Umkc law Faculty Cumulative Scholarship 2001 present Jasmine Abdel-khalik

Julie M. Cheslik

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Julie M. Cheslik

Missouri Legal Research Workbook (Carolina Acad. Press, 2008) (with Wanda Temm).
Missouri Legal Research (Carolina Acad. Press, 2007) (with Wanda Temm).
Supreme Court Report 2006-2007: Closing of the Courthouse Doors? 39 Urb. Law. 739 (2007).
The Supreme Court Report 2005-06, 38 Urb. Law. 737 (2006).
The Supreme Court Report 2004-05: The End of the Rehnquist Era, 37 Urb. Law. 715 (2005).
The UMKC Legal Research Guide, (Kansas City: UMKC School of Law, 2001 - 2006) (with Wanda Temm).
The Battle Over Citation Form Brings Notice to LRW Faculty: Will Power Follow? 73 UMKC L. REV. 237 (2004).

Robert C. Downs
From Petticoats to Briefs: A History of Women at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law, 72 UMKC L. Rev. 1011 (2004).

William G. Eckhardt

THIRTY YEARS OF MILITARY LAWYERING - AN ORAL HISTORY, (Charlottesville, Va.: U.S. Army Judge Advocate General's Legal Center and School, 2006)(intended to be filed with U.S. Army Military History Institute, Carlisle, Pa.). [As part of the Oral History Program this is a compilation of tapes, papers, speeches and other materials documenting Prof. Eckhardt's role as Chief Prosecutor in the My Lai Cases, as an active litigator of military constitutional issues in the federal courts, as the Army's Chief Appellate Defender, as Legal Advisor to Wartime Theater Commanders, as an advocate for soldiers in the Supreme Court, and as author/editor of the first textbook on National Security Law and a Supreme Court Practice Handbook. See generally]

Lawyering for Uncle Sam When He Draws His Sword, 4 Chi. J. Int’l L. 431 (2003). Reprinted in The Real Lessons Of Vietnam: Reflections Twenty-Five Years After The Fall Of Saigon (Carolina Academic Press: John Norton Moore & Robert F. Turner eds., 2002).
Kenneth D. Ferguson
Academic Reform and the NCAA: Emancipation or Subjugation? (in progress).
The Intersection of Race and Gender at the Crossroads of Title IX (in progress).
Blurring The Boundary Lines Between Amateur and Professional Sports, 76 UMKC L. Rev. 643 (2008).


Introduction: Emerging Legal Issues Affecting Amateur & Professional Sports, 76 UMKC L. Rev. __ (forthcoming 2008).

Barbara Glesner Fines
Ethical Issues in Collaborative Lawyering, (in progress).
Fundamental Principles and Challenges of Humanizing Legal Education, 47 WASH. L. REV. 313 (2008).
Providing Legal Services to Survivors of Domestic Violence: Comparing Approaches in the United States and Ireland, in Family Law: Balancing Interests and Pursuing Priorities 344 (Lynn Wardle & Camille Williams, eds. 2007).

Caring Too Little, Caring Too Much: Competence and the Family Law Attorney, 75 UMKC L. REV. 965 (2007)(with Cathy Madsen).

Constitutionality of the Bankruptcy Reform Act, in Attorney Liability in Bankruptcy (Chicago: A.B.A., 2006) (with Erwin Chemerinsky).
Clients as Teachers, 2005 Ross Essay Contest, 91 A.B.A. J. 54 (2005).

Making Room at the Table: Reconceptualizing the Legal System’s Use of Child Custody Evaluation, 43 FAM. CT. REV. 229 (2005) (with Mary Kay Kisthardt).
The Ten Most Common Ethical Rainmaking Mistakes Lawyers Make, in How to Capture and Keep Clients: Marketing Strategies for Lawyers (Chicago: A.B.A., 2005) (Jennifer Rose ed.),
Techniques for Teaching Family Law, in Teaching the Law School Curriculum (Steven Friedland & Gerald Hess eds., 2004).
Almost Pro Bono: Judicial Appointments of Attorneys in Juvenile and Child Dependency Actions, 72 UMKC L. Rev. 337 (2003).
The Impact of Expectations on Teaching and Learning Law, 38 Gonzaga L. Rev. 89 (2002/03).

Remittitur and Additur, Damages Deskbook (Mo. Bar 2001)

Recent Electronic Publications

Family Law Prof Blog (with Robert E. Oliphant & Nancy Ver Steegh eds. 2006).

Researching Professional Responsibility, Web article at
Course Pages for Professional Responsibility, Remedies, Civil Procedure & Family Law


Teaching and Learning Law -- A Resource Compendium on Legal Education Pedagogy


Computer Assisted Instruction Programs:

Published and distributed through the Center for Computer Assisted Legal Education catalogue at

Confidentiality and Attorney-Client Privilege (2007).

Fees (2002).

Contempt (2001).

Choosing and Withdrawing from Representation (2001).

Name that Client! (2001).

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