Tossups – hazzard co. Knights of columbus trashmasters 2001 – utc questions by Tommy Acuff and Bill Bacon with a little help from Steven West and Ben Lea


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Questions by Tommy Acuff and Bill Bacon with a little help from Steven West and Ben Lea

EDITOR’S NOTE: Here follows perhaps my favorite sentence in any question submitted this year.

1. She is the first woman to appear on the covers of both the Wall Street Journal and Juggs Magazine. Born in 1968, she began her career dancing in strip clubs with a fake ID at the age of 17. After several bad experiences as a feature dancer, she retired from the club circuit. Teaching herself HTML, she started her self-titled Hard Drive website. Her website swamped servers, and as one of the first successful pay adult websites, she became a millionaire by age 30. FTP, name this dancer and webmistress who is currently feuding with Cindy Margolis over the title of most downloaded woman on the Internet.

Answer: DANNI or DANIELLE Ashe [accept Ashe]
2. In his latest book, _Smile, You’re Traveling_, he recounts being threatened by monkeys in Africa. Taking time to criticize Sheryl Crow, Sting and Michael Hutchence, his book also chronicles his experiences working with Black Sabbath at their 1997 reunion shows. Much of the book, however, deals with his frustration at the failure of his band’s second major release “Come In and Burn.” Also, his video for “Liar” was a favorite of Beavis and Butthead. FTP, name this man, frontman of Black Flag, whose latest album is titled “Nice.”

Answer: Henry ROLLINS

3. The author of two stage plays, “Puppy Dog Tales” and “Acting Becomes Her,” he will soon release his third book, a collection of stories about growing up in Montana, called “Montana Memoir: Notes from a Dangerous Wordsmith.” He is also the author of “Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy,” a humorous story of how he was cured of his prostate cancer. Primarily known as an actor, however, he is noted for performing in Butterflies are Free on Broadway. FTP, name this actor who would fight Cylons as Starbuck and fight crime as the Face Man.

Answer: Dirk BENEDICT

4. Its promotion began in new age grassroots fashion in the spring of 2001, with a website that seemingly chronicled some of the “lesser known” landmarks in America. The site, however, was linked with many fansites that focused upon the Vertigo titles of Sandman and Death. The novel itself features Shadow, who has been recently released from prison, finding himself a man without a home or family. He comes quickly under the guidance of the mysterious Mr. Wednesday, a man missing an eye. What follows is a road trip that touches upon virtually every defunct religion in the world, and ends with a climactic battle in Chattanooga’s own Rock City. FTP, name this newest novel from Neil Gaiman.


5. It was designed by Harry Hake, and built at a cost of $225,000. First used in 1912, it was the home of the Negro American League Tigers in 1937, and the Clowns from 1942 to 1945. It was the site of the 1938 and 1953 Major League All Star Games. Built to replace the Palace of the Fans, it was the site of the first major league night game in 1935. A 65 foot scoreboard was installed in 1957. It featured a steep incline all around the outfield fence. FTP, name this stadium, replaced by Riverfront Stadium in 1970, the longtime home of the Cincinnati Reds.

Answer: CROSLEY Field

6. Consistently a best seller for DC Comics in the 1970s, this title is returning in 2002. Originally an adventure and fantasy title, for its first 25 issues, it featured such characters as Viking Prince. Quickly becoming a tryout book for new characters, it became a springboard for first appearances by the Teen Titans, the Silver Age Hawkman and even the Justice League of America. It became a team up book with issue 50, and Batman became a permanent fixture in issue 74. FTP, name this title, which director Kevin Smith will write, starting in 2002.


7. This film is loaded with in-jokes for the director’s friends and family, including one entire scene intended for Phil Giroux. According to Director’s Commentary, 64 minutes into the film, after Harland Williams utters the line “It’s over, Gord,” the credits would have rolled, after which the film would continue for another 23 minutes. Most patrons never made it that far into the film, however, as the baby-twirling scene caused many to walk out at test screenings. FTP, name this film, with Danny Kaye Thomas in the title role, but who only appears in about five minutes worth of film.


8. Her fluency in Farsi helped her little when she appeared opposite Maureen O’Hara in the CBS movie Cab to Canada, and co-starred with Caspar Van Dien in TBS’ The TimeShifters. She has also had appearances on Friends, Hercules and a near-topless guest spot on Dream On! Her duties as body double for Isabella Rossellini in Death Becomes Her have made an Internet staple. In the first season of her current series, she died a quick death, and did not expect to return. FTP, name this actress who debuted as Major Sarah MacKenzie when JAG moved to CBS.

