Washing machines

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Washing machines

Hugely popular these days, a washing machine performs the job of cleaning laundry, such as clothing, sheets, towels etc. In most cases, we use this term for machines that use water as the primary cleaning solution. The process of dry cleaning, on the other hand, involves the use of alternative cleaning fluids and is mainly used for commercial purposes. The washing machine has come a long way and passed through several phases since the first patent under the category of Washing and Wringing Machine was issued in Britain in 1691.
Modern washing machines are mainly found in two categories: top loading and front loading. In the former configuration, clothes are placed in a vertically-mounted cylinder. There is an agitator akin to a propeller in the center of the bottom of the cylinder. These machines use more water, and hence more energy to heat the water. So its energy costs are more and it takes longer to dry clothes. However, the process of loading clothes and adding items mid-cycle is easier in these machines. Top loading machines take less cycle times and perform extremely well even in the absence of regular detergent. It is rather noisy, but costs the least overall. You can usually get a top loader in the price range $300 $650. A costlier and newer design of top loader includes wash plates, discs that lift and tumble laundry, and other replacements for the traditional agitator. These high-efficiency machines wash better than regular top loaders and are priced between $800 and $1,200.

Front loading washing machines clean clothes by tumbling them in the water. Here, clothes are dropped into the water beneath from the top of the tub. These washing machines consume less water and energy than regular top-loaders. They have the capacity of handling between 12 and 20 pounds of laundry. Like high-efficiency top loaders, these front loading machines also wash best with low-foaming detergent. You can stack some of them with a dryer to save floor space. These washing machines cost between $700 and $1,600.

In the event of space constraint, you can use compact washing machines that are usually 24” wide or less with a capacity of washing between 8 and 12 pounds of laundry. Its washer can be stacked with a compact dryer. They can be stored in a closet and rolled out to be hooked up to the kitchen sink. A compact washing machine costs between $450 and $1,700.
GE, Kenmore (Sears), Maytag, and Whirlpool are the top four washing machine manufacturers in the world. Asko and Miele are European brands, while Fisher & Paykel is imported from New Zealand, LG and Samsung from Korea, and Haier from China.
GE washing machines

GE is one of the biggest manufacturers of washing machines in the world. The company’s appliances division also makes and sells many other home appliances including refrigerators, freezers, ranges, dishwashers, dryers, microwave ovens, speed cooking ovens, room air conditioners, and water filtration, softening and heating systems. GE boasts of several brands including the GE Monogram® line, the GE Profile™ series, apart from its familiar GE® brand, appliances that suit every home and lifestyle. The company also manufactures the Hotpoint and RCA lines. GE also has an excellent service system for its washing machines.

GE has recently launched an environmentally friendly washing machine in the form of its Frontload Washer. This GE washing machine incorporates a HydroHeater to heat water in such a way that it can kill common laundry germs. It also has a higher load capacity, and a HydroMotion wash cycle that can rotate clothing in two directions. This machine saves more water than other washing machines. In this case, clothes are made dirt-free as they are swished two ways. The machine saves you both time and space. It takes less time because of its large wash basket and dryer drum, along with an extremely fast sensor-drying system. This washing machine is designed in such a manner that is easy to stack the dryer on top of the washer and thus save space. Having 1000 RPM spin speed and 14 wash cycles, it can handle any type of fabric ranging from the heaviest denim to the lightest cotton.

