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BLOOD THIRSTY DEMONS "Mortal Remains" CD¨ 11,50***

BLOOD THIRSTY DEMONS "In the Grave" CD¨ 9,50***

BLOOD THIRSTY DEMONS "Let the War Begin" CD ¨ 8,50***

(Brandnew album from this Horror Metal outfit!)

BLOODTHORN (Nor) "Genocide" CD¨ 9,50***

BLOODULV (swe) "Diatribe" MCD¨ 9,00

BLOODWRITTEN "Iniquity Intensity Insanity" CD (lim. 666) ¨ 11,00

BLOODY SIGN "Chaos Echoes" CD ¨ 11,50

BLOODY SIGN "Explosion of Elements" US-CD¨ 11,50

(raw and crushingold style death metal.)

BLOODY SIGN "Vana Vigala LoÔts" US-CD¨ 11,50***

(raw and crushing oppressive death metal with the dark ambient vibe of black metal. Intradition of bands like PESTILENCE , VITAL REMAINSand ASPHYX.)

BOLT THROWER "Realm of Chaos" Brazil CD¨ 11,50

(Re-release of the second crusher, with nice booklet)

BOMBARDER "Jma i Zuvota Prije Smrti" CD ¨ 11,50

BOMBARDER "Ledena Krv" US-CD¨ 11,50***

(Total 80s Speed attack with raw voice, from Yugoslavia!)

BOMB THREAT / M.A.C.E The Day of the Duel  SplitCD ¨ 11,50

(Brazilian Thrash/Crossover )

BOMBS OF HADES "The Serpent's Redemption" Singapore CD ¨ 11,50

BONESAW "Sawtopsy" CD¨ 11,50***

(Old school Death from Scotland featuring guest vocals by members / ex members of AUTOPSY, BOLT THROWER, MASSACER, ABCSESS, etc)


(Excellent old school Death from Scotand and Italy. Brand new material from both bands).


(Three new tracks from each band.BONE GNAWERis the latest project of Kam Lee (ex MASSACRE/ MANTAS/DEATH). BONESAW return more even more twisted and raw than before.Classic old school Death Metal all round)

BORKNAGAR "s/t" CD ¨ 11,50

BOUND FOR TOMB "Bloodspawn" CD¨ 7,50***

(Straight aggressive Death/ Black Metal with nasty vocals.Fromthe SECRETS OF THE MOON/ MARTYRIUM area)

BRAIN DEAD From the Ecsatsy (+ bonus) " Malaysia CD ¨ 11,50***

(The first and only album, originally from 1992, previously a cassette-only release. Most bestial death metal to have emerged from that era. This album vividly illustrates this and will at last preserve BRAIN DEAD s rightful place in the history of the underground. incl. the Live Bonus Trax from 1991)

BRIAR "Take on the World" CD ¨ 11,50

(a rare UK Hard'n Heavy album from 1986, incl. two bonus trax)

BROCAS HELM "Into Battle" CD ¨ 11,50

(The rare debut album., Incl. the 5 track demo from 1983 and a video as bonus)

BROCAS HELM "Black death" CD¨ 11,50

(Metal rarity on CD!! Withbonus 5 demo songs + live video of "Prepare for battle" from 1983)

BROKEN BONES "Fuck You & All You Stand For" CD ¨ 11,00

(Comeback album, raw and mean)

BRUMALIS "Furore Normannorum" CD¨ 11,00

BUFFALO "Ride the beast" CD ¨ 12,00

(unreleasedNWoBHM-Album with Bonustracks)

BULLDOZER "The Exorcism" Digipack CD

(Unreleased demos, killer material pre "The Day of Wrath".... even more VENOM and MOTÖRHEAD! AAARGHH!! Incl. "Fallen Angel" EP as bonus)

BULLDOZER "Alive... in Poland 2011" Digipack CD ¨ 11,50

(16 trax such as "Whiskey Time", "Cut Throat", "The Derby", "Neurodeliri", etc)

BULLET "Speeding up the Night" MCD ¨ 9,50

(The band's debut strike, old school Metal with influences from ACCEPT, etc)

BULLET "Heading for the Top" CD ¨ 11,50

(The Full length album those Swedish Hard'n'Heavy Metal Rockers!)

