The Rubbish Dump

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“The Rubbish Dump” Fishbowl Quiz

  1. State whether you agree or disagree with the following statement (and explain your stance).

The author argues that colonization is a good thing throughout the story as it has provided many opportunities for the colonized.

  1. What is the meaning of the image below? Label some of the elements of identity that are impacted by colonialism.

  1. How is the identity of the colonized impacted by the colonizers in the story? What is the role of music in the story?

  1. How is the rubbish dump a symbol in the story? What is it used to represent? How each of the subjects in the dump significant? close read p. 78 "the pit was old"  and "No it was made in Hong Kong" p. 79

5. Examine the irony in Joey and Mazembezi's  discussion at the bottom of 79 and top of pg 80?

7. Why does the author include so many references to "the machine" and technology? (see p. 74)

8. What does the text reveal about the problematics of post-colonial identity, including the relationship between personal and cultural identity and such issues as double consciousness and hybridity?


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