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Packet by the University of Delaware

Contributors: Matthew Groth, Mark Pellegrini
1. His first feature film appearance was a non-speaking part in 1989's The Wizard.  Guest spots on television shows such as Blossom and Roseanne followed, and in 1992 he was given the title role in the short-lived FOX series Great Scott.  He was cast in the film Empire Records, but a drinking problem caused him to drop out of the project before it was finished.  His performance in(*) The Cider House Rules led to the role for which he is most well-known, on the recommendation of director Sam Raimi.  The star of such films as Pleasantville, Seabiscuit, and Brothers, this is FTP what actor best known for playing Peter Parker in the first three Spider-Man movies?
ANS: Tobey Maguire
2. This team made the Final Four of the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament in 1967 and 1968, and in both years they were knocked out in the semifinal round by the eventual champion UCLA Bruins. They also played the Bruins on January 20, 1968 in the first NCAA regular season game(*) nationally broadcast in primetime, winning 71-69. At that time they were not in a conference; they later spent 21 years in the Southwest Conference, and joined Conference USA in 1996. FTP, name this college basketball team whose early 1980s squads sported the nickname Phi Slama Jama and included such notable players as Clyde Drexler and Hakeem Olajuwon.
ANS: University of Houston Cougars

3. Warning: year and team required.  Their first game was a 5-4 victory over the Oakland Athletics, and they would ultimately win 10 of the 19 games against the Athletics that year.  Among their All-Stars were Jeff Nelson, Mike Cameron, and(*) Freddy García, whose ERA of 3.05 led the American League.  They fell to the Yankees in the ALCS – despite setting the AL record for wins in a single regular season, with 116.  For ten points, name this team whose 2001 season was managed by Lou Piniella and whose players included Edgar Martínez and in his first of 9 straight 200-hit seasons, Ichiro Suzuki.

ANS: Seattle Mariners (Accept either Seattle or Mariners)
4. This album was the band's first without producer Roy Thomas Baker.  The final track, entitled "Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)," was written by the guitarist as a tribute to their Japanese fans and contains two verses in Japanese.  This album's biggest hit was a gospel-influenced number about the desperation of(*) love, with the singer proclaiming "I just gotta get out of this prison cell/Someday I'm gonna be free, Lord!"  The band eventually named it after a classic Marx Brothers' comedy film, as they had done with their previous album, A Night at the Opera.  This is, FTP, what 1976 album by Queen, containing the hits “Tie Your Mother Down” and “Somebody to Love”?
ANS: A Day at the Races
5. One level of this game sees a magic ring that the player character can drop to affect objects around it. In another level, "shadows" of the player character appear and allow multiple tasks to be performed at the same time. Those levels are called "Hesitance" and(*) "Time and Decision." In each level, the player collects puzzle pieces that, put together, tell the story, which concerns Tim and his possibly symbolic love interest who, leaving him, lashed him with the title object. In World 1, the last stage of the game, the player discovers that the princess he has been trying to rescue has been running from him the whole time. For 10 points, name this video game that lets the player manipulate time.


6. The title's the same.  One work by this name is a 1977 film featuring the debut screen performance of Meryl Streep, for which Vanessa Redgrave won her only Oscar.  One song by this name was a single by Eurythmics, found on the soundtrack album to the film 1984.  Another is the final track on side two of The Beatles' “White Album”, which is the only time John Lennon played(*) and sang unaccompanied on a recording released under the band's name.  Also the title of a groundbreaking sitcom starring Diahann Carroll that ran on NBC from 1968 to 1971, this is FTP what common female given name shared by comedienne Sweeney, skiier Mancuso and actress Roberts?