BUNKUR "Nullify" CD ¨ 11,50

(total doooooooom depression from the low lands)

BURIAL HORDES (Greece) "War, Revenge and total Annihilation" Singapore-Digipack CD ¨ 12,00

BURIAL HORDES/ ESCHATON "Total gathering of Supermacy" Cd ¨ 11,50

BURNING SAVIOURS "Boken Om Fˆrbannelsen" CD¨ 11,50

(This CD collects four 7"EP singles recorded during 2011-2013, for fans of old PENTAGRAM / BLACK SABBATH, etc)

BURNING SAVIOURS "Nymphs and Weavers" CD¨ 11,50

(New album of these Stoner Rockers. For those who like WITCHCRAFT, WITCHFINDER GENERAL, 70 Rock, etc)


(Total 70s Doom like PENTAGRAM + WITCHCRAFT!)


(The second PENTAGRAM praise!)

BURNING STARR "Blaze of Glory" CD ¨ 11,00

( Ex- VIRGIN STEELE/ DEVIL CHILDE's Jack Starr attacking with pure 80s US Metal)

BYWAR "Heretic Signs" Brazil CD¨ 11,50

(Back in stock. Brazilian Thrash attack!)

CACODAEMON "Tales of Demoncy" CD¨ 11,50

(Total raw possessed Death Metal in the old DEMIGOD style, from the abyss of the Finnish underground!)

CALVARIO "Ixoye" CD with bonus tracks + bÛnus videoclip ¨ 11,50

(Brazilian Epic Heavy Metal from 1993)

CANDLEMASS "King of the Grey Islands" CD ¨ 11,50

(Absolute Heavy Hammer of Doom)

CARDINAL SIN "Resurrection" CD¨ 11,50

(Bay Area type of Thrash with a touch of VIKING; etc. With nice booklet with story, lyrics, etc. Incl. Live and demo material as bonus)

CARNAGE "Dark Recollections" CD (sealed) ¨ 11,50

(Back in stock. Incl. the demos as bonus)

CARPATHIAN FOREST "Fuck You All" CD¨ 11,50

(Still going very strong, Black Metal the way it should sound!)

CARPATHIAN FOREST"Strange Old Brew" Digipack¨ 11,50

CARPATHIAN FOREST "Through Chasm, Caves and then Woods" MCD(sealed)¨ 8,00

(Cult Norwegian Black Metal, like CELTIC FROST meets old IMMORTAL)

CARPATHIAN FOREST "Morbid Fascination of Death" CD ¨ 9,50***

CARPATHIAN FOREST "We're going to hell for this" CD ¨ 9,00***

(the new Black Metal Bulldozer.... long playing time, traditional as ever)

CARPATHIAN FOREST "Defending the Throne of Evil" CD ¨ 9,50***

CARPTICON (Nor) "Master Morality" CD¨ 11,50***

(Debut of this Norwegian Black Metal band with a guest appearance of Tyrof EMPEROR/ SATYRICON, etc.)

CARRIE "Secrets" Chile CD ¨ 11,50

(German Metal from 1985! 15 trax, incl. bonus traxxx)


(Compilation of the early 80s material. JUDAS PRIEST meets RUSH, DEEP PURPLE; etc)

CATACUMBA "Kratos" Mexico CD ¨ 11,50

(Morbid BlackThrash Death Metal from South America in the early 90s vein with a true Underground type of production)

CAULDRON BLACK RAM "Slubberdegulion" Japan CD ¨ 11,50

(BRANDNEW album from this Australian force)

CEMETARY URN "Urn of Blood" Australian CD ¨ 11,50

(New hard hitting Australian Panzerfaust with ex-members ex- SADISTIK EXEKUTION/DESTR÷YER 666, etc members)

CEMETARY URN "The Conquered are Burned" Australian CD ¨ 11,50

CENTINEX "Diabolical Desolation" CD¨ 6,00

(Nice price for a piece of old style Swedish Death Metal history. ‡ la first ENTOMBED with a bit more melody)

CENTINEX "Subsconcious Lobotomy" CD ¨ 11,50

(The long out of print album from 1992 re-released! Incl. the two demos as bonus. Comes with nice booklet and includes over one hour of Swedish Death!)

