The Last Alliance

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The Last Alliance

Okay I have done the first draft of the module for this game for now. I will post it to the Website and will also send out to all the players who requested information about the game and need a response by Monday.
1) Whether or not you want to play and is what side (and team if joining with other players).

2) amendments that you think are appropriate.


To fit the FA restrictions (only 4 SNAs allowed)

Suggested ones to lose are:

Dwarves 6) Force March

Fire King lost 13) Train at 20

Dark Lord 27) Fearful hearts

Black Num 17) Ships at half cost – instead give them some extra ships
Nations had to be moved around to fit the game format. Check the House Rules specifically on changes there as well.
What I need now is comments on the viability of the game and obvious errors that you can spot. I will take comments until Monday then send out the new version of the game set-up and work from there. If players can choose FP or DS as a choice I will allocate randomly the nations that you will choose (please tell me if you want to team-up and with whom).
Set-up price is going to be around £20 – depends on how much work we have to do as this is very labour intensive. Thoughts very welcome. At present I have around 35 players interested so I could work on getting two games going. One fear is Sauron dying in an encounter – if so then if this happens before turn 5 then I would be happy to return the set-up fee as credit to your account and restart the game?

The Last Alliance

The Last Alliance is a Middle-earth variant, based on the campaign of that name, which ended the Second Age and was the ‘prequel’ to the events described in The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.

Very briefly, Gil-galad, High King of all the Elves, and Elendil the Tall, High King of Gondor and Arnor, led the ‘Last Alliance’ of Free Peoples against Mordor. This was the greatest and most splendid army seen in Middle-earth since the Host of Valinor in the First Age. At the Battle of Dagorlad just north of Mordor, the Free army met the Dark hosts in a titanic battle. “All living things were divided on that day, and some of every kind, even beasts and birds, were found in either host, save the Elves only. They alone were undivided and followed Gil-galad.”

Gil-galad and Elendil were victorious. They pursued the Dark forces into Mordor, and laid siege to Barad-dur, the mighty fortress where Sauron had taken refuge with what remained of his army. For years, Sauron sent forth sortie after sortie in a vain effort to break the Free stranglehold. When all else had failed, Sauron himself came forth. He slew both Gil-galad and Elendil but was himself cut down by them and his spirit fled.

Isildur, son of Elendil, cut the One Ring from Sauron’s finger and took it for his own. Isildur was later killed in an ambush, and the One Ring lost in the River Anduin, where it remained until it was discovered as described in Lord of the Rings.

The bare bones of the Last Alliance are given in Appendix B to Lord of the Rings; the story is told briefly in the chapter ‘Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age’ in the Silmarillion; and further snippets can be found in the chapters ‘The History of Galadriel and Celeborn’ and ‘The Disaster of the Gladden Fields’ in Unfinished Tales, all by JRR Tolkien. These are the primary sources I have used in designing the LA variant game.

The LA game gives players the chance to see if they can emulate, or do better, than the Free leaders in the story; or to see if, as Sauron or one of his minions, they can change the course of history. It can also be played simply as a change from the standard 1650/2950 games.

The most important change is that in LA Sauron is a player’s character, not a NPC. Sauron is considered to be wearing the One Ring at all times unless/until he is slain. Victory conditions are very simple: for the FP to win, they must either slay Sauron OR destroy Barad-dur, the other source of his power. If the FP fail to do this by turn 52, the DS win.

The LA game uses the Fourth Age base, as many of the changes needed for LA are by happy chance provided in FA. However, in order to recreate the large forces involved in LA, the pops and armies have been increased to 1650 scale.

There are several changes to the nations from 1650. At the time of LA, there were no Arthedain, Cardolan, Gondors, Rhudaur or Corsairs. These are replaced by North and South Kingdoms, Dale, Silvan Elves, Dorwinion and Black Numenoreans. Amongst the DS, the only change is that the Dark Lord replaces Dark Lieutenants.

The neutrals are pre-aligned: Duns and Dorwinion join FP, Easterlings, Harad & Black Numenoreans join DS.

Several nations, familiar from 1650, change their geographical positions. Notably, at the time of LA, the Misty Mts and Mirkwood (rather, at this time, Greenwood the Great) had not yet been infiltrated by the DS, who held little if any territory outside Mordor. Therefore, Witch-king and Dragon-lord are placed in Mordor with the rest.

The result of these positional changes is that the opposing sides are much more polarised than in 1650. The whole of the north and west is dominated by the FP whilst the DS are concentrated in the south and east. This presents a challenge to both sides: not only how to mobilize the maximum number of troops but how to keep them fed and paid until they die in battle!

Here, for those who are interested in the Last Alliance, are the important dates and events of the 2nd Age. The basis for this is appendix B in Lord of the Rings. I have added info gleaned from the relevant chapters in the Silmarillion and Unfinished tales. These are the primary sources for the Last Alliance variant.