Although the GE Profile Harmony is a top-loading washing machine, it uses a different technology for agitating than other regular top loading machines. The two top loading GE washing machines that have earned top ratings from consumers are GE WWRE5240D and GE WBSR3140D. There are several other GE washing machines in both top loading and front loading configurations.
The GE Spacemaker extra-large capacity WSLS1100HWW washing machine priced from $709.00 simplifies cycle selection and provides accurate cycle times. The machine offers better wash results and longer fabric life. The GE 3 5 cubic feet large capacity washing machine WJRR4170GWW, priced about $480, is gentler on clothes and has room for more items. The GE WSSH300GWW 28" is a front loading washing machine with ten wash cycles and timed dispensers. Costing about $680, this machine can handle almost all types of fabrics.
Having under its belt a number of other washing machines of various models and capacities, GE is one of the top market leaders in the washing machine sector. The GE washing machines are efficient, reliable with excellent services and support back-up.
Washing machines Adelaide
Electrolux is one of the main household appliances companies in Australia, doing business through its Australian subsidiary, Electrolux Home Products Pty Limited. Appliances made in the Australasian region by Electrolux are sold under Westinghouse, Simpson and Electrolux, Chef, Dishlex, Kelvinator brands and, for export markets, under other brands. The company has four manufacturing plants in Adelaide that manufacture washing machines and dryers, cookers, dishwashers and appliance motors.

There are two main manufacturers and distributors of washing machines and dryers in Adelaide: IPSO Laundry Equipment SA and NT, and Richard Jay Laundry Equipment, SA. B-Electrical Services Pty Ltd does trading as IPSO Laundry Equipment SA & NT. It caters to all laundry needs of the residents of Adelaide. The company is in a position to supply all the spare parts for washing machines and other laundry equipment in South Australia including Adelaide and Northern Territory.

In Adelaide, you can buy or get repaired most commercial brands of washing machines and other laundry equipment by B-Electrical Services Pty Ltd. These brands include Ipso, Cissell, ADC Dryers, Whirlpool, Wascater, Maytag, Primus, Speed Queen, Unimac, Kleenmaid, and Huebsch. B-Electrical Services Pty Ltd is a family owned Australian Company, set up more than a quarter century ago. In Adelaide, the company provides service to different types of customers ranging from heavy industrial units to healthcare centers, hotels, caravan parks, launderettes etc. IPSO Laundry Equipment complies with the Australian Standard for Laundry Practice, AS4146-2000, and meets the latest Federal Accreditation Requirements.
The IPSO HC washing machines are both reliable and durable. They are also easy to use, simple and safe for a commercial washing machine. These machines consume less energy, but give customers the best results. There should be no problem in servicing as you will get its components easily in Adelaide. The IPSO HF commercial washing machines are also dependable and durable. They too are simple to operate and comply with all the safety regulations. They are energy efficient and their parts can be easily found in Adelaide. The IPSO WE washing machines share all the qualities the previous two have. In addition, their large doors make loading and unloading extremely simple.

Richard Jay is at present Australia’s biggest commercial laundry specialists. In business since the 1960s, the company supplies the brands Maytag and Primus. Richard Jay offers sales, service, spare-parts, design, accreditation advice, training and finance. In Adelaide, you can easily consult them for your washing machine requirements. Richard Jay laundry equipment brands include Ecoclean, Ghidini, Huebsch, Maytag, Maytag, Maytag Commercial, Primus, Primus Industrial, Richard Jay Laundry Equipment Trolley, Richard Jay's Trolley and Folding Tables, and Shiny Bright Soap Powder.

Portable washing machines
Many people still tend to believe that a portable washing machine is no more than a figment of some overoptimistic people’s imagination. Cynics have always doubted the effectiveness of such portable washing machines, if there are any. Well, even if they fail to fully satisfy a demanding customer, some portable washing machines are now available in the market or on the anvil and they have found some users too. Although no sane person is likely to be too eager to take a washing machine while traveling, he/she may change his/her mind there is a lightweight, fully operational version that doesn’t take up too much space.
Take for example the Astone Mobile Washer. Because of its unique inflatable design, the washing machine is so small that you can carry it anywhere you like. It is a perfect portable washing machine that can be used for campervan trips, weekenders, camping or motel stays. The machine weighs only2 kg, and when inflated, can hold 6.5 litres of water. In addition to being portable, it is also capable of giving the gentle treatment needed for delicate clothes. Another potable option may be the Kenmore 2.1 cubic foot compact portable top load clothes washer. This portable washing machine has two water levels and three temperature settings. That enables users to do just about anything a regular washing machine can handle. It is priced at about $500.

