Town of Concrete Town Council Meeting November 27, 2017 6: 00 p m

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Town of Concrete

Town Council Meeting

November 27, 2017
6:00 p.m. Mayor Jason Miller called the meeting to order. Mayor Miller led the gallery in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Roll Call: Council Members: Rob Thomas, Jude Dippold, Mike Bartel, Marla Reed and Ginger Kyritsis.
Staff Present: Public Works Director Alan Wilkins, Town Attorney David Day, Clerk Treasurer Andrea Fichter, Town Engineer Cody Hart and Town Planner Marianne Manville-Ailles.
Audience Members Signed In: John Boggs, Eric Archuletta, Betty Sequin, Michelle Coda, Marty Smith, John Lloyd, Tyler Nibarger and Bill Bridge.
Public Participation: Eric Archuletta – Economic Development Commission Chair:

  • Town Flag Results and Recommendation: Eric stated the flag contest began with a booth during Youth Activity Day and then another booth at Cascade Days, where they spoke with the community about the flag contest. He also reported on the presentation that was held at the Economic Development Commission workshop, where they discussed what types of flag designs are good and what kind are not. He stated they received 114 entries, which were narrowed down to 24, and then from that 24 the commission again narrowed it down to the top 4. He stated from those 4 the commission chose the one they believed to be the top choice and is making that their recommendation to council. Eric displayed the top 4 choices to the council, as well as the one they are recommending for the final design.

Rob Thomas asked to review the top 4. Council reviewed the top 4 choices. Eric stated that he also spoke with other towns and cities on their processes for choosing and approving flag designs.

Council requested additional time to review the entries and make the final decision at its December 11, 2017 meeting.

  • Economic Development Branding Workshop Recommendations: Eric reported a mini workshop was first held at a Chamber of Commerce meeting and then a full workshop with the community was held after that. He stated branding is about who we are and what story we want to tell about ourselves. He reported they received a lot of community input from people in attendance at the workshop, as well as through electronically submitted comments and input.

He stated there are seven things to think about when discussing branding and he reviewed those seven items with the council. He stated that branding is about perception and pinpointing why people come to Concrete. He discussed the top 3 goals that were determined by the Economic Development Commission (EDC).

Eric reviewed the branding workshop, the efforts that have been put forward, the results from the workshop, and the recommendations from the EDC. He also reported on the partners that can be utilized to assist in economic development in town.
Eric stated the commission has developed 13 recommendations and reviewed those with the council. Ginger Kyritsis read aloud the branding statement developed by the EDC. Eric also discussed the different mottos that have been discussed and the “Center of the Known Universe” one keeps surfacing back to the top of the list. He also stated when the EDC meets in January, they will discuss the work items for 2018.
Jude Dippold stated that he believes a motto should be more in line with what’s in the branding statement and he doesn’t believe that particular motto does that as well as some of the others listed.

  • EDC Year-end Report: Eric reported the commission began 2017 with a goal of completing 5 tasks within the town’s Economic Development Plan. Eric reported on those 5 tasks and what was worked on throughout 2017. He reported on those and explained to council which ones have been completed and which ones are still progressing.

He reported on the following:

Town Web site Update – In progress

Create Brand – Recommendations Issued

Broadband – In progress

Database of Key Buildings – Completed

Adaptive Reuse of Old Fire Hall – In Progress

Town Flag – Recommendation Issued

Audience member John Boggs asked if the EDC information being talked about tonight could be added to the town Web site, since it was not included in the online packet.
Concrete Food Bank Awning Proposal: Marty Smith discussed the food bank building and their ideas for building improvements.

Bill Bridge stated they want to make sure the building remains in scheme with what’s there, as well as what may be there in the future, but they also want to be able to provide cover for those standing outside in the weather waiting in line to come into the building. He stated the lobby area is small and only so many people can enter the building at one time. Bill discussed their idea for an awning and how the support poles would line up with the street lights. He stated they are requesting the same courtesy that was extended to the Lone Star owners when they changed their façade.

Marianne stated that she met with the food bank representatives and discussed their ideas. She stated there are design guidelines for the Town Center District that are for any exterior changes made to buildings in the Town Center. Marianne stated a mistake was made during the process the Lone Star went through, and ultimately should not have been allowed. She admitted that she had just started with the town and was not as familiar with the historic nature of the buildings in town. She stated that after speaking with the chair for the Historic Preservation and Landmarks Commission (HPLC), she now has a clearer picture of what the historic nature is. She stated she was told the recent painting that was done in the Town Center was indicative of that historic nature.

Marianne reviewed photos and other information that she gathered for possible awning designs. She also stated an actual proposal from the food bank has not yet been submitted and when it is, she suggested that it goes through the HPLC for review and the HPLC will provide the council with a recommendation. She stated that she would recommend this process so the town does not allow for another error. She stated there are opportunities for the food bank to achieve their objective under current guidelines.
Rob Thomas asked the rest of the council if they have an issue with the food bank having an awning. The consensus of the council was they do not have an issue with them having an awning. Rob Thomas stated then it is just the actual design that needs to be discussed. Discussion ensued on the different types of awnings that were used back in the early 1900s.
Jude Dippold stated that he was not here when the Lone Star was completed, but he would like to know why it was a mistake. He stated he understands it did not follow design guidelines, but it did allow for a functioning business to come in on Main Street. He stated he is wondering if the town might be trying to be too focused on the historic nature instead of the economic development side.