Year 1: Foundation of Lindon, the realm of Gil-galad High King of the Elves, which included Mithlond (the Grey Havens). 32: Edain (‘good’ men) settle the island of Numenor. c40: Many Dwarves leave their old cities in Ered Luin and go to Moria (Khazad-dum). ‘There were and always remained some Dwarves on the eastern side of Ered Lindon, where the very ancient mansions of Nogrod and Belegost had been...’

350-400: Birth of Amroth to Celeborn and Galadriel.

700: Eregion founded by Noldor (amongst them Celeborn and Galadriel) to trade with Dwarves of Moria.

750: The capital of Eregion was Ost-in-Edhil where dwelt Celebrimbor, greatest Elf-smith of the 2nd Age.

c1000: The Dark Lord Sauron chooses Mordor as a land to make into a stronghold, and begins building the mighty fortress of Barad-dur.

1200: Numenoreans establish permanent havens in Middle-earth, amongst them Tharbad. Galadriel extends her influence over the hitherto lordless Elves of Lorinand/Lorien. This realm extends into the forests on both sides of the River Anduin, including the region where afterwards was Dol Guldur. Sauron, disguising himself as Annatar, Lord of Gifts, tries to seduce the Elves. Gil-galad and Galadriel perceive his true nature and reject him, but Celebrimbor and the Elves of Eregion are won over.

1350-1400: Celebrimbor seizes power in Eregion.

1400: Galadriel, Amroth & Celebrian (but not Celeborn) move to Lorinand/Lorien thru Moria. Celeborn would not enter Khazad-dum and stays in Eregion disregarded by Celebrimbor.

c1500: The Elven-smiths of Eregion, instructed by Sauron, start forging the Rings of Power, starting with the Nine (destined for mortal Men) and the Seven (for Dwarves).

c1590: Celebrimbor completes the Three (Elven) Rings alone; but because he used Sauron’s knowledge to do so, they are still subject to the One Ring.

c1600: Sauron completes the fortress of Barad-dur. Sauron forges the One Ring using the fires of the volcano Orodruin. As soon as Sauron puts the One Ring upon his finger, Celebrimbor and the other Elves perceive his evil designs. In anger and fear they take off the Three Rings, and defy Sauron.

1693: War of the Elves and Sauron begins. The Elves hide the Three Rings.

1695: Sauron’s forces invade Eriador. Gil-galad sends an army under Elrond to help Eregion and sends to Numenor asking for help.

1697: Sauron destroys Eregion, captures Celebrimbor and tortures him so that he reveals the whereabouts of all the Rings of Power except the Three. The Dwarves, together with Amroth and a force of Lorien Elves, sally from Moria in a diversion to help the Noldor, then retreat and shut the gates. Sauron unable to break into Moria. Elrond, is army too small to affect the outcome of the battle, covers the retreat of the surviving Elves from Eregion, and founds Imladris as a secret stronghold. Celeborn and Galadriel lead Noldo refugees from Eregion to Lorien, which they fortify. Either Celeborn, desperate, overcame his dislike of Dwarves to pass thru Moria following the Dwarven sally, or he took the scenic route with Elrond via Imladris.

1699: Sauron masters all of Eriador except besieged Imladris.

1700: Gil-galad desperately defending the line of the Lhun when, in the nick of time, a great Numenorean navy arrives at Mithlond and defeats Sauron.

1701: Sauron’s forces driven from Eriador. Start of a long period of peace.

c1800: Numenoreans establish realms along the west coast of Middle-earth. Sauron extends his power (from Mordor) east and south, where “well nigh all men were under his dominion.” Galadriel, Celeborn and Celebrian go to Edhellond, leaving Amroth in Lorien. Another story has Celeborn rejoin Galadriel in Lindon. There is in fact plenty of time time for both movements to take place. It is understandable that Celeborn and Galadriel need to visit Gil-galad to discuss matters of state. It is equally understandable that Celeborn and Galadriel are too proud to stay too long under the High King’s roof, so depart at the first opportunity. Lorien enjoys long years of peace under its king Amdir, until the return of Sauron and Gil-galad’s summons to Amdir to join the Last Alliance. Celeborn and Galadriel return to Lorien twice before the Last Alliance (presumably to visit Amdir and Amroth).

2251: The Nazgul, slaves of the Nine Rings, first appear. Rebellion and division of Numenoreans begins.

2280: Umbar becomes a great fortress of Numenor.

2350: Pelargir built; becomes chief haven of Faithful Numenoreans.

3175: Civil war in Numenor.

3255: Ar-Pharazon seizes rulership of Numenor.

3261: Ar-Pharazon lands at Umbar.

3262: Ar-Pharazon’s visible power is so great that Sauron suffers himself to be taken hostage to Numenor.

3262-3310: Sauron seduces Ar-Pharazon and corrupts Numenoreans.

