The Sumerian Civilization

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The Sumerian Civilization

The tens of thousands of clay tavlets found in the 1850, about 25o miles from Baghdad, Iraq by an english man Sir Austen Henry Layard. As he excevated the site of Nineveh, the capital of Assyria (located near the present iraqi town of Mosul).

The sumerians who lived in the same area for, it is estimated, 4000-2000BC. They are called as Sumerian Texts or Tablets. These tablets described about extraterrestrials. They speak about gods, not mythical gods but physical ones who lived among them. The tablets called these gods as AN.UNNAKI (those who from heaven to earth came) and DIN.GIR (the righteous one of the blazing rockets).

The sumerian tablets speak about how the AN.UNNAKI came from a planet called Nibiru (the planet of the crossing). Modern science has identified a body it called Planet X, which has been located beyond pluto, and is believed to be a part of this solar system. These tablets describe how during the early formation of the solar system, Nibiru caused the near destruction of a planet that once existed between Jupiter and Mars. The sumerians called it Tiamat (the watery monster). What remained of Tiamat was thrown in to another orbit and eventually it became Earth. It was debris from Tiamat's collisio with a Nibiru moon which created the great band bracelet - the asteroid belt, which is found between Mars and Jupiter. The sumerians name for Earth means "the cleaved one" because a vast hole was created, by the collision. if you take away water from the Pacific ocean you will be left with a gigantic hole.

The tablets depict the solar system with the planets in their correct positions, orbits and relative sizes and their accuracy has been confined in the last 150 years since some of these planets have been found. The tablets describe the nature and colour of Neptune and Uranus in ways that have only being confirmed in the last few years. The sumerians knew thousands of years BC what our advanced sicnece has only just discovered.

AN and his children

*The first picture is of NINKHARSAG and one below is of ENKI

The sumerian tablets' names and hierarchy of the Anunnaki is explained below:

AN/ANU - Father of the gods
ANTU - Wife of AN/ANU
ENKI - 1st child of AN
ENLIL - 2nd child of AN
NINKHARSAG - 3rd child of AN

He of the heavens. His name written pictographically as a star. His abode was in the orbiting spaceship, UR.SAGAN.NA (chief city of heavens).

chief operations officer, lord of earth. also called a s EA. he was the half brother of ENLIL. he was born to AN's fist wife and ENLIN was born to AN's second wife (who was half sister to AN). ENKI was subordinate to ENLIL because of the anunnaki's obsession with genetic purity. the tablets describe how the anunnaki created blood lines to rule the humanity on their behalf. the kingship was granted to humanity. the humans were given the ability to procreate by ENKI and NINKHARSAG and this led to the explosion in the human population which threatened to swamp the anunnaki, who were never great in number. ENKI's symbol was serpent. two entwined serpetns, the symbol of his cult culture at ERIDU. this symbol is now known as Caduceus. ENKI was on humanitys side and he saved mankind by his timely warning of the coming of a disaster. ENKI had two children: GIBIL and NERGAL.


The chied of the expedition to EARTH. He dislked mankind. he brought on the destruction of mankind because of the noise of the boisterous human interfered with his rest. His wife was NINLIL and his child was called NANNAR.


Lady of the mountain top. The chief medical officer. Half sister to ENKI and ENLIL. also known by names such as NIN.TI (lady who gives life), NIN-MAH (the exalted lady), MAM-MU (creator goddess). she is symbolized in the mesopotamian depiction by a tool used to cut the umbilical cord. it is shaped like a horse show and was used in the ancient times. she also become the mother goddess of a stream of religions under names like Queen Semiramis, Isis, Diana, Barati and many more. She is often depicted as a pregnant woman.

It was ENKI and NINKHARSAG who directed the biological experiments in the lab, which led to the creation of primitive man called LU.LU, this was the hybrid reptile mammal form. This LU.LU could not reproduce, but by a series of experiments and modifying this being, they were successful in giving him the ability ti reproduce. They crossbred LU.LU with the neanderthal man and achieved the modern man - CRO-MAGNAN MAN.