CENTURIOUS GHOST "A Sign of the Things to Come" CD¨ 11,50

(More Doom Metal from I HATE REC.!Distorted Swedish Death Metal sound-style guitars)

CEREKLOTH "Pandemonium Prayers" US-MCD ¨ 9,00

CEREKLOTH "In The Midst Of Life We Are In Death" US-CD ¨ 11,50

CEREMONIAL EXECUTION "Death Shall Set Us Free" CD ¨ 11,50

CHAINSAW (chile) "The Announcement" Chile CD¨ 11,50***

(Very fast Thrashing Madness, like a mix of the first INCUBUS LP and typical 80s style South American Thrash Metal. Good production but still underground )

CHAINSAW (Ger) "Permanent Fire" CD ¨ 11,50

(The old German band)

CHAOS INVOCATION "Black Mirror Hours" CD ¨ 11,50

CHAOS INVOCATION "In Bloodline with the Snake" CD ¨ 11,50

CHAPEL "Satan's Rock 'n' Roll" CD ¨ 11,50

(Black 'n Roll, like motorheadish BATHORY meets GEHENNAH)

CHAPEL OF DISEASE "Summoning Black Gods" CD ¨ 11,50

CHARNEL VALLEY "The Dark Archives" US-CD¨ 11,50***

(Bit like old D'666 and GRAND BELIAL'S KEY)

CHARNEL VALLEY "The Igneous Race" US-CD¨ 11,50

(New album, primitive Black Metal with a slight trace of early Finnish Death Metal)

CHARON "Sulphur Seraph" CD ¨ 11,50

(Brandnew album from German CHARON. Hard as hell, on SEPULCHRAL VOICE RECORDS!)

CHEMIKILLER "Evilspeak" US -CD¨ 12,00

(fuckin' old Black Metal rock'n'roll-punk with touches of VENOM and BATHORY!)


CHRIST AGONY "Unholyunion/ Daemoonseth Act II" DoCD¨ 9,00***

(Two classic Polish Black Death orgies!)

CHURCH BIZARRE "Sinister Glorification" US-CD¨ 9,50***

(Debut album of this Danish band. Speed/Heavy/Black Metal. With fairytale-style of pop-up booklet!)

CHURCH OF MISERY (USA) "Minstrel of Mourning" US-CD ¨ 11,50

(unreleased 1993 Doom Metal album w/Stevo from Impetigo)

CIANIDE "Gods of Death" US-CD ¨ 11,50

(Brandnew album!)

CIANIDE "A Descent into Hell" US CD ¨ 11,50

(the rare album from 1992 finally available again including the 1993's "kills" Demo + 2 unreleased trax as bonus. Almost 80 minutes playing time)

CIRITH GORGOR "s/t" CD¨ 9,50

CIRRHOSIS "Alcoholic Death Noise" Brazil CD ¨ 11,50

(Brazilian Death Metal)

CIRRHOSIS "Drinks from Hell" Brazil CD ¨ 11,50

CLANDESTINE BLAZE "Falling Monuments" CD ¨ 11,50

CLANDESTINE BLAZE "Church of Atrocity" CD¨ 9,50***

CLANDESTINE BLAZE "Fist of the Northern Destroyer" CD ¨ 9,50***

CLANDESTINE BLAZE "Deliverers of Faith " CD¨ 9,50***

CLANDESTINE BLAZE "Night Of The Unholy Flames" CD ¨ ¨ 9,50***

CLENCHED FIST "Tribute To The Brave Ones (+ Bonus)" Brazil CD ¨ 11,50

(Brazilian Metal, inspired by CIRITH UNGOL, MANILLA ROAD; etc. Includes their demo as bonus)

CLITEATER "Cliteaten back to Life" CD¨ 11,50

CLITEATER "Scream Bloody Clit" CD¨ 11,50

CLITEATER "The Great Southern Clitkill" CD¨ 11,50

CLITEATER "Clit 'em All" CD ¨ 11,50

CLITEATER "Eat Clit or Die" CD ¨ 11,50

CLOVEN HOOF "A Sultan's Ransom" CD + DVD ¨ 13,50

(One of the late NWoBHM perls. Essential if you love IRON MAIDEN. DVD comes with a bootleglive show and the clip "Highlander")

COBALT "War Metal" CD¨ 11,50

(... indeed!!!)