3319: Ar-Pharazon, under Sauron’s influence, assails Valinor, realm of the gods. Downfall and destruction of Numenor. Sauron’s spirit flees on a dark wind. Elendil, his sons and a few other faithful followers escape by ship to Middle-earth where befriended by Gil-galad.

3320: Elendil founds Arnor (North Kingdom) whilst his sons Isildur and Anarion found Gondor (South Kingdom). Sauron returns to Mordor. The Black Numenoreans Herumor and Fuinur rise to power amongst the Haradrim.

3429: Sauron attacks Gondor and storms Minas Ithil. Isildur escapes to North Kingdom. Anarion defends Osgiliath and drives DS back into mountains. Celeborn and Galadriel move to Lorien.

3430: The Last Alliance of Men and Elves is formed.

3431: Gil-galad and Elendil march east to Imladris.

3434: The host of the Alliance crosses the Misty mts. Alliance win battle of Dagorlad, but Amdir, King of Lorien slain. Sauron retreats with remnant of forces to Barad-dur, where besieged for 7 years, during which he launches many vain sorties.

3440: Anarion slain by a stone cast from Barad-dur.

3441: Sauron overthrown by Gil-galad and Elendil, although they too perish in the attempt. Isildur, son of Elendil, cuts One Ring from Sauron’s hand. Sauron’s spirit flees and the Second Age ends.

Note on the Rings: The One Ring is held by Sauron at all times unless/until he is slain. The Three Rings are hidden by the Elves and cannot be used while Sauron wears the One. “Of the Seven Rings some were consumed in fire and some Sauron recovered.” The Nine Rings are held by the 9 Nazgul. This is represented in play by Saurion having particularly hard stats.

Note on

Galadriel/Celeborn/Amroth/Amdir: the relationships and movements of these characters are sometimes contradictory as Tolkien played with different storylines. I’ve made the best sense of them that I can. It doesn’t affect the LA game because it’s quite clear that whatever their individual race, each of them worked and fought as part of the Sindar nation.

STATISTICS: In order to maintain game balance (or perhaps that should be a familiar imbalance!) I have taken the stats of the 1650 scenario and juggled them to fit LA. All such juggling has been either within nation, or between nations of the same allegiance. I have not taken stats from one allegiance and awarded them to another. Therefore, the tax base, army strength and constitution, and total character stats, for each allegiance, are very close to 1650, although there are lots of differences between 1650 nations and those of LA.

NAMES: when Tolkien gives a ‘new’ name for a person or place in LA I have used it; however such names are rare. A surprisingly large number of pops and immortal characters survived LA into 3rd Age, whilst all races, to some degree, recycled the same names generation after generation. Therefore, do not be surprised to see names in LA which you recognise from 1650. They are not necessarily the same people! I have added some new names, particularly for the ‘new’ nations, but I did not want to be immodest enough to do this across the board.

LA NATION LIST (where changes not mentioned, those aspects of the nation much like 1650):

1) North Kingdom: embraces lands later held by Arthedain, Cardolan and Rhudaur. Includes pops from the first two and one or two surprises if you haven’t studied the books. A first-rate economic and military power. Headed by Elendil the Tall, his family and household: all new characters.

2) South Kingdom: territorially embraces the whole of what was later N & S Gondor. Holds many pops which in1650 belonged to either NG or SG but which still may not be enough if the combined DS launch a determined, co-ordinated pre-emptive strike. All characters are changed from 1650 for historical reasons, and the 1650 SA name new mages at 40 is swapped for new commanders at 40.

3) Eothraim: as 1650 except for minor changes to character stats. It’s interesting that the location of Eothraim both in LA and 1650 rests upon a single (long!) sentence in Unfinished Tales: ‘They were a remnant of the Northmen, who had formerly been a numerous and powerful confederation of peoples living in the wide plains between Mirkwood and the River Running, great breeders of horses and riders renowned for their skill and endurance, though their settled homes were in the eaves of the Forest, and especially in the East Bight, which had largely been made by their felling of trees.’

4) Woodmen: pops and army much like 1650, but given a combat art, and top character has been beefed up so that even if he can’t single-handedly cut a swathe thru hostile armies like Beorn at the Battle of 5 armies, at least he stands a fair chance in challenge against orc leaders. Also given mage skill and access to conjure food (the way Beorn fed Thorin & co demands nothing less) in place of challenge bonus.
5) Silvan Elves: like the 2950 nation, but bigger and better. SAs 7 & 14 sacrificed for x2 to scout/recon orders.

6) Dale: new nation of Northmen race. All pops at/near the Long Lake or connecting waterways. All new characters, SAs 8 = 20% adjustment to market, 9 = new emis at 40. Army/navy much like 1650 Nor.

7) Northmen: lose pops around Dale and Rhun to new nations, but compensated by other pops further north, which puts them well out of reach of any DS armies. Lose shipbuilding bonus but gain SA 7 (4th Age list): armies without food etc.