The Sumerian King-List

The sumerian king list is a document that is 3000 BC old and it tells the succession of the kings of sumer and their successors. Earth was colonized by these Anunnaki in order to obtain metals for their home planet. Five operational cities were built by them in Mesopotamia. One of these cities served as a space launch platform.

These intelligent beings were referred by the sumerian people as Anunnaki (the sons of AN, the chief god and leader). These Anunnaki were a alien race of sapient reptiles. They required a cheap labour force and thus created primitive man. They combined the characteristics of native ape man (neanderthal type man) with their own nature and created the so called Adam - half man, half reptile (this creation is explained in the coming posts in detail).

As the conditions on earth changed, they had to modify Adam to better adapt. He was modified and given more mammalian traits (refers to the biblical fall of man) and he was given the ability to reproduce sexually. As the result of the genetic modification, man lost mose of his saurian appearance and acquired mammalian characteristics. Man soon populated the earth as slaves for his masters. The Anunnaki descended down to earth and mated with the daughters of the men (refers to the biblican nephilin who descended down to earth and took daughters of men as their wives).

The kingship descended from heavens and was first established at Eridu (Erech of bible). Here two kings ruled for 64,800 years. More detailed information is found about the kings and their ruling periods if you go through the sumerian king list.

Man's ancestry

Man's ancestry can be traced back to Oannes, an amphibious creature that came out of the persian gulf to teach the art of civilization to man. "Yih King"- oldest of chinese books, claims that the first humans were formed by ancient goddess NUKA, who was a dragon. The early chinese emperors claim to be the descendants of this dragon. Ramayana and Mahabharata concern the intercourse of early man with serpent gods. Intelligence life arrived on Earth quite some time before the world wide catastrophe and also before the advent of homo sapiens. The descendants of these intelligent beings left behind - Sumerian, Akkadian & Babylonian cuneiform tablets.

Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization lies between Tigris & Euphrates rivers. The land was made up of of marsh & lagoon. The lower part was very fertile garden area which they called E-DIN (abode of the righteous ones). The southern part of Mesopotamia came to be known as Sumer. The area further up the plain near the convergence of two rivers was later called AKKADA. The Akkadian city BAB-ILU became prominent as - Babylonia.

Separation of Waters

At the time of the arrival of the Anunnaki, the climate of earth was moist and stable. It was due to the fact that there was enormous amount of moisture held in the earths atmosphere. The Anunnaki found this condition very suitable and similar to their planet.

The book of Jubilees makes it clear that one time the waters were all commingled together. Then they were divided by god who formed a division between them by making one part of water go below and other above it. Popul Vuh, the sacred book of Quiche Maya states that, there was a time when it was cloudy and twilight was upon the face of earth. There was no sun, the blue sky was seen only after deluge.

The reptiles verily descended. The earth is resplendent as a well - watered garden. At that time Enki & Eridu had not appeared. Day light did not shine and moonlight had not emerged (The sumerian tablets).

Eridu was the first city built on earth. The origins of the word earth are unknown and its origin lost in antiquity.

The cuneiform tablet versions report events that took place before the deluge as well as activities just after the event. Three books of Enoch, the book of Jubilees and others tell a different story of creation of Adam and Eve. The gnostic literature has the existence of the serpent gods in it. It is Eve who gave life to Adam and the serpent in the garden is a noble and virtuous creature.

Creation of man

The sumerians also described in their clay tablets the creation of homosapiens. The ANUNNAKI came to the Earth some 450,000 years ago to mine gold in what is now Africa. The mining centre was in todays Zimbabwe, the sumerians called it AB.ZU (deep deposit). The studies by anglo-american cooperation have found extensive evidence of gold mining in Africa atleast 60,000 years ago. The gold mined was shipped back to their home planet from bases in the middle Earth.

The tablets describe the genes of ANUNNAKI and those of the native humans were combined in a test tube to create the updated human capable of doing the tasks the ANUNNAKI required.

