Umkc law Faculty Cumulative Scholarship 2001 present Jasmine Abdel-khalik


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UMKC Law Faculty

Cumulative Scholarship 2001 - present
Jasmine Abdel-khalik
Territoriality, Dilution, and Unfair Competition: The Premature Death of Niche Geographic Fame, (in progress).
Is a Rose by Any Other Image Still a Rose?  Disconnecting Dilution's Similarity Test from Traditional Trademark Concepts, 39 U. Tol. L. Rev. 591 (2008).
To Live In In-“Fame”-Y: Reconceiving Scandalous Marks as Analogous to Famous Marks, 25 Cardozo Arts & Ent. L.J. 173 (2007).
Prescriptive Treaties in Global Warming: Applying the Factors Leading to the Montreal Protocol, 22 Mich. J. Int’l L. 489 (2001).
David Jacks Achtenberg
The Surety Protection Provisions of Magna Carta Chapter Nine: Some Thoughts About Their Genesis, in Proceedings of the Surety Claims Institute (2007).
Venue in Missouri After Tort Reform, 75 UMKC L. Rev. ___ (2007).

Venue Under Tort Reform, Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers Annual Meeting Course Materials (2006).

Taking History Seriously: Municipal Liability Under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 and the Debate Over Respondeat Superior, 73 Fordham L. Rev. 2183 (2005).
Missouri Civil Procedure, in Missouri Bar-Bri (2003-2006).

Mark Berger


Self-Incrimination and the European Court of Human Rights: Procedural Issues in the Enforcement of the Right to Silence, 5 Eur. Hum. Rts. L. Rev. 514 (2007).
Compelled Self-Reporting and the Principle Against Compelled Self-Incrimination: Some Comparative Perspectives, 1 Eur. Hum. Rts. L. Rev. 25 (2006).
Europeanizing Self-Incrimination: The Right to Remain Silent in the European Court of Human Rights, 12 Colum. J. Eur. L. 487 (2006).
Arbitration and Arbitrability: Toward an Expectation Model, 56 Baylor L. Rev. 753 (2004).
American Perspectives on Self-Incrimination and the Compelled Production of Evidence, 6 Int’l J. Ev. & Proof 218 (2002).

Rethinking the Legal Oversight of Benefit Program Exclusions, 32 Rutgers L.J. 227 (2002).

Arbitration’s Grand Slam Victory in the Supreme Court’s 2000-2001 Term, 72 Pa. B. Ass’n Q. 175 (2001). 

Jeffrey B. Berman

The Trial of Samuel Chase (2006), available at SSRN:
The Story of a Civil Suit: Dominguez v. Scott’s Food Store (3d ed. 2002)(with David Crump).

William K. Black

Trust but Verify in Meltdown ( Katrina Vanden Heuvel, ed., Nation Books:2009). (with James K. Galbraith).
"Cette finance frauduleuse que l'on ne veut pas voir."  L'Économie politique.  42 –2009/2: 52-58. (published in France).
Those Who Forget the Regulatory Successes of the Past Are Condemned to Failure, XLIV Economic & Political Weekly 80 (March 28, 2009) (published in India).

The U.S. Banking Industry in Transition in Real World Banking 5th ed. (Dan Fireside & Amy Gluckman eds., reprinted from Dollars & Sense, 2008).
(Mis)understanding a Banking Industry in Transition, Dollars & Sense No. 273 (Nov./Dec. 2007).

When Fragile Become Friable: Endemic Control Fraud as a Cause of Economic Stagnation and Collapse, in White Collar Crimes: a Debate (K. Naga Srivalli ed., Icfai University Press: 2007).

Corruption Kills in International Handbook of White-Collar Crime (Henry Pontell & G. Geis eds., Springer 2007).
Control Fraud v. The Protocols. 45 Crime, L. & Soc. Change 241(2006).
The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One: How Corporate Executives and Politicians Looted the S&L Industry (Univ. of Texas Press 2005).
Control Frauds” as Financial Super-Predators: How “Pathogens” Make Financial Markets Inefficient, 34 J. Soc.-Econ., 734 (2005).
Control Fraud as an Explanation for White-Collar Crime Waves: The Case of the Savings & Loan Debacle, 43 Crime, L. & Soc. Change 1 (2005).
The Dango Tango: Why Corruption Blocks Real Reform, 14 Bus. Ethics Q. 602 (2004). Translated into Japanese and reprinted in three volumes, Nos. 43-45, of Bus. Ethics (Japan) (2005-2006); and as a chapter in Dango, (Saito, Akira ed., Nikkan Kensetsu Kogyo Shimbun).

The Imperium Strikes Back: The Need to Teach Socioeconomics to Law Students. 41 San Diego L. Rev. 231


Why Doesn’t the SEC Have a “Chief Criminologist”? The lead article in 29 The Criminologist 1 (Nov./Dec. 2004).

Corporate Super-predators. Open Democracy (May 5, 2003). (2900 word “Featured Article” in a highly respected international e journal for civilized, serious debate.)
Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts: Enron Uses Its High Tech Information System to Defraud. CISIC 2003 Conference Symposium edition (McGraw-Hill 2003).
Re-examining the Law & Economics Theory of Corporate Governance. 46 Challenge 22 (Mar./Apr. 2003).
A Tale of Two Crises, Kravis Leadership Inst. Leadership Rev (2002).
Why do the Non-Heathens Rage? 8 J. Crim. Just. & Pop. Cult. 225 (2001).

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