Well in my elite group of friends there is our leader Lazer, Stiggz, Tink, Dante, Exdeath, Misty, Weeone, Nike, and Dakota


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I am {VTTK~QKMK] Kram. I have brown hair with some blonde in it. My hair isn’t very long just enough to cover a little of my ears and that’s when I haven’t been to the barber lately. I am about 5’ 10” about now. I am currently at the age of 15. I have brown eyes and a good tan. I am pretty fast and rather smart. Strength isn't’ really my best quality but I can pull my weight anyway.

Well in my elite group of friends there is our leader Lazer, Stiggz, Tink, Dante, Exdeath, Misty, Weeone, Nike, and Dakota.

Lazer has almost 0 physical talent but pulls his weight with mind. He is smarter than heck. He does a lot of whining. But I am rather loyal to him as long as he doesn’t start to annoy me. He is about 5’ 5” dark blonde hair. Plus blue eyes and a crew cut. He is also 15.

Stiggz is part Indian I am not really sure I know of have low attention span. He has black hair, blue eyes, and a short temper. If he gets mad he mainly lets it show. Hmm I am not sure about anything else; I don’t know him too deeply. He is about 5’6” and about 155 lbs. He has a chest like a brick wall because he took a blaster shot to the chest with no armor on and he is still alive some how I don’t know. He is 17.

Tink is a farmer that joined the Diamond Sword group because he hates his brothers. For some reason he started to like the fighting and decided to stay here. I like Tink he is cool but I don’t know he kind of is boring when I start to talk to him after about 3 hours. He is blonde with blue eyes about 5’7”. He is 14 and has a talent with machinery and can put the things together rather well.

Dante is 17 with a long ponytail on this head, which is kind of brown and blonde at the same time. He is rather normal to me he is 5 8” and has some good strength rather average for this age. He is a smooth talker and a good friend of mine I knew him for a long time. We try to work together as much as possible because of common talents and normal actions and precautions.

Exdeath is 18 and rather cool. He isn’t strong but he isn’t week. He is our machinery repair senior specialist. He is rather good at most things but I don’t know he does try to finally get the last word in. He also wants to win really badly which to me makes he wickedly cool

Misty is 15 also. She is pretty. She is a little over 5’7” ,that is a good size to me. She has brown hair with blonde streaks in its. Her hair reaches down to about her neck kind of curly too. She has blue eyes and I think that’ she is rather nice.

Next is Weeone my sister. She is really nice and she really can cook up a really great apple pie, my favorite. She is 5’ 2” which in our family is rather short. She has green eyes and long golden blonde hair. She has a rather pale skin I think she is spending way too much time in the Armor.

Nike is okay. But I think he is a wise talker. He is okay I wouldn’t trust him with my life, I would leave that to Stiggz or Dante. Anyway Nike is a wise talker and I can tell he has his eyes set on Dakota. Plus I think he is kind of sucking down a little too much Energy Juice.

Dakota, well what can I say she is WOW! She is really fine. She is rather skinny but still is kind of hot. She has a nice tan and is very fragile. She walks kind of gracefully like a snob in a way.

She has black hair and gray eyes. She is a 5’4” and is kind of suprisingly fast.

Anyway this is the time in which the Diamond Swords were in a war with the Blood Eagles who are bent on destroying all the Tribes and being the only and the most powerful tribe in the universe.

As a Diamond Sword we are mainly peaceful and spend our time resting, reading, learning, and meditating. We are pretty smart, that’s our edge over the other Tribes is our brainpower. Seeing as how we are the people who invented the laser rifle. Mainly a weapon for snipers which we are. We think of it this way why get hurt if you don’t have too.

So we were called to the King of all the Diamond Swords. The only thing the invitation said was to come ASAP and that it is important. So we rushed as usual I am always second there Weeone is always first. And always last is Nike. And the rest are kind of in a match to fight it out. We opened the main huge steel doors to enter the kings throne room where he stayed to look at strategy and battle plans.