8) Dwarves are much as in 1650, except they have a starting mage (Tolkien is very clear Dwarves DO have access to magic) and they can Conjure food. How else d’you think they supported city-sized populations in mountains which produce no food?

9) Sindar: lose some 1650 pops to Silvans, but are compensated elsewhere. Note their realm at the time of LA also extends over the forest EAST of the Anduin (including where afterwards was Dol Guldur). The King of Lorien is Amdir, but the most powerful characters are Galadriel and Celeborn, who with their daughter Celebrian indulge in the traditional Elven activity of ‘wandering’ so who knows where they will start?

10) Noldor: much like 1650, only stronger; therefore have bigger starting armies and more pops to support them. I was loth to increase the Noldor power except the LA script demanded it. Hopefully it will give the Noldo player more problems than answers. In 1650 it’s a fairly straightforward decision to disband most troops and concentrate on a character war. In LA Noldo have a bigger army and pop base and their allies are looking to them to lead by example!

11 & 12 Witch-king and Dragon-lord. At the time of LA, neither of them had yet established realms outside Mordor. Therefore, Witch-king and Dragon lord, like the other Nazgul at the time of LA, have their realms inside Mordor. Their power like the rest of the Mordor nations is similar to 1650. Dragon lord, as befits his title, has a dragon in his entourage; some small compensation for the absence of any other dragon in the scenario. 13-19 see little if any change from 1650.

20) Dark Lord: The big change is that in LA this nation is now the nation of the Dark Lord and includes Sauron himself. The nation loses Urzahil, and some of the lesser minions lose a few points in order to make Sauron formidable but not invincible.

21) Black Numenoreans: this nation is the predecessor of the 1650 Corsairs, and has similar strengths, territory and characteristics, except a weaker navy. This nation is pre-aligned DS.

22) Harad: this nation is the predecessor of the 1650 nation of the same name. The differences are, in LA its armies should start from much further south than in 1650. There is NO justification in Tolkien for Harad having a navy at any time, but just for the sake of variety and excitement, LA allows Harad a small navy. This nation is pre-aligned DS.

23) Dunlendings: this nation is much as in 1650. Having been ravaged by Sauron’s armies during the War of the Elves v Sauron earlier in the 2nd Age, the Duns are unlikely to be drawn in on Sauron’s side so soon afterwards. Moreover surrounded as they are by FP, North Kingdom to the North, Elves and Dwarves to the east, and South Kingdom to the south, every strategic instinct tells Duns to declare FP rather than DS.

24) Dorwinion: This nation replaces Rhuduar from 1650, except, the location is totally different. Dorwinion was a nation on the shores of Rhun which sent wine to the Silvan Elves and by implication, traded with Dwarves and Men of other races also. The parallel between Dorwinion and the city-states established by Swedish vikings in Slavic Russia is striking. I visualise Dorwinion in LA as a rich city-state ruled by a Norse aristocracy slowly getting absorbed by the predominant Easterling population. At the time of LA, and indeed right up to the time of the War of the Ring, the economic benefits of trade with the ‘western’ world kept Dorwinion firmly on the side of the FP.

25) Easterlings: have lost a few pops around the sea of Rhun from 1650. They hadn’t penetrated that far by LA so I’ve pushed them as far back as possible without pushing them right off the map (which they ought to be!). They are the same strength as in 1650 and are firmly on the side of the DS.


Victory conditions: FP win if they either kill Sauron in challenge, OR destroy Barad-dur. DS win if FP fail to do one of these by turn 52. If Sauron dies in an encounter then I am sorry but you lose… if overrun you lose.

Sauron cannot be assassinated, kidnapped, or doubled; nor is he subject to spirit mastery spells. Sauron may NOT refuse challenge! Sauron is not available as an army backup commander.

4th Age rules in Last Alliance scenario: all 4th Age rules apply except: Twin Kingdoms do NOT get maps showing other nations’ capitals; and Twin Kingdoms may NOT directly affect the market (ie orders 960 & 965 disallowed). This includes the strategic victory. If the FP win a strategic Population centre they LOSE. This will stop the 1st turn transfer pop centre swop.

Free People:

1) North Kingdom

2) South Kingdom

3) Eothraim

4) Woodmen

5) Silvan Elves

6) Dale

7) Northmen

8) Dwarves

9) Sindar Elves

10) Noldo Elves

23) Dunlendings

24) Dorwinion

Dark Servant:

11) Witch-king

12) Dragon Lord

13) Dog Lord

14) Cloud Lord

15) Blind Sorceror

16) Ice King

17) Quiet Avenger

18) Fire King

19) Long Rider

20) Dark Lord

21) Black Numenoreans

22) Haradwaith

25) Easterlings

Before listing the pops, I should mention that there are several changes needed to the ‘fixed’ NKi & SKi pops to make them fit LA, eg, 2438 goes to Black Numenoreans, 3423 to Dark Lord (obviously) and 2715 to Sindar (believe it or not!). I hope this does not present a problem.