The GE Spacemaker WSLP1100DWW Washer is a 2.5 cubic feet top loading portable washing machine. Priced at about $600, it is ideal for small apartments where space is limited. Its ten wash cycles and three different water/rinse temperatures enable users to get the exact wash he or she is looking for. Everything is monitored by the user-friendly Electronic-One-Touch Controls with LED read out. Moreover, the One-Touch Loading Sensor automatically sets the water level to reduce waste.

Haier has also come up with a number of portable washing machines. Its HLP21E top load washer has 0.91 cu/ ft capacity, and can take 6.6 lb. load. The device runs without making much sound and is available in white. Its price is $236. Haier XQJ50-31, having electronic touch, digital display and delayed start timer, can handle a load of 11 lb. It costs $332.99. Haier XQB60-91BF is a top load portable washing machine that can handle a load of 13.2 lb. Its price is $350. Haier HLP20E has a capacity of 1.15 cubic feet featuring electronic touch, end-of-cycle signal, fuzzy logic. Priced at $249.00, the machine operates quietly.
Danby DWM99W top load washer can take a load of 9.26 lb. It costs $299 and operates quietly. At $319, Avanti W797 top load washer is yet another portable washing machine that can handle 12 lb.
Front loading washing machines
Although front loading washing machines have been used for commercial purposes for quite some time, it is only recently that they have gained both acceptance and popularity at homes. These days, you find most shops for home appliances displaying at least one, more often than not several models of such machines. Quite naturally, curious customers are now eager to understand what their main features and advantages are. Front loading washing machines operate in a manner different from their top loading counterparts. Their only similarities are that both use detergent and water and spin at the end of the wash to remove water.

Top-loading washers use a big agitator that forces clothes back and forth through soapy water, and then again through clean water to rinse out detergent. In these machines, the tub spins vertically. In front loading washing machines, however, the tub spins horizontally. Front loaders have no agitator to move the clothes through the water; the movement of the tub causes the clothes to be lifted out of and plunged back in the water again and again.

Front loading washing machines have several advantages over their top loading rivals. Front loading machines can save a lot of energy, and can prolong the life of the clothes washed in them. They also do not make much noise and have larger capacities. Due to its special wash mechanism, a front loading washing machine uses much less quantity of water than top loading machines. Use of less water means using less energy. As a result, one has to pay lower energy bills.
As front loading washing machines spin at a faster pace than top loaders, the clothes coming out of the former are drier than those coming out of the latter. It is a great advantage for anyone who needs to do several loads in one day as it saves the person a lot of time. In the process, front loading washing machines also use less dryer energy as the quantity of water required to be dried is also less. They also use less amount of soap. It is beneficial in two ways: first, it reduces the spending on detergents which are quite expensive and second, it spares the earth a lot of difficulties as detergents are known to contain several chemicals that are not biodegradable. Clothes can last longer if washed in front loading washing machines. In that case, users can save money. Clothes last longer because front loading machines are gentler and also because they reduce drying time.
However, front loading washing machines are more expensive to buy and available in fewer models. Buyers, however, can compensate for the initial expense by lower utility bills in the future.
Bosch washing machines

Bosch is a leading producer of domestic electrical products including washing machines. Set up in 1886, the company is renowned for its excellent range of washing machines. Designed and engineered in Germany, Bosch washing machines have always earned appreciation from leading consumer magazines. They are efficient, reliable and durable.

If you think Bosch washing machines are rather complex to use, the best thing is to leave aside the enhanced functions and concentrate on the basics. This is because every machine performs the same principal jobs. Otherwise, you can also opt for cheaper models that are likely to come with fewer options. In case you find traditional control knobs uncomfortable, choose Bosch washing machines with digital push button controls.