COBRA "Lethal Strike" Peru CD ¨ 11,50

(A new strong trdaitional Heavy Metal beast from Peru)

COBRA / SKULL "Poison in the Bones" Split CD ¨ 11,50

(Two south American new Heavy Metal gladiators share one allbum)

COBRA (UK) "Warriors of the Dead/ Back from the Dead" CD¨ 12,00

(Two album on one disc, from '85 + '86, and that's exactly the type of Metal what you can expect. Straight forward Metal power!)

COERCION "lifework" MCD¨ 9,00

(swedish Oldschool Death Metal)

COFFIN TEXTS "Gods of CReation, Death and Afterlife" CD ¨ 11,50

(Finally on CD, the dark sadistic sound debut)

COFFIN TEXTS "The Tomb of the Infinite Ritual" US CD ¨ 11,50

(Brandnew album. Total dark Death Metal reminding of mighty SADISTIC INTENT)

COFFINS "Ancient Torture" DCD13,50

(Compilation of all the rare Eps, demos and other recordings that lead to a playing time of around 110 Minutes (!))

COFFINS "The Other Side of Blasphemy" CD ¨ 11,50

(back in stock. For fans of heavy Death Metal ‡ la ASPHYX/ WINTER)

COFFINS "Buried Death" CD ¨ 11,50

COFFINS "March of Despair" MCD ¨ 9,00

COFFINS "Mortuary in Darkness" Digipack CD ¨ 12,00

(comes with bonus trax)

COFFINS "Sacrifice to Evil Spirit" Digipack CD ¨ 12,00

(comes with bonus trax)

COLD STEEL "Freakboy" CD ¨ 11,50

(Powerthrash from the USA, re-release with bonus tracks)

COMBAT NOISE "Frontline Offensive Force" US-CD ¨ 11,50

(Grinding Death poison from Cuba! Total bombardment!)

CONFESSOR "Unravelled" CD¨ 9,00***

CONQUEROR "War.Cult.Supremacy" Double CD ¨ 13,00

CONSPIRATOR "Exorcism" CD ¨ 11,00

(Ex-WITCHBURNER's Tankred Best returns with a new 80s style German Thrash band)

CORONER "No More Color" US-CD ¨ 11,50

CORPSESSED "Abysmal Thresholds" US-CD¨ 11,50

(Brandnew deathly attack from Finland's CORPSESSED)

CORPSESSED "The Dagger and the Chalice" US-MCD ¨ 8,50

(Six tracks, 24 minutes, "The Dagger and the Chalice" is pure death metal. No gimmicks, no keyboards, just rotten death metal the way it should be)

CORPSE GRINDER "Apocalyptic Terror" Digipack CD ¨ 11,50

(Ancient Brazilian death Metal assault)

CORPSE GRINDER Hail to Death Metal legion Brazil CD ¨ 11,50

(Third ·lbum from brazilian total old school Death Metal warriors!! 20 years inside thebrazilian underground, the band iskeeping the allegiance and essence of its music)

CORPUS CHRISTI "Tormented Belief" CD¨ 9,50***

CORPUS CHRISTI "The Torment Continues" CD¨ 9,50***

CORPUS CHRISTI "In League with Black Metal" CD ¨ 9,50***

CORPUS CHRISTI "The Fire God" CD ¨ 9,50***

(Re-release of the long sold out second album plus bonus tracksfrom the also long time sold out master of& 7 EP )

COUNTESS "The Return of the Horned One" CD¨ 11,50

(the rare second album back in stock! Incl. "bloed in de Sneuw". Raw Black Metal, original and mean!)

COUNTESS "Blazing Flames Of War"CD ¨ 11,50

COUNTESS "Burning Scripture" CD ¨ 11,50

COUNTESS "On Wings Of Defiance" CD ¨ 11,50

COUNT RAVEN "Mammons War" CD ¨ 11,50

(Brandnew album from Sweden's COUNT RAVEN. Pure Heavy Metal Doom!)

COUNT RAVEN "Storm Warning " CD¨ 11,50

(Doom / old Heavy Metal for all fans into old OZZY, WITCHFINDER GENERAL, BLACK SABBATH!)

