Umkc law Faculty Cumulative Scholarship 2001 present Jasmine Abdel-khalik


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Douglas O. Linder
The Happy Lawyer: Making a Good Life in the Law (with Nancy Levit) (forthcoming Oxford University Press 2010).
Happy Law Students, Happy Lawyers, 58 SYRACUSE L. REV. 351 (2008) (with Nancy Levit) (symposium on Happiness).
"The Trial of John Peter Zenger and the Birth of Press Freedom", in Historians on America: Decisions That Made a Difference (U.S. Department of State)(2007).
Bending Toward Justice: John Doar and the “Mississippi Burning” Trial, 72 Miss. L. J. 1 (2003).
The Dakota Conflicts Trial and Sheriff Shipp Trial, in Great American Trials (Edward Knappman ed., Thomson Gale Pub., 2d ed. 2001).

Recent Electronic Publications

Famous Trials Website (1997 to present)

[The Famous American Trials Website is the Web's largest and most visited collection of original essays, images, and primary materials pertaining to famous trials.  The site averages approximately 8,000,000 page requests per month and has been reviewed in publications such as the New York Times and USA Today.] 

Trial Editor (supplying monthly essays on famous trials), The Jurist


Exploring First Amendment Law (an electronic casebook on First Amendment law)(2001)


Searching for Law’s Heroes (2001) .

Bending Toward Justice: Heroes in Great Trials Involving the Rights of Black Americans [A collection of profiles of trial heroes including Lewis Tappan (Amistad trial), Clarence Darrow (Sweet trials), Judge James Horton (Scottsboro Boys trial), Charles Hamilton Houston (Gaines trial), and John Doar ("Mississippi Burning" trial)]  (2001).

Anthony J. Luppino
A Little of This, A Little of That: Potential Effects on Entrepreneurship of the McCain and Obama Tax Proposals, 31 W. New Eng. L. Rev. 717 (2009).
Can Do: Training Lawyers to be Effective Counselors to Entrepreneurs, Report to Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation (Nov. 15, 2007, Revised Jan. 30, 2008).
Minding More Than Our Own Business: Educating Entrepreneurial Lawyers Through Law School-Business School Collaborations, 30 W. New Eng. L. Rev. 151 (2007).
Multidisciplinary Business Planning Firms: Expanding the Regulatory Tent Without Creating a Circus, 35 Seton. Hall. L. Rev. 109 (2004).

Stopping the Enron End-Runs and Other Trick Plays: The Book-Tax Accounting Conformity Defense, 2003 Colum. Bus. L. Rev. 35.

Sean D. O’Brien (teaching since 2005)
1When Life Depends on It: Supplementary Guidelines for the Mitigation Function of Defense Teams In Death Penalty Cases, 36 Hofstra L. Rev. 693 (2008).
Capital Defense Lawyers: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, 105 Mich. L. Rev. 1067 (2007).
Kansas v. Marsh: Putting the Guesswork Back Into Capital Sentencing, 105 Mich. L. Rev. First Impressions 90 (2006), firstimpressions/vol105/obrien.pdf.
Finding Redemption, 92 ABA J. 59 (August, 2006) (Winner, American Bar Association Ross Essay Contest).

Mary Kay O'Malley

Jurisdiction, Venue and Limitations, 12 Mo. Prac. (West Group 2d.ed. Supp.2003, with John R. O’Malley).
The Juvenile Office, in Missouri Juvenile Law (The Missouri Bar 2d. ed. 1999 & Supp. 2003).
Colin Picker
Global Dimensions: Abortion Regulation Across Borders (Aspen) (forthcoming 2009).

Law In a Nutshell: Comparative Legal Traditions (with Mary Ann Glendon and Paolo G. Carozza) (West) (2008).

