The Man Who Had No Eyes

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The Man Who Had No Eyes”

By MacKinlay Kantor
Please answer the questions on looseleaf. Please DO NOT write on this sheet.

  1. Setting: Describe the setting of this short story. Be sure to consider the five aspects of setting as we previously discussed.

  1. Setting: Kantor skilfully leads us to believe that Parsons can see, until we read the final line of the story. Re-read the paragraph beginning with “The air was rich….” What hints does Kantor give the reader when describing the setting to indicate that Parsons is blind.

  1. Plot: Summarize the main events of this story in your own words. Identify which events are the introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, and denouement.

  1. Plot: What happened to cause the men’s blindness?

  1. Conflict: What is the conflict in this story? What type and kind of conflict is it?

  1. Character: Write character descriptions for Parsons and Markwardt. Please write a separate paragraph for each. Even though both men experienced the same life-changing event, how could you account for the fact that one has become successful while the other has not? (Inference – read between the lines – to find your answer)

  1. Character: Who do you think is the protagonist and who is the antagonist? Explain why you think this.

  1. Character: Kantor chooses language intended to make the reader react negatively to Markwardt (even before he is proven to be a liar). Quote two or three lines from the text and explain how they support this statement.

  1. POV: What point of view is the story written from?

  1. Theme: In a sentence, what do you think is the theme of the story?

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