ANS: Julia [do not accept “Julie”]

7. His father Arnie was a World War II veteran who died in a 1979 parade float accident along with four other men from his unit. He once knocked out Wade Boggs following an argument over who was the greatest Prime Minister in Britain's history.  In 1986(*), David Crosby presented his group with the Grammy Award for Outstanding Soul, Spoken Word, or Barbershop Album of the Year for their debut release Meet the Be Sharps.  For ten points, name this former NASA astronaut-in-training and "Plow King" who has earned his reputation as the most notable drunk in the town of Springfield.
ANS: Barney Gumble
8. This man initially played football at Long Beach State University, but had to switch schools when the school eliminated its football program after 1991. He moved to the University of Georgia, serving as their running back for two seasons.  After being drafted by the NFL, he became the(*) lowest drafted player ever to gain 1,000 yards rushing in his rookie season.  He was the league's MVP the season after he was named Super Bowl MVP despite sitting out one quarter with migraines. A Hall of Fame candidate despite only playing eight seasons, this is FTP what running back, who won two Super Bowl rings as a member of the Denver Broncos?
ANS: Terrell Davis

9. According to his creator, at one point he was to be named Tempus from Morph.  This character's outfit was modeled on the spacesuits worn by Apollo astronauts, and features a liquid adamantium-nitrogen layer which protects him from attack.  At the end of the second film featuring this character, he begins a relationship with the female protagonist whom he helped to rescue, a cowgirl named(*) Jessie.  He is usually stationed in the Gamma Quadrant of Sector 4 and is a proud and distinguished member of the Intergalactic Alliance. FTP, name this space ranger voiced by Tim Allen in the Toy Story films known for his catchphrase, “To infinity and beyond!”

ANS: Buzz Lightyear (accept either)
10. This singer was born in Tijuana in 1975 and moved to the United States when he was two years old.  His first big break came as a founding member of the Kumbia Kings.  In 2003 he left them and signed with Columbia Records, releasing his debut album What's a Man to Do.  That album featured his first hit, "Don't Wanna Try," and the same year he was(*) featured on Baby Bash's top ten hit, "Suga Suga."  Baby Bash returned the favor in 2005, participating the lead single off this artist’s The One.  FTP, name this Mexican-American singer known for such hits as "How to Deal," "More Than Words," and "Obsession (No Es Amor)."
ANS: Frankie J (also accept Francisco Javier Bautista, Jr.) 
11. The actresses in this series combined to win the Emmy for Best Lead Actress in a Drama six years in a row. Meg Foster was cast in a role that was supposed to be given to Loretta Swit, but was let go after the first season because CBS was afraid that viewers were perceiving the character as a lesbian.  This show was(*) cancelled after its second season but a letter-writing campaign carried out by fans caused the network to bring it back, and it ran for five more years.  Originally airing from 1982 to 1988, this is FTP what television series starring Tyne Daly and Sharon Gless as the titular New York City police detectives?
ANS: Cagney & Lacey

12. This man began his professional career playing for Cruziero, leading them to their first Copa do Brasil championship.  He was recruited in 1994 by scout Piet de Visser to play for PSV Eindhoven, and averaged just under one goal per game for them.  However, it was as a member of(*) FC Barcelona that he gained worldwide recognition, scoring 47 goals in his one year there and almost winning the Ballon d’Or at age 20.  He played for Inter Milan, A.C. Milan, and Real Madrid, and is now with São Paulo-based Corinthians. FTP name this three-time FIFA World Player of the Year, who led Brazil to victory in the 2002 FIFA World Cup.

ANS: Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima
13. One of the backlots used in this series is a modified version of Courthouse Square, best known for its appearance in the Back to the Future trilogy.  It is based on the work of co-executive producer James Van Praagh, who maintains a v-blog of brief commentaries on each episode.  One minor character is Tim Flaherty, a friend of the male protagonist who has a romantic interest in(*) Delia Banks, a friend of the female protagonist.  The fourth season saw the death of Jim Clancy, although his spirit began to possess the body of a man named Sam Lucas.  FTP, name this supernatural television series whose titular protagonist, Melinda Gordon, is played by Jennifer Love Hewitt.
ANS: Ghost Whisperer
14. This song was originally the B-side to a cover of The Righteous Brothers' "Substitute," but its popularity among disc jockeys eventually led to it being released as an A-side.  One version of this song is performed by lounge singer Tony Clifton in the final scene of the film Man on the Moon.  R&B singer(*) Chantay Savage scored her biggest hit in 1996 with a cover version of this song that sported a substantially slower tempo than the original.  Winner of the first and only Grammy Award for Best Disco Recording, it was embellished with a profanity in the 1996 cover version by Cake. This is FTP what anthemic 1979 hit by Gloria Gaynor?
ANS: "I Will Survive"