International Law’s Mixed Heritage: A Common/Civil Law Jurisdiction, 41 Vanderbilt J. Trans. L. 1083 (2008).
Beyond the Usual Suspects: Application of the Mixed Jurisdiction Jurisprudence To International Law and Beyond, 3 J. Comp. L. 160 (2008).
The State and Future of International Economic Law (with Isabella D. Bunn), in International Economic Law - The State & Future of the Discipline (Colin B. Picker, Isabella D. Bunn & Douglas Arner eds.) (Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2008).
International Economic Law - The State & Future of the Discipline (co-editor with Isabella D. Bunn & Douglas Arner) (Oxford: Hart Publishing) (2008).
Mary Ann Glendon, Paolo G. Carozza and Colin B. Picker, Comparative Legal Traditions: Texts, Materials and Cases on Western Law, 3rd Edition (American Casebook Series) (Thomson West Publishing 2007).
A Tale of Two Reputations: A Comparative Analysis of the International Trade Actions of the United States and Canada, in Trends in World Trade: Essays in Honor of Sylvia Ostry (Alan S. Alexandroff, ed) (Carolina Academic Press 2007).
The Top 10 Reasons Why International, Comparative and Foreign Law Are Vital to a Kansas City Attorney, The KCCounselor (Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association) (May 2007).

Trade as the Guarantor of Peace, Liberty, and Security? Critical, Historical, and Empirical Perspectives, (Wash. D.C.: Am. Soc’y Int’l L., 2006) (with Padideh Ala’i & Tomer Broude eds.).

Trade & Security: Empiricism, Change, Emotion & Relevance, in Trade as the Guarantor of Peace, Liberty and Security? Critical, Historical and Empirical Perspectives (Wash. D.C.: Am. Soc’y Int’l L., 2006) (with Padideh Ala’i & Tomer Broude eds.).
International Trade as a Tool for Peace: Empiricism, Change, Passion, and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, in The Role of International Trade in the Promotion of Regional Peace, (Jerusulem: Davis Inst. Int’l Rel., 2006) (Tomer Broude & Arie Kacowicz eds.).
Regional Trade Agreements v. the WTO: A Proposal for Reform of Article XXIV to Counter this Institutional Threat, 26 U. Pa. J. Int'l Econ. L. 267 (2005).
Reputational Fallacies In International Law: A Comparative Review of United States and Canadian Trade Actions, 30 Brook. J. Int’l L. 67 (2004).
Neither Here Nor There—Countries that Fall Between the Developed and the Developing World in the WTO, 36 Geo. Wash. Int’l L. Rev. 147 (2004).
A Light Unto the Nations” —The New British Federalism, the Scottish Parliament, & Constitutional Lessons for Multi-Ethnic States, 77 Tul. L. Rev. 1 (2002).
A View from 40,000 Feet: International Law and the Invisible Hand of Technology, 23 Cardozo L. Rev. 149 (2001).

Introduction: The Pacific Salmon Dispute, 27 Can.-U.S. L. J. 257 (2001).

John W. Ragsdale, Jr.
The Existentialist and the River: An Essay in the Memory of Robert Popper, Dean of the UMKC School of Law, 75 UMKC L. Rev. 3 (2007).
The Wakarusa Wave: An Essay on Life, Law, and Urban Kayaking, 21 J. Energy Nat. Resources & Envtl. L. 1 (2006-2007).
The Chiricahua Apaches and the Assimilation Movement,1865-1886: A Historical Examination, 30 Am. Indian L. Rev. 291 (2006).
Individual Aboriginal Rights, 9 Mich. J. Race & L. 323 (2004).
Treaty-Based Exclusions from the Boundaries and Jurisdiction of the States, 71 UMKC L. Rev. 763 (2003).
Alternative Communities for the High Plains, 34 Urb. Law 73 (2002).
Tinkering With the Past, Natl. L.J., Feb. 11, 2002, at 20.


Some Philosophical, Political and Legal Implications for American Archeological and Anthropological Theory, 70 UMKC L. Rev. 1 (2001). 

Patrick A. Randolph

Mortgagee’s Remedies for Waste (PLI Commercial Real Estate Financing, 2008) 548 PLI/Real 577 .

The New Chinese Property Law, 21 Prob. & Prop. 14 (Oct., 2007).
Quarterly Report on Current Developments in Real Estate Law (PLI Commercial Real Estate Financing, 2007) 536 PLI/Real 379.
Quarterly Report on Current Developments in Real Estate Law (PLI Commercial Real Estate Financing, 2006) 524 PLI/Real 535.

