paramount, and speculation has the pair eyeing other studios.
Alba is in talks to make THE EYE her next picture after the FANTASTIC FOUR sequel. Moreau and Palud, who last directed the French thriller Ils, will make THE EYE their first U.S. picture.


Looks like SHREK THE THIRD is shaping up to be more of a Saturday Night Live reunion than anything else. Hey, and its okay for SNL folks taking a chance on the big screen ... so long as they're funny.

Joining the third installment's all-star (minor league, not big league) cast are Maya Rudolph (Rapunzel), Amy Sedaris (Cinderella), Amy Poehler (Snow White) and Cheri Oteri (Sleeping Beauty). Supposedly, the women will form an "elite, ninja-like strike force of fairy tale princesses" to help stop Prince Charming from storming the city of Far, Far Away and seizing the throne.

Joining the ladies are Ian McShane as Captain Hook, John Krasinski as Sir Lancelot and the always hilarious Eric Idle as Merlin the Magician. Also returning once again to the hit franchise are Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy and Antonio Banderas. Oh, and how can we forget little Justin Timberlake, who will be voicing Artie, a young King Arthur. SHREK THE THIRD hits theaters on May 18, 2007.

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