The King said’” I am glad that all of you are well and in 100% health. Because as you well know we the Diamond Swords and we are currently having a major war with the Blood Eagles. And we need to win this war because otherwise we will be killed or put into slavery. So I am putting my top agents, you guys on the mission. The mission is to steal the disk that contains the instructions for making the new weapons that we are working on. Inside intelligence tells us that they didn’t make a copy of the disk so all you have to do is either bring the disk back or break the disk or the best and finally idea is to implant this little baby. It is a mega virus that is totally incurable. All you have to do is put it in their one computer and instantly it will infect their entire computer and all there files. But most important is to make sure that they don’t have the disk. Is that clear?”

We all yelled at one time “Yes Sir!”

The plan was that we were to have an easy escort to the top of their base. In a HPC aircraft. The main base is where we are going to get dropped off at. Their generator was destroyed so were all there turrets. But now their generator is back online.

We were sent to armor up with whatever we need. I decided that I wanted to fly the HPC to the enemy base so I took Light Armor plus a Repair Pack just in cause we get hit in the air. Which doesn’t happen because of my perfect flying ability. So 5 of us went in the HPC that I drove and then Tink drove an LPC which holds 2 others beside the pilot. The HPC that I drove was slower than the LPC it held 4 people. Then Nike and Dakota drove the single scouters to watch our back so we wouldn’t get shot at.

In my plane road Misty, Dante, Exdeath, and Lazer. We were going to get sent out at last. I noticed what armor we were wearing.

Misty was wearing Light Armor and was carrying an energy pack so I figured she had a laser rifle. Plus I guess she has a disk launcher, blaster, and a target laser.

Dante had Medium Armor and was carrying a remote turret. I would think he had a plasma gun, blaster, grenade launcher, and chaingun.

Exdeath was in heavy armor. He had an inventory station on his back. He more than likely had Heavy Mortar, Plasma gun, grenade launcher, disk launcher, and a chain gun. He might have a targeting laser.

Lazer was in Light Armor. I knew he must have a laser rifle because that is what Lazer does he is a sniper. So he had an energy pack, also chaingun, disk launcher, and plasma gun.

Nike was in Light Armor because he wanted to fly a scouter. He was packing a chaingun, disk launcher, and a plasma gun. He also had a repair pack.

Dakota took the Scouter too. She was packing a Shield Pack, which would really come in handy when we would really need it. She has mines, a chaingun, grenade launcher, and plasma.

Tink had light armor and flew the LPC, which carried Weeone and Stiggz. Normally he carries a Shield pack. He has a blaster, plasma, and a chaingun.

Stiggz has Heavy Armor. He carried an ammo station on this back. He has heavy mortar, plasma, grenade launcher, disk launcher, and a blaster. I thought that was a pretty good list of weapons.

Weeone wore Medium armor. She carries a remote turret with her and had blaster, chaingun, plasma, and of course a disk launcher.

We were ready to take off then. There was a front line about to attack the main base kind of as a hit and run so that we wouldn’t be noticed. We all flew over a ridge with great ease to discover a huge fortress. We all stopped to admire the look and scan what was going on. It turns out that a medical team was taking care of the turrets on top of the base. We had to do something immediately before he healed the turrets and we wouldn’t make it on top of the base. The problem with that is the packs that our friends are carrying like the turrets and stations are heavy, so heavy that adds about 150 lbs. making them unable to flying or jetpack as high. So we all stopped and let Lazer sniper a Blood Eagles head into about 3 separate pieces.

Then we continued on our way. We weren’t noticed by anyone else. We decided to stay on top of the base until the war finished. If there were a war going on then the guards and the rest of the Blood Eagles would be on full alert. After about 1 hour 26 minutes and 5 seconds the battle was done and the night had started to fall. We knocked out what weapons we could from the top of he base and what men and women we could stop before they reported us. Stiggz set up the ammo station so we would have enough ammo to finish off some of the turrets.

I bet the king of the Blood Eagles is thinking that there is something wrong up there. He must think it is someone with a targeting laser, and a laser rifle. He even sent a 5-man team of medics and 1 heavy armored loser to heal all of the turrets on top of the base. The medics where no problem one shot took care of them. But the Heavy Armored jerk got a shot off. Luckily he didn’t hit anything hard enough to destroy it. He hit the 1-scouter plane with about 25 shots of chaingun ammo. We finished him off with some blaster ammo; we didn’t want to waste anything we might need to use.