ABA Quarterly Report on Current Decisions in Real Estate (editor 1989-present ).
Recent Developments in Mortgage Finance Law (PLI.: 2006).

The Commercial Property Lease Vol. II (Chicago : A.B.A., 2005).
Friedman on Leases (5th ed. Randolph Edition) (PLI.: 2004, 2005 Supp.).

Friedman on Leases (4th ed.) (PLI 1999)(2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 Supp.).
Property: Cases and Statutes, (Carolina Acad. Press: 2005) (with Roger Bernhardt & Joyce Palomar).

The Current Status of the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act, XXV The Fee Simple (Newsletter of the Virginia State Bar Real Property Section) (June 2004).
Mortgage Modification and Alteration of Priorities between Junior and Senior Lienholders, Real Prop. Prob & Trust J. (Fall 2004).

Recent Developments in Mortgage Finance Law (with Bernhardt & Whitman)(PLI Commercial Real Estate Financing, 2003).

Modification and Replacement of Mortgages (PLI Advanced Real Estate Transactions, 2003).
Mortgage Modification and Alteration of Priorities Between Junior and Senior Lienholders, 492 PLI/Real 393 (May 2003).
Does a Shopping Center Landlord Have an Implied Operating Duty? 17 Prob. & Prop. 26 (Mar. – Apr. 2003).
Commercial Real Estate Financing, 490 PLI/Real 464 (Feb. 2003)(with Roger Bernhardt & Dale A. Whitman).
Commercial Real Estate Financing: What Borrowers and Lenders Need to Know Now 2002, U.S. v. Harris, 2001 WL 321215 (6th Cir. Apr. 4, 2001), 478 PLI/Real 549 (Feb. 2002)(with Dale A. Whitman).
The Uniform Environmental Servitudes Act Project, XXII The Fee Simple (Newsletter of the Virginia State Bar Real Property Section) 137 (May 2002).
Environmental Law - Wetlands, XXII The Fee Simple (Newsletter of the Virginia State Bar Real Property Section) 140 (May 2002).
Some Comments on the 2002 Draft of the Basic Law on Rights in Rem - 6 J. Tsinghua U. 71 (2002) (Based upon remarks delivered at the Tsinghua/Temple University Law Forum on the Basic Law of Rights in Rem, Beijing, China, 2002.). (Translated into Chinese) (reprinted as one of the year's outstanding commercial law articles by Renmin University Journal of Social Science and Law, 2004).

Current Issues Concerning Mortgage Prepayment, 478 PLI/Real 871 (Feb. 2002).

Impact of ESign on County Recorders, ABA/CLE (Spring – Summer 2001).
Current Issues Concerning Mortgage Prepayment, 469 PLI/Real 43 (May 2001).
Randolph’s Top Ten Little Known Real Estate Develpoments, 469 PLI/Real 309 (May 2001).
Has E-Sign Murdered the Statute of Frauds? 15 Prob. & Prop. 23 (July-Aug. 2001).

Recent Electronic Publications

Options - Right of Refusal: Enforceability, 2005,

Editor of DIRT, the internet list for real estate professionals. A Daily Development has been published each business day for the past six years. There are approximately 2500 Daily Developments on the DIRT website.


Urban Renewal In China - (in English) monograph widely circulated on the internet and used as program materials and teaching materials at Yale University and included in record of proceedings of Joint Congressional Committee on Rule of Law in China on this issue.

Allen Rostron
Right to Life Movement and Jehovah’s Witnesses in Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court of the United States (Gale Publishing: 2008).

Incrementalism, Comprehensive Rationality, and the Future of Gun Control, 67 Md. L. Rev. 511 (2008).

Calling for Stories, 75 UMKC L. REV. 1127 (2007) (with Nancy Levit).
Lawyers, Guns & Money: The Rise and Fall of Tort Litigation Against the Firearms Industry, 46 Santa Clara L. Rev. 481 (2006).
Dodging the Bullet: Tort Immunity for Gun Makers, Jurist, Nov. 3, 2005 (reprinted in Issues That Concern You: Gun Violence, from Greenhaven Press, Dec. 2006).