Field 1 is fortifications, eg 1=tower, 2=fort, up to 5=citadel.

Field 2 is pop status, eg 1=camp, 2=village, up to 5=city.

Field 3 is 1=harbour or 2=port.

1) North Kingdom

0907 Caras Calairnen 130

1006 Caras Fornen 130

1106 Baraketta 130

1109 Tarmabar 130

1406 Malborn High 120

1407 Fornost Erain 350

1409 Bree 130

1014 Annon Baran 031

1015 Traith Chefudoc 031

1113 Minas Girithlin 130

1219 Suduri 231

1317 Balost 130

1513 Metriath 340

1614 Tharbad 342

1609 Amon Sul 240

1108 Annuminas 450

0810 Elostirion 131

1319 Lond Daer Enedh 242

2) South Kingdom

2119 Angrenost 530

2121 Aglarond 430

2421 Calmirie 240

2622 Imdorad 130

2924 MInas Anor 552 capital

2926 Minas Arthor 130

2927 Pelargir 352

3034 Osgiliath 241

3026 Bar-en-Tinnen 130

3028 Tir Ethraid 130

2223 Morthondost 240

2227 Dol Amroth 342

2324 Glanhir 130

2328 Endil 131

2426 Nan Nequian 030

2527 Linhir 231

2626 Minas Brethil 130

2628 Fanuilond 131

3) Eothraim

2912 Buhr Widu 140

3012 Buhr Waldmarh 240 capital

3112 Buhr Ailgra 140

3113 Buhr Waldlaes 140

3217 Buhr Anthar 010

3416 Buhr Beorills 010

3612 Buhr Marling 141

3715 Buhr Gadraught 010

3819 Buhr Padaruik 010

4) Woodmen

2405 Buhr Fram 030

2411 Eorcan 020

2508 Maethelburg 140 capital

2609 Carrock 030 hidden

2613 Sarn Lothduin 020

2615 Vidus 020

2711 Buhr Widfiras 140

2712 Sairtheod 010

2605 Waetan’s Lodge 010 hidden

2506 Korna 010

5) Silvan Elves

2608 Caras Amarth 130

2709 Galadbrynd 140

2908 Aradhrynd 350 capital hidden

4413 Rhubar 042 hidden

3009 Hithgalen 020

2911 Baraglas 030

2913 Mallagorn 020

3014 Belgalen 020

2807 Arduin 020

6) Dale

3108 Dale 250 capital

3109 Esgaroth 142

3110 Londaroth 020

3712 Kardavan 131

3010 Riscarth 020

3111 Barbeck 020

3207 Skiddaw 030

7) Northmen

3105 Buhr Tharusaig 240 capital

3605 Rogndahl 040

3104 Buhr Rus 120

3506 Nahald Kudan 120

2703 Kala Dulakurth 230

3906 Vanaheim 140

2906 Borshador 020

2905 Beverbost 020

3507 Scarpshaw 030

8) Dwarves

0605 Telenaug 130

0606 Nogrod 130

0811 Zagragathol 120

0812 Belegost 230

2004 Zarak-dum 230

2212 Khazad-dum 550 capital hidden

2904 Norr-dum 230

3002 Celeb-Ost 230

3607 Barak-Shathur 120

3707 Azanulinbar-dum 230

3916 Kheled-nala 120

9) Sindar Elves

2325 Edhellond 242

2413 Cerin Amroth 050 capital hidden

2514 Caras Galadhon 050 hidden

2915 Ceber Fanuin 020

2715 Dol Guldur 120

2314 Nanduhirion 020

10) Noldo Elves

0408 Forlond 241

0508 Lanthir Lamath 040

0611 Harlond 251

0707 Culwic 130

0708 Mithlond-west 252 capital

0710 Mithlond-east 252

0808 Galenros 030

2209 Imladris 040 hidden

23) Dunlendings

1420 Enedhir 020

1715 Nin-in-Eilph 020

1720 Angren 020

1817 Larach Duhnann 140 capital

1916 Cillien 020

1917 Wularan 030

1918 Arailt 130

1922 Freawul 030

2017 Treforn 030

24) Dorwinion

4013 Borograd 242 capital4015 Scari 031

4017 Lest 031

4217 Dilgul 041

4415 Elgaer 031

3713 Ilanin 031

4014 Riavod 020

Dark Servant

11) Witch-king

3124 Minas Morgul 340 capital

3226 Dol Bragollach 240

3522 Barad Carn 240

3427 Barad Urul 230

3525 Dagnir Golug 130

3726 Carn Magrond 230

3326 Angruin 120

3527 Lagrub 120

3523 Fauglith 120

12) Dragon Lord

3822 Lug Ghurzun 440 capital

4221 Nahald Gwerlum 140 hidden

4027 Uduvrin 241

3922 Dol Graugond 230

3923 Lag-Balcmok 120

3722 Lag-Cargoth 010

13) Dog Lord

3121 Lag-Konzi 010

3221 Morannon 440 capital

3321 Lag-Hundur 010

3322 Lag-ujakdagul 010

3421 Lag-ulurikon 010

3624 Ostigurth 340

14) Cloud Lord

3222 Carach Angren 210

3428 Barduath 030

3528 Nurumurl 030

3626 Rul 030

3629 Kul Tarkorul 130