15. Alexandre Dinerchtein is the top rated European player of this game, whose tournaments include the Samsung Cup, Agon Cup, and Daiwa Cup.  In the nineteenth century, four academies to teach this game were established, and they arranged the famous(*) "blood vomiting match" that took place in 1835.  One famous novel about this game centers on a match between a retiring master and the up-and-coming Otake, a novel which won a Nobel Prize for Yasunari Kawabata.  FTP, players place black and white stones on a grid in order to capture the most territory in what ancient Asian board game?

ANS: Go (don’t accept anything else; although there are things like Reversi, they don’t have the same tournaments or history)
16. This musical was conceived in 2003 by Jon and Al Kaplan, based on their stageplay of the same name.  They released it on the Internet, and later added a set of Lego movies set to its songs.  The show climaxes with "In the Dark with a Maniac," in which one singer(*) shoots and kills another singer. In another song, a singer laments the fact that he cannot shoot another character because "they don't sell fat girls in a fucking store" and threatens to jam a moth down her throat if she doesn't "put the fucking lotion in the basket."  FTP, name this musical, an unauthorized parody of a film starring Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter.
ANS: SILENCE! The Musical (accept The Silence of the Lambs, The Musical; do not accept or prompt on "The Silence of the Lambs")
17. This man received an Academy Award nomination for his role as Cardinal Glennon in 1963’s The Cardinal, and other powerhouse performances include his role as The Lawgiver in Battle for the Planet of the Apes.  Born in Nevada, Missouri, he began as a screenwriter, co-writing such films as Juarez and High Sierra.  A frequent collaborator was actor Humphrey Bogart, who starred in several of his films including(*) Key Largo and The African Queen.  FTP, name this man who directed his father Walter to a Best Supporting Actor Oscar in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre and his daughter Anjelica to a Best Supporting Actress Oscar in Prizzi's Honor
ANS: John Huston

18. A 2001 article in Rolling Stone stated that this “album” was supposed to be named The Summer So Far, although the band's lead singer denied those claims.  The “album” includes the seven-and-a-half-minute long "Monkey Man," which has not been used in any of the band’s other productions.  Controversy over this song cycle arose when(*) Craig Knapp, lead singer of a cover group honoring the band, was falsely granted permission to release these recordings over the Internet by someone posing as the producer.  Later rerecorded for the most part as the album Busted Stuff, this is FTP what bootleg collection of songs recorded by Dave Matthews Band in 1999 and 2000, named after the producer of the sessions?

ANS: The Lillywhite Sessions
19. Media executive Robert Pittman created this network, and later became president and CEO of the company overseeing its operations. Logo has just started rerunning the sextastic anthology show Undressed, which was on this network from 1999 to 2002. Among its featured personalities in its early years were Nina Blackwood, J.J. Jackson(*), Mark Goodman, and Martha Quinn.  It produced the halftime shows for Super Bowl XXXV and Super Bowl XXXVIII, and created its namesake Video Music Awards in 1984.  FTP, name this cable television network that has recently become embroiled in controversy over the reality show Jersey Shore
20. The son of this film's director wrote the lyrics to its theme song, which topped the UK singles chart a decade after the film was first released.  One scene involves a dentist named "Painless Pole" Waldowski attempting to commit suicide by swallowing a "black capsule," which turns out to be nothing more than a sleeping pill.  Gary Burghoff was the only actor who played the same character on (*) television, playing Corporal “Radar” O’Reilly. Starring Elliott Gould as "Trapper John" McIntyre and Donald Sutherland as "Hawkeye" Pierce, this is FTP what 1970 Robert Altman-directed film, depicting a unit of U.S. Army medical personnel during the Korean War?