Answer: Catherine BELL

9. It contains 150 calories per serving, considerably less than the food it was modeled after. A limited edition, the back features the thought provoking question: Is fear learned or instinctual?, with the promise that the answer comes tomorrow. While you won’t have to arm wrestle alligators for it, as Grandpa Simpson claims, the front of the box features one Simpson patriarch who is tearfully happy to have found the object of his desire. Released in conjunction with Bart Simpson Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch, FTP, name this Kellogg’s breakfast cereal featuring our Favorite Family.


10. A former assistant Art Director of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, his own artwork often adorns his album covers and liner notes. He has joined Metallica, Kiss and Janis Joplin by being released as an action figure from McFarlane Toys. He wrote and directed his first feature film, House of 1,000 Corpses, which was dropped by Universal Pictures in early 2001 due to its many intense images. FTP, name this former front man for White Zombie.

Answer: Rob ZOMBIE

11. The low point of his career came when he was practicing psychology, and he realized that all he had to look forward to was 30 years of one patient after another lining up outside his door to bitch for an hour. He left his practice in 1989 to co-found Courtroom Sciences, Inc, a Dallas-based litigation consulting firm. His career high came when his book Life Strategies hit #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list. His third book, Self Matters, he is currently hawking every Tuesday on the Oprah Winfrey Show. FTP, name this self-help guru whose approach starts with your “quitting your damn moaning.”

Answer: Phil MCGRAW (Also Accept: DR. PHIL)

12. Written and directed by State alum David Wain, it is a 2001 response to all the 1980's T & A Comedies that have, in the age of political correctness, vanished from the cinema screen. Other State alums play key roles, including Michael Showalter as a Dungeons and Dragons obsessed geek. FTP, name this film starring David Hyde Pierce and Jeanine Garofolo that premiered in 2001.


13. Candace Cameron's husband, he suffered a knee injury against the Flyers in October 2001, and is expected to be out till some time in 2002. He'd scored 25 or more goals for the previous 4years, in Montreal and Calgary, before coming to his current team, who wanted his production on the power play. For 10 points, name this 27 year old Florida Panther, who does not play on the same line as his brother, Pavel.

Answer: _V_aleri _Bure_

14. Gaston Reverchon built the first ones in 1927, but they were not mass produced until 1945. With a top speed of about 7 m.p.h., the original ones got their charge from a ceiling mounted power grid, supplying about 90 volts. In the seventies, a floor pickup system was designed that required half as much power. FTP, what are these constructs, typically of fiberglass and polyester construction, a ride that is a staple of most amusement parks and midways?


15. The son of a Tennessee/Kentucky promoter, he started in the wrestling business for his father in the early 1990's. He won the USWA title in a battle royal 1993, after having held the Tag and Southern Titles multiple times. He eliminated his some-time partner Jerry Lawler. He would later appear in the WWF, feuding with Razor Ramon over the Intercontinental title, which he would win four times over his career, last losing it to Chyna, before heading to WCW for a second tenure. FTP, name this Four Horseman who won tag titles with Owen Hart, and who has been unseen since the WWF bought WCW.

Answer: Jeff JARRETT

16. It was the middle of the second season before he even got a name, and soon after he was given his first substantial line, where he revealed that he used to be Bryce on All My Children. He is played by Michael Tyler, who was actually working, coincidentally enough, at a coffee shop when he was called as an extra to play this role. And since it is reportedly his show’s final season, he feels it would be a suitable enough ending to have his character end up with Rachel. FTP, name this character, Rachel Greene’s former boss and co-worker at the Central Perk.


17. rates this game as the ninth worst Nintendo game ever, because “it’s nice to see a ninja who’s not afraid to wear neon dresses.” A brilliant game about saving another princess, this time named Kiri, the game starts with video of Kiri walking through the woods, when a ninja swoops in and kidnaps her. FTP, name this Taito video game in which the titular ninja warrior uses his 2-pixel wide katana, throwing stars and random spells to rescue Kiri from the clutches of Yoshi.