3630 Kal Nargil 340 capital

15) Blind Sorceror

3627 Urlurtsu Nurn 040

3829 Virk Ulgath 010

3928 Zarok Ioriag 010

3929 Luglurak 341 capital

4025 Burch Nurn 120

4126 Orduga Ovaisa 010

16) Ice King

3022 Lag-scara 010 hidden

3122 Durthang 340 capital

3123 Barad Perras 230

3125 Lag-shemat 010

3126 Lag-majakul 010

3223 Katund-akul 010

17) Quiet Avenger

2135 Vamag 341

3034 Lugarlur 341 capital

3234 Wathduin 120

3335 Kul Dinbar 110

3437 Tir Harn 120

3533 Jug Rijesha 031

18) Fire King

3224 Barad Ungol 340 capital

3225 Lag-digtumarr 010

3324 Lag-zajarzot 010

3325 Lag-flaksharbtur 010

3327 Lag-vrasfotak 010

3426 Barad-wath 040

19) Long Rider

3230 Lag-malmabus 010

3329 Olbamarl 340 capital

4215 Tol Buruth 341 hidden

4324 Neburcha 010

4325 Buth Ovaisa 010

4425 Lagari Orath 010

20) Dark Lord

3120 Thuringwathost 130

3323 Lag-Lithlad 010

3422 Lag-fhauga 010

3423 Barad-dur 550 capital

3621 Carvarad 030

3622 Minas Durlith 340

21) Black Numenoreans

2039 Ardumir 341

2136 Eradas 341

2137 Caldur 341

2236 Isigir 341

2337 Maros 341

2339 Pellardur 341

2437 Barazon 030

2438 Umbar 352 capital

22) Haradwaith

2534 Kas Shafra 241

2535 Sukh Akhor 241

2634 Sook Ada 031

2635 An Pharaz 030

2734 Kas Shadoul 241

2833 Has Yayb 031

2835 An Zalim 030

3538 An Karagmir 350 capital

3037 Has Adri 150

3839 An Sakal 040

3334 Kazapur 241

3136 Sukh Ayab 030

25) Easterlings

3220 Ashkiri 010

3319 Ursh Lanna 030

4133 Sturlutsu Khand 350

4228 Khand Amu 040

4318 Mistrand 031

4338 Ovatharac 030

4430 Laorki 030

4139 Variagrad 250 capital

4432 Samarkov 030

4438 Gorgomir 030

Here are the characters, SAs and artifact details for the Last Alliance variant. I have matched the overall totals against the 1650 game in the interests of game balance, although there are numerous changes both within nations, and between nations of the same alignment, to make them fit LA as closely as possible.

The most uncertain area concerns artifacts. I understand that in FA, more artifacts have been added, but not all are included, and the numbers and secondary powers have all been randomised. This does make it difficult to achieve a correct, balanced distribution for LA when MOST artifacts should be in the hands of one allegiance or the other.

Here are the most important artifact details (also given later, by nation):

1) Palantirs of Annuminas, Amon Sul & Elostirion should be held by North Kingdom (and ideally should start out in those pops).

2) Palantirs of Minas Anor, Osgiliath & Orthanc should by held by South Kingdom (and ideally should start out in those pops).

3) Palantir of Minas Ithil should be held by Witch-king #11 at Minas Morgul (Minas Ithil).

4) The top good/neutral combat artifact should be held by Gil-galad of the Noldo Elves #10 to represent ‘Aiglos, the spear of Gil-galad against which none could stand.’ If you can make the name Aiglos, that’s better still.

5) The second best good/neutral combat artifact should be held by Elendil the Tall of North Kingdom to represent Narsil ‘which shone with the light of the Sun and Moon.’ If it can be called Narsil, better still (I know there’s a ‘shards of Narsil’, but at the time of LA the sword was still in one piece!).

6) The top DS weapon should of course be held by Sauron himself (Dark Lord #20).

The FA setup gives both North & South Kingdom one random DS artifact. I’m not too bothered what you do about this - they could perhaps be viewed as trophies from Sauron’s previous unsuccessful war - but they should NOT be counted towards either Kingdoms’ total.