TB1. Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band's dance hit "Cherchez La Femme" namedrops him, and Hall & Oates' 1975 song "Gino (The Manager)" was inspired by this man.  In the mid-1970s, he started Champion Entertainment Organization Inc. to manage other musical artists after his own career as a singer didn't pan out.  He became the head of(*) CBS Records in 1987, and the following year, as the result of a buyout, he assumed the position for which he is most well-known.  Serving as the president and CEO of Sony Music Entertainment for nearly fifteen years, this is FTP what music executive who was married to Mariah Carey from 1993 to 1998?

ANSWER: Tommy Mottola
TB2. This Yale graduate originally intended to be a classical pianist, but decided to join the theater.  His first notable role on television was that of U.S. Representative Theodore Van Horne on the short-lived sitcom The Powers That Be.  His films around that time included Nixon, Little Man Tate, and(*) Sleepless in Seattle in which he played the brother of the female protagonist.  He voices Sideshow Bob's brother on The Simpsons, a reference to his most famous role, playing the brother of Sideshow Bob’s voice actor.  FTP, name this actor best known for his portrayal of Dr. Niles Crane on the TV series Frasier.
ANS: David Hyde Pierce
TB3. In 2004, Tina Yothers portrayed this woman in an off-Broadway musical sporting her name. In high school, she was given the nickname "Miss Holy Holy" because of her refusal to let boys touch her.  At the age of 20 she became involved with Chuck Traynor, who served as her manager and secured her a role in the 1971 film(*) Dogarama.  By the early 1980s she had come to denounce her most famous work and her career as a whole, becoming one of the most visible members of the feminist anti-pornography movement.  FTP, name this woman who was killed in a 2002 car accident, star of the 1972 pornography classic Deep Throat.
ANSWER: Linda Lovelace (also accept Linda Susan Boreman)


Packet by the University of Delaware

Contributors: Matthew Groth, Mark Pellegrini

1. Name some things about Marvel's “Days of Future Past” storyline for ten points each.

[10] Days of Future Past centers on attempts by future mutants to prevent the assassination of this U.S. Senator, portrayed in 2000’s X-Men by Bruce Davison.

ANS: Robert Kelly

[10] To save Kelly, this X-Man who has the power to walk through physical objects projects her future persona back into her younger self.

ANS: Kitty Pryde (accept either; also accept Shadowcat)

[10] According to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Days of Future Past is part of what Marvel universe number?

ANS: Earth-811

2. Name these well-known 1960s musical groups for ten points each.

[10] This Motown vocal quintet formed in 1960 as The Elgins.  By the time "My Girl" topped the American charts in early 1965, they had adopted this name by which they are still known today.

ANS: The Temptations

[10] This recently-reformed duo is comprised of two childhood friends from Queens.  Their hits include "I Am a Rock," "Homeward Bound," and "A Hazy Shade of Winter."

ANS: Simon & Garfunkel

[10] This sexually-integrated quartet comprised married couple John and Michelle Phillips along with Denny Doherty and Cass Elliot.  Their hit single "Creeque Alley" gives an autobiographical account of the group's formation.

ANS: The Mamas & the Papas

3. Name these triumphant winners of the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress FTPE.
[10] The youngest-ever winner is this actress, who won for playing a shipwrecked teenager in The Blue Lagoon.
ANS: Brooke Shields

[10] Twenty-six years after Shields won, this actress became the oldest-ever winner.  She won for playing best-selling author Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct 2

ANS: Sharon Stone

[10] This woman won the Worst Actress Razzie five times, more than any other actress.  Her first win came in 1986 for Shanghai Surprise.

ANS: Madonna Louise Ciccone
4. Name these albums nominated for the 1986 Grammy for Album of the Year, for ten points each.

[10] One nominee was the self-titled debut album by this singer, which included hits like "Saving All My Love for You," "How Will I Know," and "Greatest Love of All."

