The synonyms Candy sweets

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The synonyms
Candy - sweets

Chemist’s – drugstore (lekarna)

Clear – cloudless (jasen)

Fall – autumn (jesen)

Holliday – vacation

Horrible - foul – awful (grozen)

Lovely – beautiful

Off – license - liquor store (prodajalna alkoholnih pijac)

Overcast (mracen) – cloudy

Sidewalk – pavement (plocnik)

A pretty girl – an attractive girl

A handsome men – a good – looking men

A rich men – wealthy men – bogat clovek

A funny story – an amusing story (zabavna zgodba)

An untidy room – a messy room

Accurate information – correct information

Friendly people – nice people

A silly people – a stupid person

A cleaver person – a smart person

A wonderful idea – a great idea

Awful news – terrible news

Disgusting food – horrible idea

Mild – mil

Amusing, funny – zabaven

Untidy, messy – razmetano

Accurate, correct – tocen

A silly, stupid – neumen

Awful, terrible – grozen

Disgusting, horrible – gnusen

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