18. Its cast features several heavyweights, literally -- bit parts by Andy Richter and Mike McShane and, er, meatier roles for Heavy D and Tom Sizemore. Patrick Warburton, Rene Russo, Johnny Knoxville, and Janeane Garofalo are also in this film directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. Will we ever find out how well Dave Barry’s novel translates to film? Word is it will get a full release in 2002, but no date’s been set. FTP name this comedy with Omar Epps and Tim Allen, pulled just before release because of its humorous treatment of a bomb on a plane.

Answer: Big Trouble

19. As a junior, she won the U.S. Open singles title and would reach the semi-finals at the Australian Open and Wimbledon, and was the number one ranked junior in the world in 1998. In 1999, she made history by pulling off one of the Open Era’s biggest upsets, by defeating Martina Hingis in the first round at Wimbledon. FTP, name this native Yugoslavian who renounced her Australian citizenship at the Australian Open in 2001 in favor of a Yugoslav passport.

Answer: Jelena DOKIC (Dock-itch) [Ed. note: rhymes with jock itch]

20. While Edward Meeker performed it in the earliest phonograph recording in 1908, it was Billy Murray who became most identified with the song. The lyrics were written in 15 minutes on a piece of scrap paper as Jack Norworth rode an elevated train toward the tip of Manhattan. Albert Von Tilzer composed the music, and his York Music Company published it. Norworth, in 1958, was presented with a golden lifetime pass, which would enable him to hear his song at any stadium he wished. FTP, name this song, perhaps most notably associated with Harry Caray and the seventh inning stretch.


21. Information about this product can be found at The first beverage to feature its world wide web address on its packaging, students at the Rochester Institute of Technology can order it from their dorm rooms. Introduced in 1985, it has 71.5 mg of caffeine, indeed, twice what can be found in Coca-Cola or Pepsi, but only 54% more than what one would find in Mountain Dew. FTP, name this beverage whose slogan is “Twice the Caffeine.”

Answer: JOLT Cola

22. On its front page, one can find links to wish lists and pre-orders, to one’s own account as well as links to the site’s individual sections. Owned by Ebay, it lists popular items in sections like Movies, Music, Books and Games. To sell an item, simply enter the UPC or ISBN, and set your price, which doesn’t necessarily have to 50% of its original. FTP, name this site which enables users to sell their goods and buy used merchandise at a fraction of its original cost.

Answer: HALF.COM

23. Their neighbor is Carl, a flip-flop wearing balding man who works out “of the house,” whose car was crushed all to bejeezus and everything in the pilot episode, by the Rabbot. In episode 4, “the Mayhem of the Mooninites,” two beings from the Moon, use their 80's era video game technology to corrupt the shape shifting Meatwad, teaching him to smoke and shoplift, because it’s cool. FTP, name this show, featuring Meatwad, Frylock and Master Shake as a team of crime-fighters, with a show featured on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.



Questions by Tommy Acuff and Bill Bacon with a little help from Steven West, Josh Allen and Ben Lea

1. Field goals played a huge part in several college football upsets during the 2nd weekend of October. FTPE, given a description of pivotal plays and the highly ranked losers, name the school with the upset victory.

a. Carlos Hall blocked a Daniel Weaver 32 yard attempt with 48 seconds left in the game to preserve this school’s 10-7 win over #9 South Carolina.

Answer: _Arkansas_

b. Damon Duval kicked a 44 yard field goal with 10 seconds left in the game to win the game 23-20 over #1 Florida.

Answer: _Auburn_

c. Nick Novak hit a 46 yarder as time expired to send the game into overtime, when he hit a game-winning 26 yarder to defeat #15 Georgia Tech 20-17.

Answer: _Maryland_

2. Identify the following about the history of Pez, 10-5-15.

10: Who invented PEZ, in 1927, deriving the name from the German word for Peppermint?

Answer: Edward _Haas_

5: The collection of PEZ Dispensers is often cited as the reason for the creation of this website, the Internet’s most popular auction site.

Answer: _E-Bay_

15: When PEZ was first introduced, it came in a little “pocket tin.” 15 points if exact or 5 points if within five years, when was the first PEZ Dispenser created?

Answer: _1948_ (accept for 5 anything between _1943_ and _1953_)

3. Choose your poison: Sidekicks or Squad Leaders

IF SIDEKICKS. FTPE, given a talk show host and show, along with a date, name the sidekick.