ANSWER: Whitney Houston (prompt on "Houston")

[10] Another nominee was this debut solo album by Sting.  "If You Love Somebody Set Them Free" and "Fortress Around Your Heart" both reached the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

ANSWER: The Dream of the Blue Turtles 

[10] The ultimate winner was this album, the third by Phil Collins.  It was named after an incident where Collins was denied admittance to a Chicago restaurant because of his failure to adhere to the dress code.

ANS: No Jacket Required

5. Who says you have to be a winner to be named an MVP?  For ten points each, name the sports figures who won championship MVP awards despite being on the losing team.
[10] This Hall of Fame guard from the Los Angeles Lakers won the 1969 NBA Finals MVP despite losing to the Boston Celtics in seven games.  He averaged nearly 38 points a game during the series.

ANS: Jerry West

[10] This Dallas Cowboys linebacker was the MVP of Super Bowl V despite his team falling to the Baltimore Colts.  He recorded two interceptions in the loss.

ANS: Chuck Howley

[10] This New York Yankees second baseman was the 1960 World Series MVP despite his team falling to the Pittsburgh Pirates in seven games.  His record of six RBIs in a World Series game was matched by Hideki Matsui in 2009.

ANS: Bobby Richardson

6. Name these Heisman Trophy winners with something in common, for ten points each.
[10] This University of Florida quarterback won the Heisman in 1966.  He later coached the Gators to the 1996 National Championship, and is now the head coach of the University of South Carolina Gamecocks.

ANS: Steve Spurrier

[10] This University of Florida quarterback won the Heisman in 1996.  Under Spurrier, he led the Gators to four consecutive Southeastern Conference titles from 1993 to 1996.

ANS: Danny Wuerffel

[10] This University of Florida quarterback won the Heisman in 2007.  The first sophomore to win the

Heisman, he won two national championships with the Gators and has entered the 2010 NFL Draft.

ANS: Tim Tebow

7. Name these famous old-school commercials for ten points each.

[10] In a 1984 commercial for Wendy's, Clara Peller appeared confused and asked this question after examining a hamburger bun.

ANS: “Where's the beef?”

[10] Buddy Miles sang the vocals for this fictional musical group composed of singing fruits. The band spawned two TV specials, four studio albums, and a cartoon.

ANS: California Raisins

[10] Fred the Baker was an overweight and moustachioed character from Dunkin Donuts ads between 1982 and 1997. He woke up before the crack of dawn and wearily uttered what five-word catchphrase?

ANS: “Time to make the donuts”

8. Name these John Hughes-directed films for ten points each.
[10] Hughes' 1984 directorial debut was this film, which centered around awkward high school sophomore Sam Baker and her crush on popular senior Jake Ryan.

ANSWER: Sixteen Candles

[10] This 1987 film stars Steve Martin and John Candy as two men trying to get from New York to Chicago for the Thanksgiving holidays.

ANSWER: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

[10] Hughes' final film as a director was this 1991 comedy starring Jim Belushi as a homeless scam artist and Alisan Porter as his titular young companion.

ANSWER: Curly Sue

9. Name these notable hits that came out of the Latin pop phenomenon of 1999, for ten points each.

[10] This Ricky Martin hit is generally considered to be the song that began the Latin pop phenomenon of 1999.  It was later covered by Antonio Banderas and Eddie Murphy in the film Shrek 2.

ANS: “Livin' la Vida Loca

[10] This song was Jennifer Lopez's debut single and established her as a major recording artist.  Its music video was memorable for its voyeuristic theme.

ANS: “If You Had My Love

[10] This song by Enrique Iglesias was featured in the 1999 film Wild Wild West.  In English, its title literally translates to "We Dance."

ANS: “Bailamos

10. Name these Stephen King novels that were turned into films for ten points each.

[10] Jack Torrance is hired as the caretaker for the Overlook Hotel in this novel, later made into a 1980 film directed by Stanley Kubrick.

ANS: The Shining

[10] This novel is about a man who can see someone's past, present, or future by touching them.  It was turned into a 1983 film starring Christopher Walken and more recently into a television series on USA.