We saw some snipers heading out of the base. Probably to sniper on our base. Those unoriginal people. So we snipered down their planes too. As anyone can well see being a sniper rocks when no one sees you.

Another thing that was added. It turns out that we were put under a sensor block so that no one can stop us on his or her sensors. The beam sucked up lots of energy so they could only keep it up till 11:39:21 PM. So we are going to attack or slip in at 10:30:00 on the dot. Exdeath and Weeone were to stay with the planes so they were not to get blown up because they are our only means of escape. Misty, Stiggz, Lazer, and I were to get that disk while Dante, Tink, Dakota, and Nike were going to blow as much crap out of there base as they can. First they are going to put a turret in there sleeping area. Which will kill them instantly unless they can run really fast. We will put 3 mines outside their door in case 1 or 2 decide to be speedy. After they killed about 100 of the troopers in that of the wing in the base. We make a stop to the inventory area where the generators and stations are. Then they will head to the other side of the base to get the other 100 men. There are about 100,000 men or woman in the army so we are putting a small dent in there army. They started out with 300,000 but we wore that number down. 25,000 are on guard, sniping, attacking, or on alert. Leaving about 74,000 in the main hangar. That would be what they do.

Misty one of our master spies will break into the main vents. She will open the doors to go off automatically to any teams ID. We would have to do this as fast as we can because if it takes too long to doors will all shut down and will trap us in. Which would totally suck. The doors will open just at the right time so we won’t have to stop running. The opening doors will lead us to the main computer room where the disk is held. Lazer has the virus disk with him in this pack with his energy system pack.

It was time. My alarm went off. We all moved into position. Lazer led the way with a nice soft landing. We all quietly made it down to the walk way the surrounded the building we made a quick turn around the corner to see 3 medium armored Blood Eagles with Repair Packs. They must be healing some Plasma Turrets that we blown up earlier today. Misty and Lazer took 1 out with their laser rifle. I got the middle 1 with my chaingun. The other one started running into base but ran into Stiggz. It was like he hitting a brick wall. Stiggz toyed with him first. He picked the Eagle up with one arm then pile drove him in the ground. His head went into the steal, which the base is made out of.

Misty made a quick look to see nothing was ahead. We saw a small motion sensor plasma gun. The vent was right next to it. We couldn’t kill the turret because they would have someone at the command center that controls the turrets. So we have to stay back. Misty moved slowly into the vent.

Then she crawled to the command area. Luckily the person at the center was Light Armor. Misty would probably be no match against a guy in anything else. She got him with the sniper. She silently used the blaster to shoot the command center. We noticed that the turrets lights all turned red. Misty hot-wired the center to open the main door. We sneaked in. The hallway lead left and right. Left was too the Systems area, and right was to the trooper’s area and the Inventory Stations.

The doors open automatically. Stiggz had the most trouble he made in through the doors just in time because of his heavy armor he is super slow. Next I led the way. It was kind of dark so we used laser night site. Another wonderful Diamond Sword invention. We saw a band of 3 Heavy armors with a Heavy Mortar on them. I could tell we couldn’t sniper them. We were going to be in trouble if we did a sneak attack some one would get away and set off the alarms. So we had to make a loud attack would hopefully not wake anyone up. Lazer and I pulled out our Plasma guns and waited. Finally Stiggz fired 3 Mortar shots at the wall the bounced off the wall and nailed the first 2 guys instantly. The 3rd guy was getting away so Lazer and I shot him down with only a couple shots.

Next Lazer used the ID card off the dead Heavy armored Eagle to get into the main room. The room was filled with mainly Light Armored guys I could tell that they were looking at something it looked like defensive and offensive strategy with is nothing compared to our attacks. Plus I saw some guy looking at a funny looking joke section called http://www.yomama.com. So Stiggz shot in a few rounds of mortar in there while some of us shot in some disks from our launchers. 1 person was alive and I shot him once to the head with my wonderful blaster.