COUNT RAVEN "Destruction of the Void " CD¨ 11,50

COUNT RAVEN "High on Infinity " CD¨ 11,50

COUNT RAVEN "Messiah of Confusion" CD¨ 11,50

CRAFT "Terror Propaganda"CD ¨ 11,50

CRAFT "Total Soul Rape" CD ¨ 11,50

CRAVEN IDOL "Towards Eschaton" US-CD¨ 11,50

(The beasts of BATHORY, POSSESSED, ABSU but also MANILLA ROAD, MERCYFUL FATE, HOBBS, have all left their mark on "Towards Eschaton")

CRIMSON GLORY "The Last Night In Japan" Colombia CD¨ 9,50***

(Live Club Monster Kawaguchi Saitama 23-12-89)

CRIMSON MASSACRE "The Luster of Pandemonium" US-CD ¨ 9.50***

CRITERION "The Dominant" CD ¨ 11,50***

(Old School Death Metal from Norge)

CROSS "Metal From Above" CD ¨ 11,50

(Contains 5 tracks from the 1986 "Metal from Above" demo tape (a total of 35 minutes!) remastered for better quality plus 3 bonus tracks recorded live in 1988, presented to you raw but powerful. Epic Heavy Metal with good energy!)

CRUCIAMENTUM "Engulfed in Desolation" MCD ¨ 9,50

CRUCIAMENTUM "Convocation of Crawling Chaos" MCD ¨ 9,50

CRUCIFIED MORTALS "Converted by Decapitation" US-CD¨ 11,00***

(Cool new Thrash/Death force, sometimes with a voice like on 1st CARNIVORE!)

CRUCIFIED MORTALS" Crucified Mortals" US-CD ¨ 11,50

CRUCIFIER (Usa) / THRONEUM (Pol) / SATHANAS (Usa) / BESTIAL MOCKERY (Swe) "Deep Grave Dungeons" split CD ¨ 11,00

(Rehearsals - old but also brand new, exclusive tracks!)

CRUCIFIER "Stronger Than Passing Time" CD ¨ 11,50

CRUCIFYRE "Infernal Earthly Divine" Singapore Singapore CD ¨ 11,50

CRUEL FORCE " Rise of the Satanic Might" US-CD ¨ 11,50

(The debut album. Comes with thick booklet. Teutonic Thrash with a touch of BATHORY /DESTRUCTION)

CRUEL FORCE "Under the Sign of the Moon" CD (original!)¨ 11,50

(Original pressing on K.B.T.M.T. Records. Sealed! German Black Thrash attack in the vein of BATHORY/ DESTRUCTION with powerful dark vocals)

CRUX "Rev Smrti" CD¨ 11,50

(CRUX was founded by ROOT's Petr Blackosh Hoaek between 1988-89.REV SMRTI is a total outburst of dark creativity and sheer aggression, a Thrashing Blackness in the vein of the first albums ofROOT, MASTERS HAMMER and BATHORY s "The Return", etc. Incl. bonus tracks, 20 page booklet. etc)

CRYING STEEL "The Steel is back!" CD¨ 9,50***

(Return of one of themost important italian band of the '80 after 20 years. Total 80s Metal attack! But like the old German Metal bands with good powerful riffs, double bass thunder and a good, melodical voice)

CRYPT OF KERBEROS "World of Myths"Singapore CD ¨ 11,50

CRYPTBORN "in the Grasp of the Starving Dead" US CD ¨ 11,50

(Death Metal in the early 90s Finnish /Swedish style. Dark and heavy)

CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER "Convicted" US-CD (sealed)¨ 12,00

(the debut album, raw fast material. Plus the "Life in Grave" Demo and some live songsas bonus)

CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER "Money Talks" US-CD (sealed)¨ 12,00

(the second album plus 5 Rehearsal Tracks from 1988 plus 4 live songs as bonus)

CRYPTICUS "They Called Me Mad"US-CD ¨ 11,50

(2nd album,cult oldschool death metal in the vein of Demigod, Demilich, Abhorrence(Finland),early-Dismember, etc.)