High-Powered Controversy: Gun Control, Terrorism, and the Fight Over .50 Caliber Rifles, 73 U. Cin. L. Rev. 1415 (2005).

Shooting Stories: The Creation of Narrative and Melodrama in Real and Fictional Litigation Against the Gun Industry, 73 UMKC L. Rev. 1047 (2005).
Beyond Market Share Liability: A Theory of Proportional Share Liability for Non-Fungible Products, 52 UCLA L. Rev. 151 (2004).
Demythologizing the Legal History of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the First Amendment, 22 Quinnippiac L. Rev. 493 (2004).

The Supreme Court, The Gun Industry, and The Misguided Revival of Strict Territorial Limits on the Reach of State Law, 2003 L. Rev. Mich. St. U. Det. C. L. 115.

Litigating Against the Firearms Industry, 84 AmJur Trials 109 (2003).

How the Board of Tax Appeals Changes Hollywood History,. 55 The Tax L. 951 (2002).
No War, No Hate, No Propaganda” – Promoting Films About European War and Fascism During the Period of American Isolationism, 30 J. Pop. Film & Television 85 (2002).
Gunning for Justice, 37 Trial 26 (2001).

Recent Electronic Publications

Middle Ground: The Supreme Court's Opportunity in DC v. Heller, Jurist, 2008,
Dodging the Bullet: Tort Immunity for Gun Makers, Jurist, 2005,

Ellen Y. Suni
Conflicts of Interest, 22 GP Solo 38, Oct./Nov, 2005.

Search and Seizure, in Missouri Criminal Practice (4th ed.) (Jefferson City: The Mo. Bar, 2005).

Academic Support at the Crossroads: From Minority Retention to Bar Prep and Beyond - Will Academic Support Change Legal Education or Itself Be Fundamentally Changed?, 73 UMKC L. REV. 497 (2004).

Techniques for Teaching Criminal Law, in Teaching the Law School Curriculum (Steven Friedland & Gerald Hess eds., 2004).

Techniques for Teaching Professional Responsibility, in Teaching the Law School Curriculum (Steven Friedland & Gerald Hess eds., 2004).
Issues of Science, Evidence and Innocence, 70 UMKC L. REV. 797 (2002).
Ethical Issues for Innocence Projects: An Initial Primer, 70 UMKC L. REV. 921 (2002).

Wanda Temm
Missouri Legal Research Workbook (Carolina Acad. Press, 2008) (with Julie Cheslik).
Missouri Legal Research (Carolina Acad. Press, 2007) (with Julie Cheslik).
The UMKC Legal Research Guide (Kansas City: UMKC School of Law, 2001 - 2006) (with Julie Cheslik).

New Kid on the Block: The ALWD Citation Manual, 59 J. Mo. B. 16 (Jan.- Feb., 2003).

Jeffrey E. Thomas
Ambiguity and Insurance Policy Interpretation (work in progress).
Mandatory Automobile Insurance: Fifty Years Later (work in progress).
Harry Potter & the Law, Editor (with Franklin Snyder) (Carolina Academic Press, 2010).

Terrorism Insurance: Issues of Policy, Regulation and Coverage in NEW Appleman on Insurance, Current Critical Issues in Insurance Law (monograph) (2008).