Bosch washing machines are available in two principal types: front loader and top loader. Front loaders can be easily integrated with the design of most kitchens. In top loaders, the drum is accessed from the top and the controls too are often located on the top. Bosch washing machines operate quietly, remaining equal to or below 70 db on the spin cycle. Bosch appliances use brushless motors, suspended pump systems and special sound-deadening material, which keep the washing machines exceptionally quiet while running. As a result, these machines can be installed virtually anywhere in your home without causing any disturbance. As far as reliability is concerned, Bosch washing machines boast of a wonderful track record. Once you own a Bosch machine, you would rarely need to call out an engineer.
Bosch washing machines, easily distinguishable from other conventional designs, now use 76% less water and almost 72% less energy than conventional models. They also come with more gentle fabric care, better cleaning performances and a much quieter operation. All such qualities make Bosch washing machines one of the best in the market.

Its Nexxt® Washers are the most efficient models on the market, cutting down energy and water usage by up to 76% when compared to conventional top loading machines.

With a 3.81 cubic feet drum and a 18” wide door opening, Bosch large capacity washing machines are extremely convenient if one needs to handle extra large loads.

As a sample, let us look at Bosch WFLi2440 washing machine. It is a front loading washing machine with a loading capacity of 6 kg. The spin speed of the machine is 1200 rotations per minute and noise level 55 db. Highly energy efficient, this Bosch washing machine is priced at about £550. Once you place order for the machine, you will get delivery within 7 to 10 working days.

Whirlpool washing machines
Whirlpool is the top home appliance manufacturer in the United States, and second only to Swedish giant AB Electrolux in the world. The company makes washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, dishwashers, freezers, microwave ovens, ranges, trash compactors, air purifiers, and many other domestic appliances. Besides Whirlpool, the company markets its products under brand names including KitchenAid, Bauknecht, Roper, and Magic Chef. A considerable portion of Whirlpool's 2006 sales came from making Kenmore and Sears appliances for Sears, which also stocks the Whirlpool and KitchenAid brands. Whirlpool took over ailing rival Maytag in early 2006.
Whirlpool washing machines are known for their reliability. They last longer than most other machines, and hardly require any engineer call-outs. Whirlpool washing machines are available in two main configurations: front loading and top loading. They are also known to operate without making much noise. Whirlpool washing machines keep bringing to you newer technologies - the 6th Sense™ technology, for example. Whirlpool offers you a complete range from semi-automatic to fully automatic front loading washing machines to meet the requirements of the discerning homemaker.

In spite of the growing popularity of front loaders, Whirlpool washing machine WTW5500S is a top loader that is still popular. This user-friendly model has a 3.2-cubic-foot wash tub, five wash/spin combinations and ten automatic cycles. Rotary dials in place of electronic controls have also kept costs low, and the machine is more reliable in the long term. The Whirlpool Cabrio series has a traditional look, but it works just like a front-load washing machine, giving you all the benefits of the latter. The Whirlpool Cabrio is 4.5 cubic feet, having ten different wash cycles. This Whirlpool washing machine operates with a direct wash system that penetrates and treats stains before the cycle even begins. It thus gives you a wonderfully clean laundry pile at the end of the wash.

The Whirlpool GHW9400PT is the first washing machine in the United States certified by Woolmark for washable wools. This machine has the Accuwash automatic temperature control with a heavy duty door hinge. The Quiet Wash plus system with Sensor intelligence and SpillGuard top porcelain has a Stainless tilted wash basket.
Among Whirlpool’s front-loading washing machines are Whirlpool® Duet HT® Ultra Capacity model WFW 9400S that is ENERGY STAR® Qualified, Whirlpool® Duet HT® Ultra Capacity Plus model WFW9200S ENERGY STAR® Qualified, Whirlpool® Duet Sport™ model WFW8500S ENERGY STAR® Qualified and so on. Whirlpool top loading washing machines include Whirlpool® Super Capacity Plus Washer model WTW5900S, Whirlpool® Super Capacity Plus Washer model WTW5800S, Whirlpool® Super Capacity Plus Washer model WTW5700S, Whirlpool® Super Capacity Plus Washer model WTW5500S and so on.
Kenmore washing machines
Kenmore is a favorite home appliance brand among Americans. Beginning its journey in 1927, Kenmore made its maiden appearance on a Sears laundry appliance, an agitator type, wringer washing machine. Within a span of ten years, Sears had already sold 1 million Kenmore washing machines. The brand has retained its popularity even today, with about one in every three American homes having a Kenmore appliance. As most urban homes received electricity by the end of the 1920s, Sears smelt an opportunity and came up with a wide range of Kenmore appliances. After the end of the Second World War, Sears introduced the Kenmore Harmony House line of appliances. These appliances used the latest designs and technology for washing machines, dryers, and ranges.