All characters male unless followed by (f) = female:
1) North Kingdom

Elendil the Tall C60 A10 E20 M10

Isildur C40 A30

Aelendur C50 E20 M10

Aratan C40 E10

Ciryon C30 A10

Ohtar C10 A20 St10

Estelmo C10 A20 St10

Alquawen (f) A10 E10 M20

12) new coms at 40

13) recruits at Tr 20

19) forts at 1/2 timber cost


Palantir of Annuminas

Palantir of Amon Sul

Silver Rod of Anduni

2nd best Good/neutral combat weapon (Narsil)

2) South Kingdom

Anarion C60 E10

Meneldil C30 E20

Turadan C50

Dringhamion C50

Erabad C30 E10

Vagordan C10 A30

Gileryn (f) E10 M30

Sarnil E10 M30
13) recruits training 20

19) forts @ 1/2 timber cost

12) new coms @ 40

33) warship str 4

7) armies without food etc


3 palantirs: Osgiliath, Minas Anor, Orthanc.

+4 good/neutral

3) Eothraim

Frumgar C30 A10

Brengel C30 E10

Aldormir C30

Baldred C30

Frealaf C20 E10

Leofwin C50

Haleth C30 A10

Fengel C10 M40

12) commanders at 40

13) training at 20

6) no loss on forced march

24) conjure mounts


1 combat weapon
4) Woodmen

Beorcan C50 A10 M50 St15

Branwen (f) A10 M30

Cadawg C30 E10

Dalach A10 E20

Duillath C10 A20 St15

Feochadan (f) C10 A10 E10 St15

Madawc C30

Ruadhan C30

25) Conjure Food

5) Stealth

1) Scout/recon x2

1 random combat art

5) Silvan Elves

Thranduil C50 E10 St20

Legolas C20 A10 E20 St20

Aiglebir C30 St15

Cuthalion C30 St15

Gilestel C20 M20 St20

Lomion C10 A20 St20

Mablung C40 A10 St15

Ringlin M50 St20

5) stealth

18) ships at 1/3 timber cost

1) scout/recon x2

Artifacts: 4 good/neutral

6) Dale

Girion C40 A10 E10

Boda C10 A20 St20

Blian C30

Eada C20 E10

Evald E20 M20

Hugin E30

Odhran C30

Taithleach C30 E10

8) buy/sells 20% bonus

9) emis at 40

Artifacts 0

7) Northmen

Vidumir C20 A10

Amlachel M30

Brangor A30

Bergil C40 A10

Marach C10 A10 E10

Forweg C30 E10

Haldir M30

Ulrad C30 E10

9) Emis at 40

8) Buy/sell orders +/-20%

7) Armies without food etc

Artifacts 0

8) Dwarves:

Durrin III C50 E10

Narvi E10 M50

Azaghal C30

Burin C40 A10

Lofar C30

Fulla C40

Thelor C30

Thrar C40

15) HI start at Tr30

6) no loss during force march

19) forts @ 1/2 timber cost

3) sco/recon +50 all characters

25) Conjure food

Artifacts: 7 good/neutral

9) Sindar:

Galadriel (f) C20 E70 M70 St35

Celeborn C60 A10 M10 St20

Amroth C20 M50 St25

Celebrian (f) A10 E10 M20 St20

Amdir C40 A10 M10 St20

Nimrodel (f) A20 M50 St20

Haldir C30

Rumil C30

5) stealth

14) recruits come in at tr 25

18) build ships at 1/3 timber cost

7) armies without food etc

Artifacts: 5 good/neutral

10) Noldo Elves:

Gil-galad C70 E60 M70 St25

Elrond C40 E40 M50 St25

Cirdan C40 A20 E30 M40 St25

Gildor C30 A20 E10 M10 St25

Lindir C50 A20 M20 St25

Erestor E30 M50 St25

Gaerdae C50 A20 St25

Glorfindel C40 E20 M40 St25

5) stealth

6) no morale loss during force march

22) all characters uncover secrets at 40

14) recruits at 25 Tr

Artifacts: 13 good/neutral including BEST combat weapon.

23) Dunlendings:

Aonghas C40 A10

Daonghlas C40 E10

Elharian C50

Enion C50

Eribhen (f) M30

Raonull C20 A10 M20

Ulf Dilan C40 E10

Urdrek C30 A10

11) agents at 40

4) bonus to challenge

1) scout/recon x2

Artifacts: 2 good/neutral

24) Dorwinion:

Rurik C40 E10

Bogodul C20 E10

Oleg C20 A10 M10

Rusudani (f) M40

Jadwiga (f) M30

Olgierd C20 A10

Varpelev C20 A10 E10

Mistivoj C30

24) conjure mounts

9) emis @ 40

17) ships at 1/2 timber cost

8) Buys/sells +/- 20%

Artifacts: 2 good/neutral

11) Witch-king

Murazor C 40 E40 M70 St30

Angulion C10 A20 E30 M30

Ashdurbuk Zalg C60

Cykur C50 E10

Dancu C60 E20

Durkarian C50 A10 E10

Rogrog C40 E10

Ulrac C50 E20

12) new coms at 40

27) Fearful hearts

26) Conjure hordes

7) armies without food etc

Artifacts: 12 evil/neutral, including palantir of Minas Ithil

12) Dragon Lord

Lamthanc C60 E60 M60

Celedhring C10 A30 M40

Duran C50 M10

Khamul C30 A30 E30 M30 St30

Lhachglin A20 M30 St30

Maben M40

Orduclax M40

Urgubal C30 E10

5) stealth

30) teleport

1) scout/recon x2

7) armies without food etc

Artifacts: 8 evil/neutral

13) Dog Lord

Ashburghnul A20 M50

Borhan A30

Bulrakur C50

Dendra Dwar C20 E20 M60 St 30

Gurthlug (f) C30 E20

Kaldurmeir C40

Krusnak C30 A20 M30

Tonn Varthkur C40 M30

5) stealth

13) recruits at Training 20

24) conjure mounts

7) armies without food etc

Artifacts: 8 evil/neutral

14) Cloud Lord

Ar-Gular E10 M20 St20

Araudagul C40

Erennis A40

Gontran A30

Grasty C30

Ji Indur C20 A40 M40 St30

Kadida A30

Shoglic M30

31) agents at 40

5) stealth

11) +20 to kidnap/assass

22) Uncover secrets at 40, all

Artifacts: 3 evil/neutral.

15) Blind Sorceror

Akhorahil C20 E20 M60 St30

Ethacali C10 M40

Gastmorgath M50

Leardinoth C10 M30

Mardrash M30

Morarthdur M50

Naldurgarth M50

Pochak C30

10) mages at 40

29) Summon storms

26) conjure hordes

32) ships never lost at sea etc

16) Ice King

Abdakhil M30

Baltab C30

Gaurhir A10 M30 St30

Gorthog C10 A40

Hoarmurath C30 A20 M50 St30

Hukor C30

Khathog M40

Virsh A20 E10

11) agents at 40

5) stealth

29) summon storms

7) armies without food etc

Artifacts: 5 evil/neutral

17) Quiet Avenger

Adunaphel (f) C30 E30 M40 St30

Ashturg C30 A10 St30

Nardroth C30 E20 M20

Gargal C30 A10

Malevil C30 E20 M20

Ingar C20 E10

Malezar C10 E10 M40

Thergor A30

9) emis at 40

12) coms at 40

1) scout/recon x2

22) all chars uncover secrets at 40

Artifacts: 3 evil/neutral

18) Fire King

Nazog A30

Ren the Unclean C30 E20 M50 St30

Rozilan (f) E10 M30

Shagrat C30

Shogmog C30

Skargnakh C30 A10 M10

Uklurg C40

Uthmag M40

13) recruits Training at 20

20) base morale 40

28) Fanaticism

26) Conjure hordes

21) New armies at 0 cost

Artifacts: 4 evil/neutral

19) Long Rider

Din Ohtar A30 E10 M10 St30

Drurgandra C40

Goldwine Frec C10 A10 E10 St30

Hargrog C30 A20

Lomelinde (f) A30 M10

Morlammen M30

Uvatha C60 A20 E20

Viosiol M30

12) coms at 40

13) recruits Training at 20

6) no loss during forced march

24) conjure mounts

Artifacts: 6 evil/neutral

20) Dark Lord

Sauron C20 E90 M90

Bolvag C20 M40

Carrog A20 E10 M20 St 30

Feagwath C30 A10 M40 St30

Gothmog C60 A30

Herudor C40

Miruimor C20 M20

Tormog C20 A40

12) coms at 40

10) mages at 40

27) Fearful hearts

26) conjure hordes

7) armies without food etc

Artifacts: 7 evil/neutral including best evil combat weapon.

21) Black Numenoreans

Ascaruin C40 A10 E10

Angamaite C50 E20 M10

Gimilzor C50 A10

Belzagar C50 A10

Zimraphel (f) E10 M50

Herumor C50 A10

Sangahyando C40 E20 M10

Fuinur C50 A20 E10

17) build ships 1/2 timber cost

32) no loss on open seas

34) warship strength 5

4) challenge bonus

7) armies without food etc

Artifacts 0.

22) Haradwaith

Tacfarinas C30 A10 E10

Ejenna (f) E10 M20

Haruth Raman C40 A10

Ossim Rallah C30

Shabla (f) A10 M30

Shamara Katub (f) E10 M30

Hamawi C30

Yezmin C10 A10 M10

22) all characters Uncover secrets at 40

21) no initial army cost

4) challenge bonus

7) armies without food etc

Artifacts 0.

25) Easterlings

Uldred C30 A10

Ulfnoth C30 A10

Ulwarin (f) A10 M40

Hos Harf M30

Kav Makov C20 A20

Ovatha C40 A10

Tros Hesnef C40

Urdrath C10 M30

12) coms at 40

24) conjure mounts

4) increased challenge

7) armies without food etc

Artifacts: 2 neutral

Nation pop mo hc lc hi li ar ma tr we ar warships transports

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