(9 songs of pure Horror Death Metal, artwork by "Putrid")

CRYPTOPY "Blasphemy Made Flesh" CD ¨ 11,50

CRYPTOPY "None to Vile" CD ¨ 11,50

CUCHILLA GRANDE " Purificacion " Argentinian CD ¨ 11,50

(Heavy Metal with Spanish lyrics)

CULPRIT "Guilty as Charged" CD¨ 11,50

(inkl. 3 bonustracks)

CULT OF DAATH "Under the Cover of the Triumphant Holocaust" US-CD ¨ 11,00

(Old recordings from 2000/2001. Raw stuff! Numbered to 1000 copies)

CULT OF DAATH "The Grand Torturers of Hell" US-CD¨ 9,50***

(purest black steel of the perverse kind!!)

CULT OF DAATH "Slit Throats and Ritual Nights" US-CD¨ 11,00***

(Great perverse and powerful Blackened Metal, primitive but efffective as hell. Becoming quite rare as the label is no more...)

CULTES DES GHOULES "Spectres over Transylvania" MCD¨ 9,00

(The rare album Mini on CD. Supreme dark Black Metal from Poland)

CULTES DES GHOULES "Henbane" US-CD ¨ 11,50


CULTUS SANGUINE "The Sum of All Fears" CD¨ 8,00***

(Spiritual brothers of MONUMENTUM but with a more fucked up voice)

CURSE "Cursed by thy Name" MCD ¨ 5,00

(Icelandic Black Metal coldness in the nordic tradition. Bit like old IMMORTAL mixed with melancholical touches)

CUTTY SARK "Die Tonight" CD¨ 14,00

(German Hardrock Power on HIGH VAULTAGE. As always, very deluxe booklet and bonus material)

CUTTY SARK "Heroes" CD¨ 14,00

German Metal from the 80s. Incl. two bonus trax.

CYCLONE "Brutal Destruction" CD¨ 11,50

(Belgian Thrash from 1986. Like 1st EXODUS versus old SLAYER! Incl. "In the Grip of Evil")

CYPHER SEER "Awakening Day" US-CD¨ 11,50

DAEMONLORD (Spain) "Of War and Hate" CD¨ 11,50***

DAMIEN "Angel Juice" CD ¨ 11,50

DAMIEN THORNE "The Sign of the Jackal + Demos" CD ¨ 13,00

(Deluxe High Vaultage version. MId 80s US Metal with a touch of evil)

DAMIEN THORNE "Haunted Mind" US-CD ¨ 11,00

(the Damien returned with good dark Heavy Metal!)

DAMNATION (Canada) "Speed Anarchy" US-CD ¨ 11,50

DAMNATION (Poland) "Resurrection of Azarath" CD¨ 7,00***

DAMNATIONS HAMMER "Disciples of the Hex" CD + Patch ¨ 12,00

DANTESCO "De la Mano de la Muerte" US-CD ¨ 11,50

(A blend of CANDLEMASS, ROOT and MERCYFUL FATE, with Spanish lyrics)

DARKEST HATE WARFRONT (BRA) "The Aftermath" CD¨ 9,50***

(thrash/black metal

DARKEST HATE WARFRONT (BRA)" Satanic Annihilation Kommando" CD ¨ 9,50***

(brutal black metal)

DARK ANGEL "Darkness Descends" CD ¨ 9,50

(One of the heaviest Thrash explosions ever! )

DARK FORTRESS "Tales From Eternal Dusk" US- CD ¨ 9,00***

DARK FORTRESS "Profane Genocidal Creations US - CD ¨ 9,00***

DARK FUNERAL "In the Sign" MCD ¨ 8,50

(One of the best moments of old DARK FUNERAL. Incl. the two BATHORY coverversions as bonus trax)

DARK QUARTERER "War Tears" CD¨ 11,50

(Reissue for the 1993 album by prog/Epic gods from Italy Contains 2 bonus videoclip!)

