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Vigo Infant School

Weekly Newsletter

No. 6 12 October 2011


The absence rate last week was 4.7% this means that 43 days of education were lost last week. Every day of missed school is a missed opportunity for your child.
I would like to remind parents that school should be notified on the first day of a child’s absence and told the reason why your child will not be attending. School phone number is 01264 365166 and there is an answering machine for messages when there is no one in the office.
There were 5 late marks last week. Thank you to those of you who always get your children into class on time!


pecial Mentions

A very special well done to the following children who were added to our new “Special Mention” book during assembly this week. These are children who are currently working extra hard to make our school “the best place to be”!

Oliver Matthews ~ for using letter sounds to build and make words.

Finlay Wilson ~ for trying hard to write his name.

Charlie Bone ~ for lots of brilliant talking about Autumn.

Aaliyah Allard ~ for a beautiful Autumn painting

Alec McCulloch ~ for excellent counting and set making.

Harrison Bint ~ for helping other children to log onto the computer.

Bradley Lewis and Jack Cody ~ for brilliant ideas helping

to solve a class challenge.

Imogen Pinnock ~ for trying her hardest in her writing.

Reggie Denyer ~ for trying so hard at everything he does.

Mia Judge ~ for settling in well to Purple Class.

Georgia Woods ~ for always putting her hand up to offer ideas and answers.

Ed Barnett and Jesse Edwards for wonderful story writing.

Harvest Festival
Thank you to all those of you who have already sent food donations for our Harvest Festival. Please send any remaining donations in before FRIDAY as we will be having our special assembly for the children only that day. Remember that all food will be donated to the Andover Food bank to support families in crisis in our local area.

Signs of the week
There are two signs for this week


his is the sign for cabbage

This is the sign for cauliflower

ask your child to sign them with you

Class of the week
Each week one class will take an opportunity to tell us a little about what is happening in their classroom. Look out for news from your child’s class.
This week’s news is from Blue Class:

Blue Class have enjoyed spending time together as a class and making lots of new friends. They worked really hard during their first full week in school and went home tired, but happy. This week, for the first time, they experienced assemblies, lunchtimes and playtime with the whole school.

We have been thinking about what makes us feel happy and sad and agreed some class rules to keep our classroom a happy learning place.

We are getting much better at all these things.

We have been learning the story of the Little Red Hen and using signs to retell the story. All of us have put pictures of the story in order and acted out the story. Role play is one of our favourite activities and we have also built a rocket and been to the moon after we heard the story “Whatever Next”.

We are learning how to write our name making sure we write the letters properly and only use letter sounds when talking about the letters. Some of us are getting quite good and have been practising at home with mummy or daddy. Lots of us have also shared books at home.
We are saying our numbers and have been learning what each number really means. We have played lots of different games to help us get better at this.

We particularly enjoy it when we can work with children from both classes and like seeing what activities we can do in each class. We have done lots of things together with Red Class; we went to visit the library in town, made bread, played outside and watched El Nombre.

We have decided that although everyone sometimes misses mummy and we all get tired school is GREAT fun.

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