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Welcome to Best Buddies Jobs Florida


What is Best Buddies Jobs?

Best Buddies Jobs is an exciting program that will help you to find the job that works for you.

Why are we different?

Our purpose is to work with you to get and keep a job in the community. We have had great success in finding many different types of jobs in professional environments. Employers range from law firms and other large companies to jobs in retail and luxury hotels.

What will Best Buddies Jobs offer you?

A chance to be included in choosing a job that you will enjoy, while having the opportunity to earn good wages and receive promotions.

How successful is Best Buddies Jobs?

Since Best Buddies Jobs began in Miami, Florida in 1994, we have helped nearly 200 people in Miami to find and keep the job that they wanted. Due to our success in Miami, the program expanded to the Los Angeles area in 1997, Boston in 1998, Silicon Valley in 2011, Falls Church, VA in 2011, and San Francisco in 2012. We have become a successful supported employment agency because of wonderful employers and hard working participants.

Some of the Florida companies that employ people through BBJ:


Adrienne Arsht Center

Cobb Theatre

Lucky Strike Lanes Miami Beach

Niche Media, LLC

Royal Media

Sports Memorabilia

Service Systems Associates At Zoo Miami

Food Service

Independent Purchasing Cooperative

Joe’s Stone Crab Restaurant

Levy Restaurants at Marlins Park

Publix Supermarkets, Inc. #00794

Sodexo at Barry University & Aventura Hospital

Health Care

Baptist Health South Florida

Oliver-Pyatt Centers


Hyatt Regency Downtown Miami

Loews Miami Beach Hotel

Turnberry Associates at Aventura

Courtyard By Marriott

Florida Linen Services


Brightstar Corporation

City Of Hialeah

Goldberg & Rosen, P.A.

Holland & Knight L.L.P. Miami & Ft. Lauderdale

Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L.

Trujillo, Vargas, Ortiz, & Gonzalez, L.L.P.

Value Store It


Kmart of Key Largo Store #9614

Target of North Miami Beach

Whole Foods Market – Pinecrest

Whole Foods Market – South Beach


St. Stephen’s Episcopal Day School

What kind of job do you want?

Where would you like to work?

Steps to Employment with Best Buddies JOBS

  1. Best Buddies Jobs (BBJ) will schedule a home visit to meet with you, and any others you wish to invite, to talk about your desire to find a job. After the home visit, you, your support coordinator, and BBJ will decide if Best Buddies is the right program for you.

  1. Once it is decided that BBJ is the best supported employment program for you, BBJ may need to help you become connected with Vocational Rehabilitation (VR). If necessary, BBJ and VR will help you to receive a current medical and psychological evaluation so that will we be able to best meet your needs. If BBJ needs more information to make the best job match, you will be asked to sign an authorization for us to obtain or release information.

  1. When BBJ receives an authorization for supported employment services from VR or your support coordinator, BBJ will meet with you again to assist you to write your Individual Written Program Plan (IWPP). This will include talking about what kind of job you want and your future work goals.

  1. In the state of Florida, you must have a Passport or current Florida ID and Social Security card to work. If you do not have these forms of identification, let BBJ know, and other options will be discussed.

  1. BBJ will then begin looking for the right job for you. You should keep in mind that finding the right job close to where you live could take some time. Please be patient and BBJ will continue to update you at least monthly on the progress of the job search. If you have any questions, feel free to call your employment consultant at any time.

  1. When BBJ finds a job that you may want, we will help you to prepare for an interview. BBJ will be with you through the interview process.

  1. Once you get the job you want, BBJ will be there to assist you with learning the job and answering any questions that may come up. BBJ will also help you to learn the best way to get to and from work as well as provide travel training if necessary.

  1. Keep in mind, it is very important to be on time and to work the hours that you are scheduled in order to keep your job. If you are running late or unable to work, make sure to call your employer and BBJ as soon as possible. If you need some time off, ask your supervisor at work no less than two weeks in advance and notify BBJ if the time off has been approved.

  1. The following behaviors will cause you to lose your job and your relationship with Best Buddies Jobs:

  • Illegal drug use at any time

  • Alcohol use while on the job

  • Sexual harassment

  • Violent verbal or physical outburst with coworkers, customers, or BBJ staff

  • Not cooperating with BBJ staff and/or employer

  1. You have the choice to leave Best Buddies Jobs at any time. If you leave and decide you want to come back to BBJ, you may return and we will provide you with our supported employment services again.

Important Contacts

This is a list of important people that you may need to contact if you have any questions or concerns. Keep this information so that you can call these people when needed.

Best Buddies Jobs Miami-Dade Office

100 SE 2nd Street, Suite 2200

Miami, FL 33131

Program Supervisor:

Telephone: (305) 374-2233


FAX: (305) 374-5305

Employment Consultant:


Mobile Phone:


Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor:




Zip code:



Support Coordinator:




Zip code:



Required Forms

Grievance Procedure Form

Abuse and Neglect Information Form

Human Rights Orientation Form

Guidelines for determining how earnings will impact SSI benefits

Social Security Discussion Verification form

Authorization to Obtain/Release Information

Introductory Handbook Receipt

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