Marla Reed asked why Marianne has stated that it was mistake. Marianne stated the town received the Certified Local Government status from the State of Washington and that is why the town has the HPLC and certain guidelines in place. She stated there is a specific zoning district for the Town Center. She stated why she is stating it is a mistake was because it didn’t go through the HPLC and have the professionals on that commission weigh in on the design. She stated it was brought to council and staff and the decision was more based on what had been done recently at the hotel and restaurant and at the time she believed that was the historic nature and she was wrong and has since learned more information on this topic.

Discussion ensued on if this is more of a legal issue, a philosophical issue, or an aesthetic issue. Jude stated that he believes aesthetics are constantly evolving and to try and maintain Concrete as it existed in 1910 is shortsighted if it keeps business out.
Audience member John Boggs stated that he believes Concrete has a different snow load than Sedro-Woolley and he is not sure how a flat metal roof is art deco, and when Concrete was made a certified city, wasn’t that based on the existing codes so a roof like the Lone Star has would be exempted under the existing code so whether you call it a mistake or not, it’s precedent, unless you’re going to go back and fix what you screwed up, then precedent has been set in his opinion. Mayor Miller stated this is not a court of law and precedent does not carry the same weight for a town that it does in a court of law.
Audience member Michelle Coda asked from a possible liability standpoint for the town, are they aware the Lone Star roof is leaking. Bill Bridge stated that he doesn’t believe the roof is leaking but the false façade is not appropriately fastened to the front so the water goes down in between and going onto the ceiling boards but the roof itself is not leaking. Bill stated they have discussed this and the food bank would not want to do the same type of design. Bill also stated that he read through the design standards and doesn’t believe the idea the food bank has would not be allowed by the guidelines.
Discussion ensued on when the building was painted recently.

Mayor Miller stated that he would like the council to keep in mind when historic preservation is discussed we are not trying to recreate the town down to the last detail of what the town looked like in 1910 but when you think about the successful cities and towns out there that have respected their heritage, like Winthrop, they have created an area that has referenced their own unique heritage without being correct down to the last handmade nail. Mayor Miller stated that he believes it is very important to hit as many of the high notes as we can when we are making these kinds of decisions so that we retain the character of what draws people here. He stated we know that our history draws people here and if they come to the Town Center and there is a hodgepodge of buildings that don’t display the historic nature of the town then that’s damaging to the town. He stated when these types of items come up, he believes they should utilize the HPLC to review these, he stated it shouldn’t be the council’s job to spend 45 minutes of a council meeting discussing these issues when the HPLC exists to make these types of recommendations to the council.

Marla Reed stated the council still needs to be able to agree with the guidelines they are looking at. Mayor Miller stated the council will still get all and more of the information and opinions of the professionals on the HPLC.
Further discussion ensued on different town and cities and the changes they have made to be successful and what the focus is for Concrete, as well as past decisions that have been made and where that leaves the decisions to be made for the future.
Marianne explained the process and reviewed what the next steps would be once an actual proposal is submitted by the food bank. She stated at this point they were just discussing ideas. She stated that they have not been told they cannot put in an awning, they are not being told no; they are just being told there are guidelines to follow. She stated the proposal would go to the HPLC for review and then the HPLC would make a recommendation to the council.
Concrete Heritage Museum – John Lloyd – Water Usage: John stated the museum is concerned regarding the increase in water rates. He stated the building is only occupied around 150 hours a year. He stated they are only open on Saturday afternoons during the summer. He stated their budget for an entire year is only around $7,000, and he is here tonight to request relief from the increase for 2018.
Discussion ensued on possible agreements that could be used to grant relief from utilities. Andrea will research this further and ask Dan Bannier for assistance.
Rob Thomas asked how many nonprofits there are in town. He stated since this door may be opening, it would be good to get an idea of how many people may be requesting the same relief. Discussion ensued on the need to begin research on this and to get a standardized process in place. Marianne stated there may also be grant type funding through CDBG to assist with this as well.

Audience member John Boggs suggested some type of low usage rate be established.

It was also stated that this could be done on a case-by-case basis until meters go in so the town is more aware of actual usage.
Events Application: Concrete Chamber of Commerce – Santa’s Arrival and Tree Lighting: Rob Thomas made a motion to approve the events application. Marla Reed seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.
Special Presentations: Public Safety: No report.
CRH Engineering-Cody Hart: First Street Water Line, Progress Payment #2 – JAG Corp: Cody reported this project should be completed by the end of this week.
Ginger Kyritsis made a motion to approve. Rob Thomas seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.
Spray Park Utility Improvements – Progress Payment #1 – Carman’s Construction: Cody reported this is the final payment on this portion of work. He stated it came in a little under budget and finishes the utility and archeology portions of the project.
Jude Dippold made a motion to approve. Ginger Kyritsis seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.
Cody announced the town was awarded funding through TIB for the Cedar Street project. He stated this will include roadway, curb and gutter, sidewalk, and utilities from South Superior to South Park.
Tuttle Engineering: Main Street, Progress Payment #2 – Trimaxx Construction: Mayor Miller and Alan Wilkins reported on the small sloughs in the first coat of asphalt for Main Street. Alan stated they have a plan in place for how to correct these before the final layer is completed.
Ginger Kyritsis made a motion to approve. Mike Bartel seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Consent Agenda:

Town Council Minutes: November 13, 2017

Approval of Claims Checks: #3805-#3827

Void Check #3802

Rob Thomas made a motion to approve the consent agenda. Marla Reed seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.
Public Hearings: 2018 Budget – 2nd Hearing – Ordinance #773 and #774: Mayor Miller reported this is the final hearing for the 2018 budget. He stated the two ordinances are for the 2018 salaries and benefits and the 2018 budget.
Mayor Miller opened the public hearing at 7:42 p.m.

With no comments or questions, Mayor Miller closed the public hearing at 7:43 p.m.

Ginger Kyritsis made a motion to approve both ordinances. Rob Thomas seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.
LU17-007 – Conditional Use Permit PSE Siren, Resolution #2017-12: Marianne read from the staff report. She stated this siren is for emergency purposes in case of a dam failure. She stated there are 3 conditions associated with the recommended staff approval.
Mayor Miller opened the public hearing at 7:46 p.m.

With no comments or questions, Mayor Miller closed the public hearing at 7:47 p.m.

Jude Dippold made a motion to approve. Rob Thomas seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.
Old Business: None.
New Business: None.
Discussion Items: Mayor Miller directed the council to a letter received from the Concrete Saturday Market.

Council Reports: Airport: Mike Bartel: Mike reported some concerns were expressed regarding the town getting the hangar from the museum and that the town may be driving heavy equipment on the taxiway. Mike stated he let them know the town’s plan for cutting the fence and installing a door on the hangar along Airport Way.

Mike also stated Jack Mears asked about when the grass seed will be put in parallel to the runway to fill in the area that was being used as a road. Mayor Miller stated this will most likely occur in the spring.
Mike reported a concern was also expressed that the town would not be putting aviation fuel in the fueling station at the airport. Mike stated he reassured them the town is aware this needs to specifically be aviation fuel and intends to fill it correctly.
Parks: Marla Reed: Mayor Miller reported he has requested a quote on the trees wanted for Silo Park. Marianne reported the Parks plan has been submitted to RCO.
Community Garden: Mike Bartel: Mike stated that he has reached out to Nikki, but he has not heard back from her yet.

Historic Preservation and Landmarks Commission: Ginger Kyritsis: Nothing new to report.
Health Care: Jude Dippold: Nothing new to report.
Economic Development Commission: Ginger Kyritsis: Nothing further to report.
Department Reports: Planning Commission/Historical Preservation: Marianne Manville-Ailles: Marianne reported that December will be a busy month. She stated there will be public hearings for critical areas update and the Comprehensive Plan update on the annual adoption of the CFP. She also stated a resolution will come before them to consider joining the GMA Steering team. Discussion ensued on if there is time to complete those three items at the December 11 meeting in case the meeting on the 25th is not rescheduled.
Administration/Finance Report: Andrea Fichter: Nothing further to report.

Public Works: Alan Wilkins: Alan reported on an issue with a relay switch in the lift station near Fir Street. It was stated the CFP needs to be doublechecked to make sure it includes the lift station upgrades. Marla also asked about the potholes on Airport Way. Alan stated that he told Dale to work on those.

Imagine Concrete: Mayor Miller: Mayor Miller reported the next regular meeting will be December 19, 6 p.m. at the Pilots Lounge.
Mayor’s Report: Mayor Miller reported town staff and property owners are still working through items on the primitive campground idea.
He also reported interviews will be held tomorrow for the building inspector position.
He also reported on the one proposal that was received for the attorney position. He stated that Tom Seguine submitted a proposal that included him keeping David Day on as an employee for the first year to assist with the transition in the town attorney position.
Announcements: Mayor Miller wished Marla Reed a happy birthday today.
Mayor Miller also wanted to announce there will be a Christmas bazaar hosted by Community Action at the community center on December 2, and another on December 9 hosted by Imagine Concrete at the elementary school.
Mayor Miller thanked Mike Adkinson for the donation of the town Christmas tree for this year.
Rob Thomas asked how the fireman’s breakfast had gone. Marla Reed reported it went pretty well for the first one. She stated they are planning to hold another one in January during the Eagle Festival. Rob Thomas stated there is a 5k run held at the Ovenell’s during one of those weekends, which he believes is January 6. It was stated to try and plan the next pancake feed to coincide with this.
Executive Session: None.

Adjournment: Rob Thomas made a motion for adjournment at 8:14 p.m. Ginger Kyritsis seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

_____________________________ _________________________________

Jason Miller, Mayor Attest: Andrea Fichter, Clerk Treasurer

November 27, 2017

Minutes prepared by Andrea Fichter

Minutes edited for grammar and spelling by Jason Miller

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