A.) Late Night with Conan O’Brien, 1994-2000

Answer: Andy RICHTER

B.) Dennis Miller Show (1994)

Answer: Nick BAKAY

C.) The Magic Hour with Magic Johnson, first nine episodes

Answer: Craig SHOEMAKER

IF SQUAD LEADERS FTSNOP, given a talk show and host, along with a date, name the band leader.

A.) Late Night with Conan O’Brien 1994- present

Answer: Max WEINBERG

B.) Rosie O’Donnell 1996-present

Answer: Jon MCDANIEL

C.) Arsenio Hall Show, entire run

Answer: Michael WOLFF

4. Everybody loves Schoolhouse Rock. Even Rock Stars. In 1996, some of them came together to re-record Some of the classics. Given the song from the ABC Records Novelty release of Schoolhouse Rocks!, name the artist for ten. If you need another of the artist’s more famous releases, you’ll only get five.

A.) (10) “There is a Magic Number”

(5) 1995's “No Rain”


B.) (10) “Verb: That’s What’s Happening”

(5) 2000's “South Side” with Gwen Stafani

Answer: MOBY

C.) (10) “The Tale of Mr. Morton”

(5) One hit wonder, 1995's “I wish.”

Answer: SKEE-LO

5. Identify the film from quotes, 30-20-10-5-1

30) “He’s an idiot. Comes from upbringing. His parents are probably idiots, too.”

20) “What is this...thing...I’m wearing” “Uhh...that’s a radiation suit.” “Of course! To protect you from all the fallout from the atomic wars.”

10) “Who knows what kind of underwear they have in the future? I’m allergic to all synthetics.”

5) “Once this baby hits 88 miles per’re gonna see some serious shit.”

1) “We’ve got to take you the Future!”


6. The best thing about NASCAR? The paint schemes. Sure, the crashes are good, too. The crashes. Horribly, spinning, burning maelstroms. Heh Heh Heh. The paint schemes. Yeah. Lots of colors, usually in the same colors of a sponsor. And Heaven forbid that the sponsors colors be marred by a great, powerful collision. For 5PE, given the principle sponsor of a team, give the driver most associated with the team, this past season.


Answer: Dale JARRETT

B.) Oakwood Homes

Answer: Joe NEMECHEK

C.) Home Depot

Answer: Tony STEWART

D.) Lowe’s

Answer: Robby GORDON [prompt on Gordon]

E.) M & M’s

Answer: Ken SCHRADER

F.) America Online

Answer: Jeff GREEN
7. Terry Pratchett’s DiscWorld series is one of the most widely read in all of fantasy literature. FTPE, name these character from the DiscWorld books from a description.

A.) The main character in the illustrated fable “the Last Hero,” he leads the Silver Hoard.

Answer: Genghis COHEN the Barbarian

B.) Quite possible the worst Wizard in the world, he is followed by a semi-sentient bureau with a taste for shark. Try as he might, he cannot escape adventure.


C.) The last truly faithful follower of the Great God Om, he was one of the main characters in the book SMALL GODS.

Answer: BRUTHA

8. Saturday Night Live’s commercial parodies are often quite memorable, even in the recent dark years of the show. Given a description, name the fictional product advertised, 5-10-20-30:

A. Kids love this cereal because it's so crunchy. Grown-ups love it because it's loaded with all the minerals they need. Both of these are because the cereal isn't's mined.

Answer: _Quarry_

B. This breakfast food gave John Belushi all the sugar he needed to get going in the morning...and to win the Olympic decathlon!

Answer: Little _Chocolate Donuts_

C. Well, there's fiber, and then there's _high_ fiber. In fact, it would take over 30,000 bowls of your ordinary bran cereal to equal the fiber in one bowl of this cereal. Warning: may cause abdominal distention.

Answer: _Colon Blow_ (also accept _Super Colon Blow_, although it would take 250,000 bowls of ordinary cereal to equal one bowl of Super Colon Blow)

D The rugged Hank has created a powerful weapon against the vermin he hates, and his dog Shep and a chorus of others sing its praises.

Answer: PETCHOW Rat Poison

9. F5PE, given the year and the performer, name the song that won that year’s MTV Video of the Year.

A. 1984, The Cars


B. 1985, Don Henley


C. 1989, Neil Young


D. 1994, Aerosmith

Answer: CRYIN’

E. 1996, Smashing Pumpkins


F. 1999, Lauren Hill

Answer: DOO WOP (That Thing)

10. Name the species from Star Wars, on a 10-5 basis.

A.) (10) Originally from the planet Varl, they so polluted their planet, they had to migrate to a new home. They can change sex.