ANS: The Dead Zone

[10] In this King novel, later adapted into a 2003 film, four friends meet up at a cabin in the woods of Maine for an annual hunting trip.  Before they know it, Earth is confronted with ass-invading aliens.

ANS: Dreamcatcher
11. Name these funk hits of 1980, FTPE.
[10] This song by Roger Troutman and Zapp included heavy use of the voice-distorting vocoder, and was updated by Snoop Dogg as “Snoop Bounce”. It appears on Grand Theft Auto’s “Wild Style” radio station.

ANS: “More Bounce to the Ounce”

[10] This hit by the Gap Band features couplets like “The bigger the headache, the bigger the pill. The bigger the doctor, the bigger the bill!”, but is mostly just the two title phrases repeated over and over.

ANS: “Oops Upside Your Head” (“I Don’t Believe You Want To Get Up And Dance”) (accept either)

[10] This Lakeside song was turned into a 1994 rap hit by Coolio, and shares a title with a 1966 science fiction movie about a journey within the bloodstream of a Soviet scientist.

ANS: “Fantastic Voyage”

12. Some people just can't get enough attention.  For ten points each, name these celebrities who died while performing onstage.

[10] Mark Sandman, lead singer and bassist for this Boston-based “low-rock” or “noir-rock”band, died onstage in Italy in 1999. Their albums include Like Swimming, Cure For Pain and Yes.

ANS: Morphine

[10] This singer and ukulele player was best known for his rendition of "Tiptoe Through the Tulips," the song he was singing when he suffered a fatal heart attack while playing at a gala benefit in 1996.

ANS: Tiny Tim (or Herbert Khaury)

[10] In 2004, this guitarist for the heavy metal bands Pantera and Damageplan was shot to death while performing with the latter band at a club in Columbus, Ohio.

ANS: Dimebag Darrell (also accept Darrell Lance Abbott or Diamond Darrell or Dimebag or Dime)

13. Why don't you have a seat over there and answer these questions about To Catch a Predator, for ten points each.
[10] To Catch a Predator was hosted by this NBC reporter. He also covered the Columbine shooting and the Oklahoma City bombing for his news agency.

ANS: Chris Hansen

[10] To Catch a Predator was a spin-off of this television news-magazine, whose hosts have included Stone Phillips, Jane Pauley, and Ann Curry.

ANS: Dateline NBC

[10] To Catch a Predator was produced by NBC and this website, whose volunteers pretend to be children in online chats.

ANS: Perverted

14. Given a description of an achievement or honor in the NHL, name the trophy that is awarded for it, for ten points each.

[10] This trophy is awarded annually to the "player adjudged most valuable to his team."  Considered the most prestigious individual award in the NHL, it is voted on by members of the Professional Hockey Writers' Association.

ANS: Hart Memorial Trophy[10] This trophy is awarded to the player who leads the league in scoring points at the end of the regular season.  It is named after the first head coach and general manager of the Boston Bruins.

ANS: Art Ross Trophy

[10] This trophy is awarded annually to the goaltender "adjudged to be the best at this position."  The current holder is the Bruins' Tim Thomas.

ANS: Vezina Trophy

[Moderator note: put in the air quotes.]

15. FTPE, name some facts about “actor” and “comedian” Mike Myers.

[10] Myers starred in this 1993 film about a beat poet who falls in love with a butcher who may or may not be a serial killer.

ANS: So I Married an Axe Murderer

[10] In the 1998 film 54, Myers played this real-life co-founder of the New York City disco club Studio 54.
ANS: Steve Rubell

[10] Along with musicians Susanna Hoffs and Matthew Sweet, Myers is a member of this band.  They performed the song "BBC" during the closing credits of Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

ANS: Ming Tea

16. In 2004, the American Film Institute unveiled its list of the top 100 songs in cinematic history.  For ten points each, name the following songs that made the list from a certain film.

[10] At #10 was the title song from this 1965 musical film, starring Julie Andrews as a governess named Maria who tutors the children of the Von Trapp family. 