Next Lazer went straight to work on the disk deleting anything that looked like weapons manufacturing. He copied the information onto a disk and then went to work on the virus. It was put in and we were gone. As we were running out….

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! The alarm went off. All the indoor guns went online and we were in deep deep trouble. We had to move fast. When Nike and the others attacked the trooper’s area someone must have set off an alarm. Lazer shot open a vent way. Misty and I jumped in. And were going to get Lazer and Stiggz out of the prison that they held the Diamond Swords in. We then took off leaving our best friends behind.

Misty and I took off in the Misty took off in the Scouter and I drove Exdeath, and Weeone. We flew back as fast was we could avoiding as much enemy fire as possible, which was quiet a bit. I got hit in the rear with a disk launcher. So we bailed out. Luckily we all landed on top of enemy base. Misty had the disk; Lazer had given her the disk when the alarm went off.

She had already landed the scouter inside the vehicle tunnel and was firing back at the enemies along the ridge with her sniper rifle. I saw someone fire back with a rifle. It hit her in the upper left side of the chest. We all landed right next to her after we jumped off the plane. Next the auto guns went off rather soon. They made short work of about 5 Light Armors with our Mortar Turret and then 3 others that I couldn’t tell the armor structure. After that everyone left. I picked up Misty’s limp body and carried her back into the medical lab. First I used my medical pack until the Doctors got too her. They finished up with the rest of the healing process and check if she had any body injures not just armor injuries that I took care off. Next after she got her armor off they popped off the chest plate to get the disk that Misty had taken from Lazer.

Then the scanned it for about 5 hours checking for any over rides, back doors, and other virus that might have been planted into disk by automatic copy.

We truly didn’t think that the Blood Eagles were that smart to do that but well what could I say I couldn’t be for sure. Lately the Blood Eagles have been getting smarter but we will always be the smartest.

I visited Misty in the medical area. She said that she wasn’t important and that only the Diamond Sword and way the rest of our people mattered. But to me Misty did matter. And to me I would take on the whole Blood Eagle clan to get to her. So I left her there all alone soon her parents came but then no one else came. It turned out she had a burnt lung and some broken shoulder bones so it was very important of an injury but one that would stop her from action for the next 3 days. So what was left of us. We went to the king. We told him we were going on a mission to rescue the others.

He said no you can’t we have other more important missions. And I told him that there is nothing more important than my friends in my clan. We left right away. I took Medium armor. It took me some time to get used to the slowness and all but I would need it for the mission we are going to have. Exdeath again took Heavy Armor. I told Weeone to take Light Armor so she could stay with the plane.

I went on the left side of the LPC and Exdeath went on the right side. I had a Plasma gun, Grenade Launcher, Disk Launcher, Blaster, and a Chaingun.

I didn’t pay any attention to what the others had. I just wanted to get the others out. Knowing the Eagles they were already had tried them and had sent them to dead. They will all probably waste as much time as they can so they will take the firing squad, which normally takes place at midnight of that next day. We only have about 3 hours to free them. Good thing they had not destroyed our planes at the top of the base, which is cool. But they we rather cheap people so they would probably use it as a weapon against use wow they really are cheap.

Anyway Weeone started the flight out kind of rocky because she hasn’t flown for a long time I guess she could have used some practice. But I could have flown but I know that I have to really do some major offense to get the others back. I know that Weeone isn’t as good as me and I didn’t want her to get hurt so I would have her stay with the plane.

Since I am the commanding officer I would give the commands. Weeone made a rather rough landing but better than some others that I have been in. Exdeath and I eject from the Plane in mid air as to get into their base more quickly. Their base was now covered with cameras because of our lil mission. We picked up all the cameras on the pulse sensors we have near their base. We needed to do some major destruction on that base to get some other back.

I brought an Inventory station for the others so then we didn’t have to worry about all them losing their weapons. Exdeath I wasn’t sure about I hope he brought a Repair Pack. We hurried. I caught a site of one camera. I would have to use the blaster of mine because I didn’t want to waste any ammo on stealth.