Kenmore washing machines have several exclusive features that have made using them a pleasing experience. Kenmore washing machines with Save Energy Plus Option can save up to 20% more energy by lowering the temperature and adding time to the cycle. This is done without in any way affecting the cleaning performance. Also, Kenmore washing machines with SkinCare™ Rinse uses a third rinse that removes irritating detergent residue from bedding, lingerie and clothing. These machines can also remove any kind of stain your kids dish out with the Kids Wear Cycle. Stain Treat technology is capable of removing stains like blood, and the SkinCare™ rinse completely removes detergent residues.

The Total Care™ Agitator in Kenmore washing machines moves in three directions. As a result, it is possible to clean larger loads, with gentle fabric care. Kenmore washing machines are equipped with the Triple Action™ Agitator that adds an up-and-down motion along with top rotation and back-and-forth movement. This improves rollover resulting in uniform soil removal, even in larger loads. Their patented Heated Dryer Rack helps quick and gentle drying of clothes. Kenmore washing machines having TurboDry™ give you time to fold before the next wash load is done. Those having the Dual-Action Drying System™ combine speed and gentle fabric care with two independent motors.
Kenmore HE5t is a 3.8 cu. Ft. IEC king size capacity plus front load washing machine that is an ENERGY STAR qualified appliance. HE5t washers use 71% less water and 71% less energy per load. Its built-in water heater and Stain Treat option remove several kinds of stains in one load. It has audio-visual controls that use sound and light to simplify cycle selection. Kenmore Oasis 3.8 cu. ft. king size capacity plus washer

cleans a bigger load. This washing machine offers the best cleaning performance of any Kenmore conventional washer. Other washing machines from Kenmore are also reliable, efficient and durable.

Best washing machines

For a customer, it is necessary to consider a number of things to before choosing the best washing machine for him/her. The final choices will, however, be different for different customers depending on their individual requirements. If you have a limited budget, the best washing machine for you could be a basic top-loading machine with convenience features that suit your "laundry-style." These washing machines will cost you between $250 and $500. In case you can afford $700 or more, you can think of a more efficient front-loader or one of the latest top-loading models that are more efficient than their previous versions. The front loading washing machines could be your best choice because of excellent washing, ample capacity, and quiet operation. There have been quite a few front-loading washing machines around for awhile. Among them, Frigidaire, GE, Kenmore, and Whirlpool washing machines are the best as they are usually more reliable than their Maytag counterparts. If a choice has to be made between front loaders and new-technology top-loader, the former will be a better option. If you are seeking good performance at a modest price, your best washing machine should be a traditional top loader. These machines will offer you decent washing for $500 or less and include a large selection of reliable brands.

Energy usage is another factor which should play a key role in determining which washing machines are best for you. The Energy Star eligibility of the government, or any other suitable alternative criterion should be considered before making the final choice. Also take into account the noise factor. If you have to use your washing machine near the kitchen or a bedroom, front loading machines should be your best choice. They are usually very quiet; although a few top-loaders also show the same quality.

For small apartments and small families, compact washing machines should be the best choice. Such compact machines are generally 24” wide, about 3” less than that of conventional machines. These machines can typically handle a load of about 8 pounds. Some of these washing machines are permanently installed, while some may be rolled to the sink and connected to the water supply. Portable washing machines are the best options if there is no available washer hook-up or space for installing one. The choice of best washing machines should also be based on the choice of washer, proper detergent etc. And last but not the least, be sure to find out how your machine will be serviced. A great model is no doubt great, but can also pose a problem if there is no one in your locality to service it.

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