Terrorism Insurance: What is the Government’s Role? (co-authored with Thomas Russell and to be presented at the Searle Center Research Symposium on Insurance Markets and Regulation at Northwestern University Law School on April 15, 2008).
The US Model for Terrorism Insurance: an Analysis, Proceedings of the International Security and Counteracting Terrorism Conference (Lomonosov Moscow State 2007)
Insurance for Terrorism: Analyzing the US Model, Eleventh Annual APRIA Conference Proceedings (Asia Pacific Risk and Insurance Association 2007).
Spotting Issues in Particular Practice Areas, Chapter 29 in Vol. 3, New Appleman Insurance law Practice Guide, Volumes 1, 2 & 3 (LexisNexis/Matthew Bender & Co.: Newark) (2007).
2007 Supplement, Volumes 1-3, Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Insurance, by Alan I. Widiss & Jeffrey E. Thomas (Lexis Nexis Matthew Bender & Co.: San Francisco, Rev. 3d ed.).
The Scope of the Obligation to Pay Claim Expenses in NEW Appleman on Insurance, Current Critical Issues in Insurance Law (monograph) (2007).
New Appleman Insurance Law Practice Guide, Volumes 1, 2 & 3 (LexisNexis/Matthew Bender & Co.: Newark) (2007) (Editor-in-Chief).
Ambiguity and Insurance Policy Interpretation in NEW Appleman on Insurance, Current Critical Issues in Insurance Law (monograph) (2006)

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Insurance (3d ed. Lexis Nexis/Matthew Bender & Co., 2005, with Alan I. Widiss, 2002-2006 Supps.).  

White Paper on Renewal of TRIA (Terrorism Risk Insurance Act), Reporter, American Bar Association Tort & Insurance Practice Section Task Force on Federal Involvement in Insurance Regulation Modernization, 2006.
The Indemnity Principle: Evolution from a Financial to a Functional Paradigm, 10 J. Risk Mgmt. & Ins. 30 (2005) (with Brad Wilson).
Harry Potter and the Law, 12 Tex. Wesleyan L. Rev. 427 (2005).
Exclusion of Terrorist-Related Harms from Insurance Coverage: Do the Costs Justify the Benefits?, 36 IND. L. REV. 397 (2003).
Crisci v. Sentry Insurance Company: Unfulfilled Promise of Tort Damages for Bad Faith, 2 Nev. L.J. 415 (2002).
Insurance Implications of September 11 and Possible Responses, 34 Urb Law. 727 (2002).


The Role and Powers of the Chinese Insurance Regulatory Commission in the Administration of Insurance Law in China, 27 Geneva Papers on Risk & Ins. 413 (2002).


Legal Culture and “The Practice”: A Postmodern Depiction of Rule of Law in America 48 UCLA L. Rev. 1495 (2001).
Chinese Insurance Law and the WTO, in Creating a Competitive Edge in Insurance for the Emerging Economy (APRIA 2001).

Access to the Chinese Insurance Market, in The Insurance Revolution: New Frontiers in the Convergence of Financial Services, Seminar Proceedings (IIS 2001).

Recent Electronic Publications

Blinded by Personal Expectations, at ( (Roundtable on "The Practice," Season Premiere, Sept. 23, 2001).

Mikah Thompson (teaching since 2005)
Methinks The Lady Doth Protest Too Little: Reassessing the Probative Value of Silence (in progress).

To Speak or Not to Speak: Navigating the Treacherous Waters of Parallel Proceedings Following the Amendment of Federal Rule of Evidence 408, 76 U. Cin. L. Rev. 939 (2008).

Twenty-First Century Pillow-Talk: Applicability of the Marital Communications Privilege to Electronic Mail, 58 S.C. L. Rev. 275 (2006).

Daniel Weddle

Our Promise: Achieving Educational Equity for America’s Children (Maurice Dyson & Daniel B. Weddle, eds.) (Carolina Acad. Press, 2009).

Brutality and Blindness: Bullying in Schools and Negligent Supervision by School Officials, in Our Promise: Achieving Educational Equity for America’s Children (Maurice Dyson & Daniel B. Weddle, eds.) (Carolina Acad. Press , 2009).

Holding Schools Accountable When Children Bully Children, in Viewpoint: Understanding the Issues That Shape Education Today (James V. Freemyer & Nancy Saunders, eds.) (Prentice Hall, forthcoming Spring 2008).

Bullying in Schools: The Disconnect Between Empirical Research and Constitutional, Statutory and Tort Duties to Supervise, 77 Temple L. Rev. 641 (2004).
Dangerous Games: Student Hazing and Negligent Supervision, 187 Educ. L. Rep. 373 (2004).
Putting Out Matches, Not Forest Fires: Making Schools Take Bullying Seriously, 39 Trial 18 (2003).

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