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Learning together;

Learning for life

Spring Term 1


Some of the work we are covering in Nursery this half-term:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This half term we will be discussing feelings and sharing experiences that make us feel happy, sad, jealous etc. We will continue to develop sharing and turn taking as we play together within the continuous provision. We will consider how we look after our toys.

Communication and Language

Our key story is The three Billy Goats Gruff, which the children will be retelling themselves and re-enacting using props, storyboards and costumes. Our role-play will be a puppet theatre in which the children will experience retelling familiar rhymes and stories to an audience, using both commercial puppets and ones they make themselves. We will be entertained by a local storyteller who will visit Nursery to tell a familiar story using puppets. As always our main focus will be to develop the children’s spoken language and vocabulary skills.

Physical Development

We will be responding to music, song & rhyme in dance as we use our bodies to move like different toys. All children will participate in dance and games activities in the upstairs hall. We will learn to manipulate clothing independently while dressing for outdoor play. Outside physical play will continue to be available daily for children to develop gross motor skills and awareness of themselves and others in space.
Fine motor and manipulative skills will develop as we learn to use tools as we create our own puppets and toys, using threading and joining techniques.


The children will continue to develop an understanding of how stories are structured by listening to and joining in with our key story The 3 Billy Goats Gruff, sequencing the main events and describing the main characters. We will read other stories connected to the topic such as I love you Blue Kangeroo, Kipper’s Toybox and use information books too. We will work on the familiar nursery rhymes: Miss Polly had a dolly and Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear and the rhyming story Where’s my teddy? as we continue to develop an awareness of rhyme. We will develop an awareness of initial phonemes in words and begin to link sounds to letters as we begin to label our drawings.


We will continue to learn about counting with one-to-one correspondence e.g. counting skittles knocked down in a game outside, syllables in toy names and as we sing and find 1 less in the number rhyme Ten in the bed. We will be learning to recognise both 2d and 3d shapes within the environment and talk about their properties. Later in the term as we make models of toy we will be examining recycled resources for shape, size and surfaces. We will develop understanding and use positional vocabulary during ‘hunt the teddy’ games.

Understanding of the World

We will share our experiences of Christmas with our friends. We will explore first hand a variety of toys and discover what makes them move and observe the movement of toy vehicles down drainpipes outside. We will look for 2d shapes in our local community. We would be interested to hear from parents/grandparents about the toys that you used to play with as we compare toys in the past with present day.

In Technology we will begin to learn how to control a toy using a remote control and to programme the electronic Beebot. The children will learn to operate the digital camera to take photographs of shapes in the environment and record puppet shows.

Expressive Arts and Design

We will make observational drawings and paintings of toys using a variety of media. We will learn new songs and listen to a wide variety of music. There will be lots of opportunity to explore percussion and sound making objects and use the children’s musical compositions for puppet shows.
What you can do to help

Read every day with your child!

(Your may borrow a book to take home and share from the nursery library in the entrance area.)

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