Tu B’Shevat Experience for 3’s and 4’s January 27, 2010 Stations: Planting station

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Tu B’Shevat Experience for 3’s and 4’s

January 27, 2010


  1. Planting stationmake newspaper pots, fill w/dirt, plant flower seeds and water.

  2. Recycling station – discuss Reuse, Reduce, Recycle with children. Then have children sort garbage pile into the correct containers.

  3. Snack station – discuss how we eat foods that grow from plants on TBS. Discuss the different types of fruit that grow – with seeds we don’t eat (peach,olive,avacodo), with shells we don’t eat (kiwi,orange,banana) and fruits we can eat the whole fruit (strawberry, pear). Should we do the 4 cups of wine – starting with all white and each time mixing colors to end with red – symbolizes winter (white) to spring (lt pink), summer (lt red) to autumn (red)? (in TBS seder book)

  4. Musical Trees station – like musical chairs but pretend children are animals and chairs are trees. Each time take away a tree to symbolize cutting down trees, then add the chairs back to symbolize planting trees.

  5. Music station – learn and sing songs about TBS
  6. Bird feeder – tell story how Moses instructed the people to collect a double portion of manna on Fridays because no manna would fall on Shabbat. A few people with a grudge against Moses spread out some manna on Shabbat to make the people think Moses was lying. The birds came and foiled the plot so today we feed the birds to reward them for their good deed. Feeders out of bagels – have kids rip off pieces of bagel and then fill that spot with soy butter. Push bird seed into butter and put string through hole so can hang on trees.

  7. Nature collage and color tree to tape to map of Israel – shows we plant trees in Israel and we can make beautiful art from trees without killing them. Each child will color a tree cut out and then attach to a plain map of Israel. Then will choose from assorted nature items to make a collage.

  8. A Tree Is Nice story – Read by me at end of cycle to everyone. Back in class children will color leaves and then dictate to teachers what is nice about trees. Write this on white paper, cut out and glue on leaf. I will assemble a large tree for all the leaves.


Newspaper, seeds, soil, scoops, garbage to be sorted, bins, fruit (a lot), white and purple grape juice, clear cups, bagels, soy butter, bird seed, large brown map of Israel shape, tree cut out shapes, crayons, tape, assorted items from nature, paper, glue

Notes after 2010 experience

  1. Ann Gabel did snack table and Morah Helen did music for $40 cash. Louise did musical chairs.

  2. Put a double group at the snack station and double the time. Ann did not have time to discuss the fruit and then give the kids enough time to eat it.

  3. The seed planting and bird feeder stations were too quick.
  4. The color the tree and plant it in Israel was too much for the almond tree craft (which came out beautiful) – put it with the seed planting station.

  5. Instead of nature collage (because everything from nature at this time of year is dead and ugly) the children made flowering almond trees in Israel. First they painted watered down glue on bottom of paper and then poured sand over it. Then they glued 3 twigs on page. Then they crumpled pink tissue paper and glued it to the twigs. On top put sticker that says “A beautiful almond tree blossoms in Israel”.

  6. Put coloring pages at stations that may be quick.

  7. Recycling station was great. Discussed garbage problem, then recycling will help reduce garbage and children sorted garbage. Then saw that the garbage bin was still the largest so discussed how reusing and conservation would reduce the garbage more.

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