DARKIFIED "Cthulhu Riseth (The Complete Works of Darkified)" CD¨ 11,50

(All recordings on one disc. The demo, the EP and live / rehearsal trax. Swedish Death from the 90s)

DARKMOON WARRIOR "In Fundis Inferiorum" Digi M-CD¨ 9,00***

(Germanblack metal in the old way.With members of ETERNITY, etc)

DARKNESS "Deathsquad + 7 Bonus Tracks" CD¨ 11,50

(The debut album, total German Thrash in the vein of KREATOR and other German cult acts, recorded 1987. Includes raw Demo "The Evil Curse" '85 and other bonus material)

DARKNESS "Defenders of Justice + 8 Bonus Tracks" CD ¨ 11,50

(Second album, Ruhrpott-Thrash attack. Incl. the "Titanic War" Demo + other rare bonus material)

DARKNESS "Conclusion and revival + 9 Bonustracks" CD¨ 11,50

(the last album plus 9 bonus tracks)

DARKNESS "Live in Bocholt +Bonustracks" CD¨ 11,50

DARKTHRONE "F.O.A.D." CD(Sealed)¨ 13,00

(No words are needed, old school 80s Black Metal at its best)

DARKTHRONE "The Cult is Alive + Too Old Too Cold" Brazil CD (+ extra slipcase)¨ 12,00

DARKTHRONE "Baptised in Blood" Ecuadorian CD ¨ 12,00

(Old demo recordings, 13 songs from their early period up to "Under a Funeral Moon". Good sound. Numbered to 300 copies)

DARKTHRONE "Total Death" CD¨ 12,00

DARKTHRONE "Sardonic Wrath" CD¨ 12,00

DARKTHRONE "Ravishing Grimness" CD ¨ 13,00

DARKTHRONE "Plaguewielder" Digipack CD ¨ 12,00

(Trad. Black Metal cult. Digipack + booklet!)

DARVULIA "L'Alliance des Venins" CD¨ 9,50***

DARZAMAT (Pol) Oniriad CD ¨ 11,50

DAWNFALL (Ger) "Drei R‰ume" CD ¨ 11,50

(DAWNFALL was one of the first German Black Metal bands of the second Wave of Black Metal, early 90s)

DAWN OF AZAZEL "The Law of the Strong" CD¨ 7,50***

(Extreme hardware from New Zealand!)

DAWNRIDER "Alpha Chapter" Digipack CD¨ 11,50***

(Doom Metal with a touch of CATHEDRAL, most of the time mid-tempo.)

DAYMARES "Can't Get Us All" CD¨ 11,50

(This 11 song debut album bridges heavy and pissed off hardcore, punk rock and death'n'roll)

DEAD "Hardnaked...but Dead" CD ¨ 11,50

DEAD "In the Bondage of Vice" CD (back in stock) ¨ 11,50

DEAD (Ger) "Whorehouse of the Freaks" Japanese CD¨ 11,50***

(A new rotten sick strike!)

DEAD (Ger) "Les Stars Du Rock Porno" Japanese CD¨ 11,50***

(incl. all the Eps and rare compilation appearances! German Death!!)

DEAD CONGREGATION"Graves of the Archangels" US-CD ¨ 11,50

DEAD CONGREGATION"Purifying Consecrated Ground" MCD ¨ 9,50

DEAD CONSPIRACY"Gore Drenched Legacy [1987-1989]" US-CD¨ 11,50***

(Underground 80's Death Metal finally exhumed from the vaults! Includes all 4 demos ('87-'89) and 2 live bonus tracks, with 18 page-booklet!)

DEAD HEAD "Kill Division" CD ¨ 11,50

DEAD HEAD "Depression Tank" CD ¨ 11,50

DEAD INFECTION "Human Slaughter..." CD ¨ 11,50***

DEAD TO THIS WORLD "Sacrifice" MCD ¨ 8,00

(Brandnew mini-album from Norway's crushing DEAD TO THIS WORLD. Professional and hard, grim and mean as hell)

DEADMASK "Under Luciferian Wings" Digipack CD ¨ 11,50

(Melancholic old school, heavy doom rock, featuring doom maniac Dopi of Spanish MACHETAZO. With special covers added: COVEN, THE COFFINSHAKERS, ABSCESS and PENTAGRAM.)

DEALER "First Strike" CD ¨ 11,50

(NWoBHM. Come with two bonus trax)

DEALER "Bootlegged" CD ¨ 11,50

(NWoBHM. Rare recordings from 1983 - 1985. Official release)

DEATH BREATH "Stinking up the Night" Limited Gatefold Digipack CD ¨ 11,00

(Awesome old school Death band by old members of ENTOMBED. ¿ la DEATHSTRIKE, AUTOPSY, early ENTOMBED, etc)

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