Umkc law Faculty Cumulative Scholarship 2001 present Jasmine Abdel-khalik


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Francis M. Hanna

Trust Code and Law Manual, 4C Missouri Practice (rev’d. ed. 2005).
Probate Code Manual, 4 Missouri Practice (2d ed., 2000-2006 Supps.).

Christopher M. Holman

The Perils of Taking Property Too Far, 2009 Stan. J.L. Sci. & Pol’y. 46 (with Christopher Heaney, Julia Carbone, Richard Gold, Tania Bubela, Alessandra Colainanni, Tracy Lewis, and Robert Cook-Deegan).

Learning from Litigation: What Can Lawsuits Teach Us About the Role of Human Gene Patents in Research and Innovation?, 18 Kan. J.L. & Pub. Pol’y. 215 (2009).
The Impact of Human Gene Patents on Innovation and Access: A Survey of Human Gene Patent Litigation, 76 UMKC L. Rev. 295 (2007).
Patent Border Wars: Defining the Boundary Between Scientific Discoveries and Patentable Inventions, 25 Trends in Biotechnology 539 (2007).
Is Lilly Written Description a Paper Tiger?: A Comprehensive Assessment of the Impact of Eli Lilly and Its Progeny in the Courts and PTO, 17 Alb. L.J. Sci. & Tech. 1 (2007).

Do Reverse Payment Settlements Violate The Antitrust Laws?, 23 Santa Clara Computer & High Tech. L.J. 489 (2007).

Biotechnology’s Prescription for Patent Reform, 5 J. Marshall Rev. Intell. Prop. L. 318 (2006).
Clearing a Path through the Patent Thicket, 125 Cell: 629-633 (2006).
Protein Similarity Score: A Simplified Version of the BLAST Score as a Superior Alternative to Percent Identity for Claiming Genuses of Related Protein Sequences, 21 Santa Clara Computer & High Tech. L.J. 55 (2004).

Edwin T. Hood

Federal Taxation of Close Corporations (Deerfield, IL: Clark, Boardman, Callaghan, 1990, 1991-2003 Supps.) (with John Mylans).


Closely Held Businesses in Estate Planning 2D. ED, (New York: Aspen Law & Business, 1999-2007, Supps.) (with John Mylans & Timothy O’Sullivan).

Christopher R. Hoyt

Charitable IRA Gifts in 2007, 21 Prob. & Prop. 16 (Aug. 2007).
Family and Charitable Estate Planning With Retirement Plan Accounts, ALI-ABA Charitable Giving Techniques Course (2007).

Gifts From Subchapter S Corporations and Their Shareholders, ALI-ABA Charitable Giving Techniques Course (2007).

Family and Charitable Estate Planning With Retirement Plan Accounts, ALI-ABA Charitable Giving Techniques Course (2006).
Charitable Gifts by Subchapter S Corporations and by Shareholders of Stock, ALI-ABA Est. Plan. Course Materials J. (2006).

Stretch This: Strategies for Employees at Companies that Liquidate Retirement Accounts at Death, 145 Tr. & Est. 50 (2006).

1Funding Bypass and QTIP Trusts in the Crossfire of Conflicting Estate Tax, Income Tax and ERISA Laws, in University Of Miami Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning (LEXIS/NEXIS Publishers, 2005).

Why Not to Invest in Non-Deductible IRAs, 144 Tr. & Est. 70 (2005).
Funding Bypass Trusts with Retirement Assets, 18 Prob. & Prop.10 (May/June 2004).
Sometimes It’s Better to Avoid Stretch IRAs, 143 Tr. & Est. 38 (Mar. 2003).
Charitable Gifts By Subchapter S Corporations and by Shareholders in University of Southern California Law School Tax Institute (Matthew Bender: 2002).

Solutions for Estates Overloaded with Retirement Plan Accounts: The Credit Shelter CRUT, 141 Tr. & Est. 21 (May 2002).

1The Family Wins When IRD Is Used for Charitable Bequests – How To Do It, in University of Miami School of Law Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning (Matthew Bender, 2002).
When the Estate is the IRA Beneficiary, 141 Tr. & Est. 17 (Nov. 2002).
The 800-lb. Gorilla, 141 Tr. & Est. 14 (Oct. 2002).
How the New IRA Distribution Regulations Affect Charitable Gift Planning, 5 J. Gift Planning 5 (2nd Quarter 2001).

