We hope that you all had a very Spooky Half term 

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Autumn Term – November - December 2014

Dear Families,

We hope that you all had a very Spooky Half term 

Thank you to all the families that came to the Tiddlywinks Halloween Party. It was a huge success and we raised £192.51. Thankyou to Emily, Angela, Sarah and Sarah for helping to organise it and for the many cakes made by some of the mums.

If you have any ideas of how you think the money should be spent please let me know.
HARVEST FESTIVAL – Thank you for all your kind donations. The children carried the food over to the school and gave it to the Food Bank.



Lunch Club and Hot Meal Fees

Can I please ask that you pay for Lunch Club and Hot Meals daily or weekly, and if your child is staying for lunch please tick the lunch column and fill in the Hot Lunch Menu.

As we are busy we cannot guarantee a space if you turn up on the day so please pre book.


Due to the rise in cost of fruit and vegetable we are asking if ALL families could contribute to the snack bar.

Any Dried/tinned fruit. Fresh fruit and vegetables would be gratefully received.

There is a snack pot on the desk for any monetary contributions.

Please you make sure you sign your child in and out at the desk.

Also can you please encourage your child to find their hand on the door and place on the tree for self-registration.

Christmas Craft Morning – Saturday 29th November.

This is an opportunity for you to come and do some Christmas Crafts with your child, meet your child’s key person and look through their learning journey. It will be from 10.30 – 12. You will be able to buy Bacon Rolls and Teas and coffees there. ( All money goes to the preschool)

Parents Evening.

As the last parents evening was a success we will be running it again. Please see the list on the desk so that you can book a 10 minute time slot with your childs key person. If you can not make it please speak to your Key person and we can arrange another time before or after your childs session.

Christmas Crafts and Chrsitmas Songs – Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th December.

Come and join your child within the preschool session, to make Christmas crafts, speak to your child’s key person and look at their learning journey.

This will run from 10 – 12, where we will end the session with Christmas songs.

If your child attends on that session please drop them off at 9 and then return at 10. If your child doesn’t attend on that day please bring your child at 10.


Please can you provide your child with suitable outdoor clothing as we will be going outside in all weathers. Can I remind you to name all coats, wellies, hats and gloves etc. Can you also let your child know that they have Wellies and place them in the Welly trolley.

Busy Boxes
Can I please ask that you bring your child’s busy box in every session and then take it home again. This is so the staff are able to put their fantastic pieces of art work in them for you to see.
Library and Story Sacks
Please still encourage your child to choose a library book to share with you at home.

We also have a small selection of Story Sacks – These can also be borrowed, but at a cost of £1 per sack. This is so that we can put this money towards buying more Story Sacks


Please be careful when you are entering or leaving via the security gate. Please be careful not to let children out that are not your responsibility as we are on a busy road. ALSO please do NOT let yourself out of the preschool building OR let anyone else in. You must wait for a member of staff to do this.


Please think of other drivers and our neighbours when parking outside our building or in neighbouring roads please. Your help would be very much appreciated.

Flexible Pick Up Times

We allow parents to pick up at 3pm to enable them to collect older children from school. So in you may pick your child up at 3 or 4pm – (though you will still be charged/need to claim for the last hour.)

The Book People and Books Plus

They will be coming out every 4 weeks to leave a selection of books/gifts for you to look at and buy. The books/gifts will be left in the entrance hall/on the desk for a week, so please feel free to look and place your order and money.

Lost property/unnamed items.

There are a few pieces of lost property and TOYS from home. Please have a look to see if any of it is your childs.

Oil Deliveries

If you order oil from Boiler Juice and quote the following Number 35062 the preschool will get 25p for every 100litres delivered.
If you have not done so already can you please supply a photo of the regular people who will be picking up your child with their name and a password.


Due to the increase in cost of ink and printing we are emailing information to parents. Please could you fill in the following and give back to Mel or Helen.

I would/would not be interested in receiving information from the preschool via email.

My email address is ………………………………………………………………………………………………..
Childs Name ……………………….. Signed………………………………………….. Date…………………….

These are the Makaton signs that we will be teaching the children this half term.


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