(5) They are very prominent in the Underworld. Jabba is most prominent in the movies.

Answer: HUTTS

B.) (10) Arboreal, their cities are high up in the trees of their home planet of Kashyyyk

(5) Long lived, Chewbacca was over 200 by the time the Empire struck back.

Answer: WOOKIEEs

C.) (10) Their gods are made of metal, and in clans, they search for their own gods by living as nomads.

(5) See-Threepio cannot abide them. Disgusting creatures. He should know.

Answer: JAWAs

11. Men of wrestling, or women of wrestling? No, there’s not a “both” or “neither,” though some might look like it. What we mean is, choose which bonus you want now – men or women.


Name the Wrestler on a 40-30-20-10-5-1 basis

40.) He dresses out in the locker room.

30.) Born Marty Lunde, he beat Wahoo McDaniel for the NWA TV title in January 1986.

20.) Along with Scott Hudson, he formed the WCW announce team for the Booker T/Marcus Bagwell Title match held on Monday Night Raw in June of 2001.

10.) Known as “the Enforcer,” with long time Four Horsemen partner Tully Blanchard, he won the WWF Tag Team Titles from Demolition in 1989.

5.) Longtime friend Ric Flair refers to him as “Double A.”

1.) Those two A’s stand for Arn Anderson



Well, some of them are pretty. Especially when you compare them to one another, and when you consider their carnie background. Name these women of wrestling, from descriptions FTPE or from their real name for 5 pts.

A.) 10) She made appearances on 3rd Rock from the Sun, and is currently acting in made fo Sci-Fi Channel movies. She posed in Playboy, and is the Ninth Wonder of the World.

5) Joanie Laurer

Answer: CHYNA

B.) Another wrestling champion whose time has passed, she models for the comic 10th Muse. She also posed for Playboy, and is married to the former Johnny B. Badd.

5) Rena Mero

Answer: SABLE

C.) She isn’t pretty in comparison to anyone. She appeared in ECW and the WWF. Howard Stern’s newslady Robin Quivers was unable to determine whether her genitalia was male or female.

5) Nicole Bass

Answer: Nicole BASS [accept Nisole Bass]

12. Have you been watching Enterprise? Answer the following about the Star Trek prequel, 5-10-20-30:

A. Name the Chief Engineer

Answer: Michael TUCKER (Accept: TRIP)

D. Name the Translator/Communications Officer

Answer: HOSHI SATO (Accept Either Name)

E. Give the call letters of the Enterprise on the show

Answer: NX-01

F. Name the Klingon Homeworld the Enterprise travels to in the pilot episode

Answer: Qo’nos (pronounced KRONOS)

13. Hip-hop or country? Choose now:


“That’s just Timmy Talkin’” Timbaland is the Master of Beats and a constant collaborator with Missy Elliot. However, he also guests on tracks with a number of other artists. Given a description, name the artist who collaborates with Timbaland, FTSNOP.

A.) (5 point) On the Romeo Must Die soundtrack, he produced for this late actress and singer.


B.) (10 point) Timbaland, Missy Elliot and this artist race tractors in the video for “Ugly.”


C.) (15 point) Timbaland produced beats for this Atlanta rapper’s “Back for the First Time.”



There’s just not enough country music represented in quiz bowl. Given a list of songs from an album, give the album, for ten. If you need the performer, you’ll only get five.

A. (10) “Someone Should Tell Her,” “Dream River,” “Dance the Night Away,”

(5) The Mavericks


B. (10) “Any Man of Mine” “Raining On Our Love,” “God Bless the Child”

(5) Shania Twain


C. (10) “There’s Your Trouble,” “You Were Mine,” “I Can Love you Better”

(5) Dixie Chicks


14. The original masters of the Universe figures all had had short descriptions beneath their names on their cards. He-Man was “the Most Powerful Man in the Universe.” Skeletor, meanwhile, was “Lord of Destruction.” FTPE, from the description under the character name on the bubble card, name the action figure.

A.) “Evil and Sees Everything.”


B.) “Savage Henchman”


C.) “Winged Warrior”


15. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, the final film in Kevin Smith’s New Jersey Trilogy has a number of “celebrity” cameos that you may have missed. FTPE, given a cameo from the film, name the actor.