ANS: The Sound of Music

[10] Coming in at #64 was this song, which lists a number of the things that Maria loves, including "cream-colored ponies and crisp apple strudels/doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles."

ANS: My Favorite Things

[10] The #88 song on the list was this simple tune used by Maria to teach the notes of the musical scale to the Von Trapp children.

ANS: Do-Re-Mi 

17. Name these MLB players whose birthday is TODAY! APRIL 24TH! for ten points each.

[10] This longtime Atlanta Braves third baseman turns 38 today.  He is the Braves' all-time career home run leader, and was National League MVP in 1999.

ANS: Larry Wayne "Chipper" Jones, Jr.

[10] This New York Mets center fielder turns 33 today.  Before playing for the Mets, he spent six years with the Kansas City Royals, where he was named the American League Rookie of the Year in 1999.

ANS: Carlos Beltrán

[10] This former MLB infielder turns 45 today.  During a decade-long career in the major leagues, he served three separate stints with the Seattle Mariners, the team for whom he currently serves as a TV and radio commentator.

ANS: Mike Blowers

18. This game has variants like Wilson and Gunboat, and openings for this game include the Lepanto and Churchill.  For ten points each...
[10] Name this board game whose players make deals and backstab each other in order to gain dominance over Europe.

ANS: Diplomacy

[10] Thirty-four of the provinces in Diplomacy contain these objects. Possession of one of these allows the owner to build a fleet or army; possession of 18 of these allows the owner to win the game.

ANS: Supply Centers (Accept SCs)

[10] The Game of Diplomacy was the first book on Diplomacy strategy.  It was written by what British journalist, an avid Diplomacy player?

ANS: Richard Sharp

19. He's one of the most successful country singers of all time.  For ten points each... 
[10] Name this superstar who starred alongside Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side and is married to fellow country singer Faith Hill.

ANS: Tim McGraw

[10] McGraw scored a huge hit in 2004 with this song, the title track to his eighth studio album.  It tells the story of a terminally-ill man and was inspired by McGraw's recently-deceased father, former MLB relief pitcher Tug McGraw.

ANS: “Live Like You Were Dying

[10] Also in 2004, McGraw contributed vocals to this song by rapper Nelly.  It was released as a single and peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

ANS: “Over and Over” 

20. Name some things about James Lipton for ten points each.

[10] You probably know Lipton best as the long-time host of this interview program on Bravo.

ANS: Inside the Actor’s Studio

[10] Lipton wrote the screenplay for a 1985 made-for-TV musical film adaptation of this Barry Manilow hit about a nightclub. Parody versions include a version by Mark David Lewis called “Star Wars Cantina”

ANS: Copacabana

[10] Lipton also wrote the theme song for this hit 1980s cartoon set on the planet of Third Earth.

ANS: ThunderCats

21. Name some Internet memes from a description for ten points each.

[10] This meme originated on 4chan as a way to lampoon creationism/evolution debates.  It features a divine entity that went extinct for your sins.
ANS: Raptor Jesus
[10] This celebrity is the target of an Internet hoax alleging that he raped and murdered a girl in North Carolina in 1990.
ANS: Glenn Beck
[10] This meme originated on the Japanese game show Hello Morning!, featuring the titular animal turning around and staring at the camera with one eye.
ANS: Dramatic Chipmunk (accept Dramatic Squirrel)

22. Name these hit cover versions with something in common, for ten points each. 

[10] Mariah Carey recorded a show for MTV Unplugged in 1992.  During the performance, she covered this Jackson 5 song as a duet with backing singer Trey Lorenz; it was released as a single and topped the American pop chart.

ANSWER: I'll Be There

[10] Rod Stewart recorded a show for MTV Unplugged in 1993.  The resulting album produced three hit singles, the biggest of which was a cover of this Van Morrison ballad.

ANSWER: Have I Told You Lately

[10] 10,000 Maniacs also recorded a show for MTV Unplugged in 1993.  Their live performance of this Patti Smith Group classic was released as a single and became one of the band's biggest hits.

ANSWER: Because the Night

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