It only took a few shots to blow it away. I saw another 1 so quickly moved back. Exdeath asked what’s wrong. I said there were cameras. He knew that if a camera picked him up it would be the end he is so big and fat in the suit. Plus being in that huge suit makes a lot of energy that comes out of his suit that could also be picked up by the camera’s filter system.

I knocked out the last camera that I spotted. It was about 20 meters away. It wasn’t that hard of a shot. It was only a turn shot I would have to turn the corner to blow it up. So it took about 5 direct shots to the lens. After that it kind of blew up in a rather small red cloud. Nothing else happened. No one else came out to look at it all. The guy at the command station must be sleeping or something. I don’t know and I don’t care.

The jail was in the heart of their base. Exdeath was to wait for me at the head of the hall. If trouble was to come than he could cut them off before they could get to me. I was to go down the hall and free the others. If there were too many guards then he would have to help me. The hall was about 20 feet long so it was only a quick jog. I never noticed how long it would really take with Medium armor. I haven’t used it since my head on attack where I was captaining in.

Now that was a battle. It kind of made a flash back in my memory systems. In each suit it has some old-recorded files. I ran threw them while sneaking down the hall.

I had at least killed about 100 Blood Eagles in that battle alone because u did rather well with my plasma gun. I shot down about 5 HPC’s and 3 LPCs and I almost took down a scouter. No planes got away in that battle. Lazer was the sniper for the battle. He made short work out of those scouters.

I thought of myself as kind of a jerk but an honored hero when I got home. You see I showed no mercy in that battle. Killing wasn’t really a problem for me. It was a huge problem in a battle so I tried to keep the flash back from coming to me but it came anyway. It say how I took my lil jack knife laser and sliced one Blood Eagles head off like some kind of animal. It was funny of course but it was probably disgusting. But let me tell you when I got home we had a great feast. We as Diamond Swords have a really small army. That makes us a very small problem to so they think. But by now they all know that we are very smart. We have brains on our side. But I will give the Blood Eagles this they are tough and when you have to fight the Blood Eagles its do or die. I mean you can’t just sign a treaty. The Starwolfs tried that once. And a Blood Eagle Sniper killed the Starwolf king it was all a trap. So for us its do or die. And I want to live so I can have a family. Finish my training so I can become the Prince of all Diamond Swords.

Our system is not really a birth into king ship kind of thing. With us you have to finish your army training. Lazer is farther ahead then me. Seeing as how we can only rule for 50 years. Lazer will soon have retire and I will be able to rule before I die. Or at least I hope. If I even want to be king I will have to stop doing crazy crap like this all the time. If an alarm went off we would all be dead so this is like the toughest mission I would ever or might ever have. Well at least I hope this is the hardest mission I ever have to go on. As I each the end of the hall I saw 2 guards. 1 was sitting one was looking for anything new. I think he heard Exdeath’s heavy boots walking around. I bet there was a 3rd person about to come so this would be the perfect time to attack.

I decided to take my time. I would need to save the others. Who already saw me from the jail cell. I could see them waving and smiling. I knew they wanted out. I bet the Eagles feed them something like carrots. We I had to get to work. First think I did was the look at their temperatures and their body stats inside their suit. They are both normal people. So it would be a normal move for a snipers to use the between the eyes shot. But I wasn’t a sniper I was a destroyed a medium armor kind of person. So I aimed at there feet. If I could do that the grenade would cause them to go flying into the wall maybe killing them and more likely hitting them into the wall so hard they won’t get up for about 4 hours. But the 3rd guy was still coming. So I grabbed the key to open the guys out. I laser wall went down a little slow and then disappeared. They all ran down out right away. Lazer walked up to me first. He gives me the normal greeting of thanks. I asked permission to take over this mission. He granted it of course. I set down my inventory station so we could all heal up and get what we needed. First we set up some turrets and mines.

That would hold back anyone that would possibly get in the area. That would at least hold up for now. They all had the basic armor. It was running at a zero. They couldn’t move, so Exdeath tossed me the Repair Pack. It took some time for all of them to get healed. The 3rd Blood Eagle came and set of the turret. He was 1 inch from killing himself by walking on time a mine. So he ran back. In the next 10 seconds. All the lights turned red and started flashing back and forth. From red to black.

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