A. He played L.A. Drugdealer Pumpkin Escobar; he also plays Mike Tyson in many an SNL segment.


b. This Marvel comic character makes a cameo while our heroes are chased through the backlot. He appears in his traditional red horned costume.


c. The pizza man who delivers a pizza to the band of jewel thieves is actual this Marvel comics Editor-in-Chief, and friend to Kevin Smith


16. NBA players make millions upon millions a year, yet they need somebody to tell them how to play. And to take the blame when they don’t. F5PE, given an NBA team, name its coach at the start of the 2001-2002 season.

A.) Atlanta Hawks

Answer: Lon KRUGER

B.) Charlotte Hornets

Answer: Paul SILAS

C.) Golden State Warriors

Answer: Dave COWENS

D.) L.A. Clippers

Answer: Alvin GENTRY

E.) Seattle Supersonics

Answer: Nate McMILLAN

F.) Sacramento Kings

Answer: Rick ADELMAN

17. Name the singer from works on a 30-20-10-5 basis

30 point) “Half a Heart,” “Underachiever”

20 point) “Soldiers of Christ” “Jet Pack” “The Guy Who Doesn’t Get It”

10 point) “Kathie Lee” “Happy Town” “Why My Ship Comes In”

5 point) “I Kissed a Girl.”

Answer: Jill SOBULE

18. Baseball in Movies: FTSNOP, name the baseball teams in questions

A.) (5) The team Roy Hobbs plays for in The Natural

Answer: New York KNIGHTS

B.) (5 each) The two teams playing before a crowd that includes Queen Elizabeth II in The Naked Gun


C. (5) The Team led by Jimmy Dugan in A League of their Own

Answer: Rockford Peaches [accept either]

D. (10) The team Lori Petty’s Kit is traded to in the same film

Answer: Racine Belles [accept either]

19. Ah, that old standby, the Hot 100 list. FTPE, given a description of a book on the top 100, name the book. If you need an easier clue, you’ll only get five.

A. (10) Luther Krank, upon his youngest daughter moving out, decides to evade the tyranny of December 25.

(5) The newest from John Grisham


B (10) Control is unravelling for Nicolae Carpathia, as the prophecies from Revelation are pouring onto Earth.

(5) It is the ninth in the Left Behind series, from Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye


C (10) A Country lawyer is thrown headlong, against his wishes, into a political world he can’t ever get a grip on, even to his dying day.

(5) It is David McCullough’s biography of the second United States President.


20. Ripped from the headlines of the Fortean Times, the Journal of Strange Phenomena, identify the objects or persons in question, FTSNOP.

A (5) Sridhar Chillal, 64, a retired photgrapher will be cutting something from his body in the hope of making 125,000 pounds. The longest is 4'10", and they keep him from sleeping comfortably.


B. (10 point) A new theory is given by Wolfgang Kundt that says a volcanic blowout of natural gas caused a blast in 1908 that leveled hundreds of miles of terrain in this region of Russia.


C. (15 point) In August 1999, this amateur archaeologist passed away, after having claimed to have found the remains of Noah’s Ark on Mt. Ararat, as well as the site of Golgotha and the Ark of the Covenant in Israel.

Answer: Ron WYATT

21. Tarzan of the Apes was first published by Edgar Rice Burroughs without much thought of a sequel. Funny, since he would go on to write 23 more. For five points each, give the titles of the next five books in the Tarzan saga, with five for all correct. They need not be in the correct order.




5. Tarzan and THE JEWELS OF OPAR

6. JUNGLE TALES of Tarzan

22. Identify the fictional character on a 30-20-10 basis.

30 point) He was born John Kelly. His father was a fireman, who died while John was in Vietnam.

20 point) A Navy SEAL, he later went into service with the CIA

10 point) He also served as Jack Ryan’s bodyguard and driver, and is the leader of the team of counter-terrorists known as Rainbow.

Answer: John CLARK
23. The most obvious thing you run into when watching the Godfather Part III is after watching the first two is how dreadfully average it is. Keeping that in mind, answer these questions about the Godfather Part III, FTPE.

A.) Michael son Anthony performs in this opera at the end of the film.


B.) The Corleones stay at the home of this man, who is assassinated in his car, while in Sicily


C.) Okay, she wasn’t really in part III, but Michael does flash back to footage from earlier films, when he thinks of his wife in Sicily. She was killed in a car bomb meant for him. Name her.


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