Patrick D. Kelly (2001 – 2007)

Facts of Liability, vol. 2-5, Blashfield Automobile Law and Practice, Rev. 2003 (West Group).

Mary Kay Kisthardt
Re-thinking Alimony: The AAML’s Considerations for Calculating Alimony, Spousal Support or Maintenance, 21 J. Am. Acad. Matrim. Law. 61 (2008).
Modifying Child Support, Natl. L.J., Mar. 31, 2008, at 13 (with Barbara Handschu).

Antenuptial Agreements, Natl. L.J., Jan. 21, 2008, at 13 (with Barbara Handschu).

Disaffirming Paternity, Natl. L.J., Aug. 13, 2007, at 13 (with Barbara Handschu).
Looking at Paternity, Natl. L.J., May. 28, 2008, at 13 (with Barbara Handschu).
Unwed Fathers, Natl. L.J., Mar. 19, 2007, at 13 (with Barbara Handschu).
Child Abuse Statement, Natl. L.J., Jan. 8, 2007, at 9 (with Barbara Handschu).
Working in the Best Interest of Children: Facilitating the Collaboration of Lawyers and Social Workers in Abuse and Neglect Cases, 30 Rutgers L. Rec. 1 (2006).
Making a Place at the Table: Reconceptualizing the Role of the Custody Evaluator in Child Custody Disputes, 43 FAM. CT. REV. 229 (2005) (with Barbara Glesner Fines).
Enlightening Clients, Natl. L.J., June 19, 2006, at 15 (with Barbara Handschu).
Alimony Guidelines, Natl. L.J., Apr. 17, 2006, at 12 (with Barbara Handschu).
Property Division, Natl. L.J., Feb. 13, 2006, at 12 (with Barbara Handschu).
Tips on Mediation, Natl. L.J., Dec., 5, 2005, at 20 (with Barbara Handschu).
Parenting Plans, Natl. L.J., Oct. 3, 2005, at 21 (with Barbara Handschu).
A Look Into the Future, Natl. L.J., Aug. 1, 2005, at 12 (with Barbara Handschu).

Grievance Issues, Natl. L.J., May 30, 2005, at 11 (with Barbara Handschu).

Marital Tort Actions, Natl. L., J., Mar. 28, 2005, at 12 (with Barbara Handschu).
Jurisdictional Issues, Natl. L.J., Jan. 24, 2005, at 12 (with Barbara Handschu).

The AAML Model for a Parenting Plan, 19 J. Am. Acad. Matrim. Law. 223 (2005).
Techniques for Teaching Family Law, in Teaching the Law School Curriculum (Steven Friedland & Gerald Hess eds., 2004).
Professional Goodwill in Marital Dissolution Cases, in Valuing Professional Licenses and Practices (Aspen Publishers 2004) (Ronald L. Brown ed).
Should “Legal Punishment” Be Part of a Divorce Proceeding?, 4 N.Y. Fam. L. Monthly 1 (Apr. 2003)(with Barbara Handschu).
Overcoming the Barriers to Homosexuals’ Child Custody and Visitation Rights, 20 Matrim. Strategist 4 (Nov. 2002)(with Barbara Handschu)(reprinted in N.Y. Fam. L. Monthly 1, Dec. 2002).
Setting Alimony: Prevailing Theories, Factors Courts Consider, Tips for Addressing the Issue, 20 Matrim. Strategist 4 (Aug. 2002).
Defining-and Imputing-Income for Purposes of Determining a Presumed Guideline Amount, 19 Matrim. Strategist 4 (Jan. 2002).

High Income/High Asset Divorce: An Annotated Bibliography, 17 J. Am. Acad. Matrim. Law. 441 (2001)(with Nancy Levit).

Considerations That May Help Avoid the Need for Costly Child Support Proceedings, 19 Matrim. Strategist 1 (July 2001).


The Policy Behind Joint Custody Arrangements and Tips for Making Them Work, 19 Matrim. Strategist 5 (Mar. 2001).

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