There was a sudden and so far an unexplained upgrade of the human physical form around 200,000 years ago. About 35,000 years ago came another sudden upgrade and the emergence of homosapien sapiens. The sumerian tablets named the two people involved in the creation of the slave race, they were: Enki (the chief scientist, lord of earth, son of AN) and Ninkharsag (expert in medicine). We will hear about these both in detail in the coming posts.

The sumerian name for planet Earth was E.RI.DU (home in the far away built). The tablets say that Enki and Ninkharsag had many failures as they sought the right genetic mix. They created people with the major defects and also human animal hybrids. They both eventually found the right mix after many trials and errors and which led to the right mix which became the first homo sapiens. The sumerians called them LU.LU (the one who had been mixed).

LU.LU was genetic hybrid, the fusing of homo erectus with the genes of gods to create slave, a human worker, some 200,000-300,000 years ago. The human egg for the creation of LU.LU/Adam came from a female in ABZU, according to the sumerians. The modern fossil finds and anthropological research suggests that homosapiens did indeed come out of Africa.

Creation of Man Part 2

After the water receded, the Anunnaki landed again. Enki was in command of rebuilding of the cities to support the mining operations. The sons of An were involved in the building of the cities, the constant repairing and rebuilding of canals and the mining operations.

A group of rebellious Anunnaki refused to do the toiling. It was then that the man was created as an expedient to satisfy them. Man's purpose was to serve the gods, to ease the burden of the gods. Man was meant to be the bread winner, the laborer and the caretaker of the gods.

In the garden of eden, serpent performed all the work that later man had to do. The serpent lived in the garden of eden and did all the necessary work to maintain it. The serpent knew about the tree of knowledge. He looked like a man and talked like a man. He stood upright and was equal in height to the camel. He had many excellent qualities and mental abilities superior to man. His task was to supply gold, silver, gems and pearls and to do the commercial tasks to the deity. He did all the work of gods including mining and agricultural work.

The chief god An declared that a savage be created. It would be charged with the service of the gods so that they might have their rest. Enki and Ninkhursag were commissioned to produce a primitive being. They created the first primitive man - LULU.

Using a group of primitive female animals (ape woman), the eggs were fertilized by Enki & Ninkhursag, then extracted and reimplanted into the wombs of the 14 birth goddesses. This procedure is described in Atrahash's epic which deals with the creation of man. 14 wombs were gathered, impregnated with the essence of the gods, and as a result 7 male and 7 females were created. These creatures were clones and could not reproduce themselves.

Creation of Man Part 3

Genesis states that, man is created in the image of the god. What it really means is that the gods essence is mixed with the apeman i.e; the neanderthal man. The neanderthal man is described in the sumerian gilgamesh epic, as a wild man who is converted into a civilized being to become the companion of gilgamesh in his many adventures.

The adam of the bible is not homosapien of today. He was homo-sauras, a hybrid mammal-saurian creature. Man had taken a quantum jump in evolution. He had suddenly evolved from the wild apeman to a hybrid that would become a new species - Cro Magnon Man.

Later as man intermarried with his species, the reptile strain deteriorated and he became more mammal like and less reptilian in appearance. The mammal genes dominated the reptile genes, explains man's sinful nature and his fall from grace. Original sin was man's deviation from the basic original reptilian pattern.

Adam & Eve - The Naked Duo

Genesis repeatedly tells that, before the fall, man was naked while he was in the garden of eden. It was only when he ate the forbidden fruit that he realized he was naked and put on clothes.

According to Haggadah, the bodies of Adam & Eve had been over laid with a horny skin. Adam's skin was as bright as daylight ad covered his body like a luminous garment. He had a outward appearance of a reptile.

Genesis also states that, Adam & Eve did not sweat in the garden of eden before the fall. It was his punishment for eating the forbidden fruit, for he was told "by the sweat of your face shall you earn your bread". They did not sweat for the simple reason that sweating is a characteristic of mammals and not reptiles.

Adam & Eve did not reproduce as long as they were in the garden of eden. They could not reproduce because they were mules (Mule is a hybrid between two other species - horse & donkey). The biblical fall of man is actually acquiring the ability to procreate. It is explicit in Eve's punishment that she is to bear the pangs of live birth like a mammal.

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